Slog PM: Equality Passes the House, We're Staying in Phase 2, What Gender Is a Potato?



Q. How do you give Potato Head

A. for Christmas or Birthdays!

do they come
with a little carrot
or maybe a wee kitten?

naughty Naughty!


Has...bro. I have problems with the 'bro' being gender specific and inconclusive.

Boycott them and their exaggerated offensive gender specific potato component parts.


Mr. Potato Head is the zenith of Republican evolutionary development.


Buh buh buh whaddabout the Mrs. Potato Spotrz!!!



@1 kristofarian: For the WIN! lol What next--little Gen-Alpha Sprouts?
Has-Bro's Has-Beans?


@6 -- I won already?
whoa! here's what's Next auntie Gee:

it's (almost) Worth having kids
just to watch Pixar and shit


@7 kristofarian: Luckily, people don't need to have kids to enjoy Pixar.
Anyway, I'm a much better fit staying an auntie. John Ratzenberger (as postman Cliff Clavin on Cheers, the voice of Hamm in the Toy Story movies, etc.) must be a gazillionaire from high film revenues. And Pixar is blessed with some of the best Disney animating talent.
Cars will always be a sentimental favorite of mine because of the late Paul Newman voicing the classic racer, Doc Hudson.



Yeah you laugh, but I have it on good authority that the now non-gender binary "Potato Head" (formerly Mister) is now considered a gold medal favorite in several events at the much anticipated 2024 Summer Potatolympics.


Hasbro trying to cash in on the trend.


@10 hahaha. Yeah. “Cashing in” by cutting 50 million dipshit Republicans out of the market! Those clever cynical bastards!

I guess your theory is woke Twitter will suddenly all go on Potato Head binges or something. Eventually this trend of treating all people with dignity will end. That’ll show ‘em.


"no questions asked..."
Do you think Gaga ran that by the dog walker, first, or is he laying in the hospital all "bitch where's my 500k I just got shot for your damn dogs 4 times!"?
Lol what a dick move.


Great, now we have to suffer through gender reveal spuddies.


RE: Lady Gaga's dogs

"No questions asked"

Yeah, maybe not by her but I'm sure the police will have lots of questions for anyone trying to collect that reward.


Removing the "Mr." from potato head is something a dick tater would do.


This idea that asking for schools to reopen are a bunch of hoaxer Karens - just STAHP. I mean, the idea of schools for all, supervision so moms can work...that’s the stuff of pure capitalism right?


Covid numbers keep dropping. Are you guys going to revisit Eric Rivera’s comments in which he accused Inslee of only going to Phase 2 because of Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day? The heavy implication that Inslee didn’t give a shit about public health? Or the assumption that Rivera and The Stranger somehow knew more about the risk of infections than Inslee, even though he has access to whole teams of experts and has displayed strong judgment since the pandemic began? Where’s the apology?


She cannot say "no questions asked" on behalf of the dog walker. She may not prosecute the theft, but pursuing aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and/or attempt murder is entirely up to the dog walker and police. She has no say whatsoever in that.


@15 👏👏👏


"'no questions asked'
here's $.5M oh and