Zoo Is Unstreamable



These are excellent films and should be streamable, particularly “Zoo” which is highly thought-provoking as it examines the great sexual divide between man and beast, which may not be that great after all, and crosses the philosophical divide between conservatives and progressives as well, with right-wing nut Rush Lumbaugh weighing in on the free-will considerations of beastiality, and equestrian sexual desires, while the great libertine John Waters, maven of perversion, mentions the power of this naughty film in his book “Carsick”. Mr. Hands is something of an enigma, having given his life for getting corn-holed by a horse. These devilish individuals who frolic on the outer reaches of acceptable behavior are inspirational to us all.


I can't say I'm inspired by any of that, but for me it does have all the gawking potential of a train wreck.