Slog AM: SAM Gets a Gift, SPD Cops at D.C. Trump Rally Remain a Mystery, Sorry We Forgot to Mention Daft Punk




It would be even better if they shot Frazier in the Jet City.


What a nice smorgasbord of news items, Jasmyne.


Gotta say that Frasier Crane wasn't the good part of Frasier the show. Without Niles, Roz, and Frasier's dad, it's going to suck pretty hard.


Re: "Frazier"

Sure, it would be nice if the suits in L.A. actually shot a Seattle-set production IN Seattle, but until we get a decent sound stage AND a boost to our paltry $3.5 mm state film incentive, it's not likely. Instead, Vancouver will probably - once again - sub in for Seattle, with the cast coming down for a few days of exterior shooting, which is what usually happens.


The SPD has no moral authority until we know the names of the police who believe in overthrowing free and fair elections and subverting the highest law of the land.


I'm sorry, but it is absolutely disgraceful and despicable that they're even thinking about doing a "Frasier" reboot when two of its scene-stealing castmembers are deceased. Of course, I'm talking:
* John Mahoney.
* Moose.


FYI: Kelsey Grammer is a notorious scum bag hated by his former co-stars, ex-wives, and abandoned children with equal vehemence.

And no, the doomed Frasier reboot will not be shot here.



I didn't know that, just that he's had addiction problems and that he's super conservative, though I don't know if he is more along the James Wood-Lauren Boebert total nutjob line or the Liz Cheney-John Bolton Trump-hating scumbag line.


When I look at that rover, I'm struck both by our smallness and by the enormous reach of our curiosity.


@9 He's been married four times and abandoned his children after each very bitter divorce. FFS He had his second wife evicted when she was god damned pregnant with his kid.

He's also a big fan of Vladimir Putin and Michelle Bachman and thinks Climate Change and COVID19 are libruhl hoaxes.

He's a coked up lying rightwing hypocrite who retreats behind religion when things get tough. Fuck that guy.

Mostly I still blame Grammer, perhaps unfairly, for the rise of the sickening "House Wives of..." reality show trend since his horrific harpy of an ex-wife is the one who started that shit based almost entirely on his star inertia.

So for that alone I curse him. Ptew.


@11 We can agree on something.


I thought at the time, and still do, that 50 years or so from now they'll regret not taking off their helmets at the Grammys. "I'm telling you, kids, that was me!"


@6 Yes, we already have the pitchforks and the torches lit now we just need the names. Who cares about any type of due process?


@14 -- certainly not repubes
the par-tay of Stolen Elections (see:
gerrymandering, Voter suppression et al
plus Pandemic Denial and just general Heartlessness
which is Unsurprising given their insidious Fealty to Soulless Corps.

any more Questions?



How can there be "any type of due process" when said process is impeded by preventing the suspects from being identified? It would be akin to a district attorney saying, "I'd love to try the accused perpetrators of this crime in a court of law, but since no one will tell me who they are that's well-nigh impossible."


@16 the suspects are known to those investigating them just like any other investigation. When and if they are charged with a crime they will be publicly identified just like any other criminal investigation. I'd love to know what benefit it serves to identify them now before there any charges are filed.


@16: Having their names withheld at the discretion of the court is exactly the due process our system affords the innocent until proven guilty.


The irony of invoking "due process" for cogs in the criminal justice system with no external oversight and a rabid union who will defend them no matter how awful they are or who they kill. If only the police were subject to due process like anyone else!


gonna tell my grandkids this is the reboot of frazier


@13: If they turn out to have discovered the only viable method for becoming world-famous music stars without the inevitable public disgrace and tell-all muck-raking exposés, they will not regret it.


The process is rigged. What do we do now?


@22 I guess we go on pretending they have the illusion of integrity.

THEY get to kill with virtual impunity.

They get to openly embrace fascist ideals that are an anathema to the foundations of law and civil society and they get earn six figure salaries on the tax payer dime while doing so. They get to ignore the highest principles and laws of democracy by attempting to overthrow free and fair elections while anyone else could get fired from their jobs.

And when you get a jaywalking ticket from one of them and they shoot you in the face — you're definitely not allowed to know if they openly despise the laws, society and community we pay them to protect.

Because that wouldn't be fair.



Yeah, sounds good. A militarized, aggrieved police force openly flouting that they are beholden to no one with little to no consequences for their actions. A militarized police force full of RWNJs, insurrectioninists, Boogaloo, Q nuts, Accelerationists, and White Supremacists (with many of these organized fringe groups being openly courted by Republicans and their allies as their "security"). A militarized police force that is trained to kill, and consisting of a lot of folks with undiagnosed PTSD and other mental health issues.

What could possibly go wrong?


@23 Professor_Hiztory and @24 Lastlight: So police officers are now killer cyborgs, liquifying and changing shape like Robert Patrick's T-1000? We're no better off than we were in 1991, in Terminator 2: Judgment Day----30 fucking YEARS ago?
And some people wonder why I'm in therapy for service connected PTSD.


@25 at least liquid metal cyborgs hate all humans equally. And do not need pensions.


@25: To further clarify: I agree with both of you. I'm just sickened that we're truly no better off as a country if our police forces nationwide are conditioned to search, destroy, and kill largely due to the NRA and terrorist RWNJs rather than protect and serve.
Where is commenter Morty, a retired police officer of sound mind, and bravely living in QAnon Country Idaho when we need him?

@8 & @11, and @9 seatackled: I had no idea what a slimeball Kelsey Graham really is. YUCK!
I'm glad I never got into Frasier and was a lot more into Cheers, the TV series that spawned the Frasier spinoff.


And there's this:

Donald Trump reported making more than $1.6 billion in outside revenue and income during his four years as President of the United States, according to a review of his financial disclosures by CREW. While Trump publicly took credit for donating his taxpayer-funded salary, that ended up being less than 0.1% of the revenue and income he disclosed during his presidency. Far from being a sacrifice, the donation was merely a fig leaf to cover up four years of brazen corruption.


@26 Professor_Hiztory: Just think of the utopian democracy we could have if we axed the pensions of all RWNJ RepubliKKKan senators and congress members and their fellow Trumpists, and redistributed the billion$ back into the federal budget? Imagine what good that could do. The mind boggles....


@28 xina: Here's to the Attorney Generals of New York State and Georgia, as well as Washington State's Attorney General Bob Ferguson taking Der Gropenfuhrer and its enablers down in FLAMES, and that Trumpty Dumpty roasts in hell with his buddy, Rush Limbaugh.


@30 - I'll drink to that!


@30: As I understand it, Christians who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior do not perish but have everlasting life despite any mortal transgressions. I suggest you come to terms that Rush is in heaven and that Donald will someday join him there.


no, dewdroppings
Rush is in Hell where
he Belongs. I have it on

excellent Faith. he sold his arss
to the Devil for a Fabulous Pile of Gold
so we can glow in our Schadenfreude whilst
the Oxymoron ponders for Eternity his multiple Transgressions.

send him some dry
ice whydon'tchya?

or not