Slog PM: FDA Panel Approves Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, Macklemore Loves Polos, and a Fuck Palace on Smith Tower



Regarding "460,000 counterfeit 3M N-95 masks" why are Stranger reporters not pointing out there are many US based manufacturers that are not being used, and asking why the fuck aren't the purchasing agents for these organizations buying US made masks?
Can’t Find an N95 Mask? This Company Has 30 Million That It Can’t Sell.
Health workers are still being forced to ration protective masks, but small U.S. manufacturers can’t find buyers, and some are in a danger of going under.

I ordered and receive a box of 20 from this company about a week ago


In other news:

Bias, disrespect, and demotions: Black employees say Amazon has a race problem

Interviews with diversity managers and internal data obtained by Recode indicate that Black Amazon employees are promoted less frequently and are rated more harshly than non-Black peers

When Chanin Kelly-Rae started working at Amazon in 2019 as a global manager of diversity in the company’s cloud computing division, she had big ambitions for her new job. She had nearly two decades of experience leading diversity and inclusion efforts inside important institutions, like Washington state’s governor’s office, but she’d never worked at an influential global business leader like Amazon.

But less than a year later, Kelly-Rae quit. Her tenure inside the company convinced her that Amazon’s corporate workplace has deep, systemic issues that disadvantage Black employees and workers from other underrepresented backgrounds. And she was dismayed by her perception that Amazon leadership was unwilling to listen to internal experts about how to identify and fix these problems.

“Amazon was not doing things in a way that represents best practices that would advance diversity and inclusion in any way that is meaningful and thoughtful,” she told Recode. “Let me add: Amazon appeared to be taking steps backward instead of forward.”


Clark County RepubliKKKan QAnon whackos are bullying chickenshit cowards for ganging up on Rep.Jaime Herrera Beutler. I agree with the Seattle Times OpEd piece from Friday, February 26, 2021: Beutler deserves PRAISE, not scorn, for having the courage and wisdom to stand up to Donald Jackass Trump, and be among the few Republicans to cross the aisle in voting to impeach Trump---TWICE!-----instead of marching in obedient GOP lockstep.



And Republicans wonder why the rest of us roll our eyes when they decry others for not "accepting alternative points of view" or when they call us "sheeple" for allegedly blindly following in lock-step with some point of view to which they don't agree...


Looks like COME wants to start something. It has been awhile for him.


@4 - It's all about the projection. If a Republican calls you a sheep, you can bet that he's next in line to be sheared. Or fleeced, in the case of a Trump supporter.


Wouldn't bet on the Smith Tower in an earthquake. But at least the penthouse will end up on top of the pile.


@7 -- perhaps atop the Smith Tower pile
should it happen to fall straight down
but how many skyscrapers'll
be atop the ST pile?

oh and will the ensuing Tsunami wash
Seattle out to sea or will it be the
Lahar rocketing down Tahoma
that finally seals the Deal...


oh and will
the ensuing Tsunami
wash Seattle
out to sea
or will it be
the Lahar
rocketing down
that finally
seals the Deal


oh and will
the ensuing

wash Seattle
out to sea
or will it be



that (finally)
Seals the Deal.

[been accused of 'poetry'
before but here's a stab @it]

Happy Saturday!


@6 -- speaking of Projection:

"Looks like COME [sik]
wants to start something."

*you're IN the Dictionary!
well Done.


COMTE you're not missing any.thing.
will keep you notified should that
Happen to Change. hold Not
thy breath!


@11: You mean dicktionary


you're sitting on it


better said
no, that's the one
you sit on

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but it sounds
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Excellent News!

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@3 Well said auntie grizelda: Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler should be praised, not censured for voting to convict the green-orange howler monkey Trump, who is now facing tax-evasion charges and may get cornholed in federal prison. We should encourage this critical and ethical thought in leadership, as a matter of fact, pollysexual would like to pinch her fanny and rub her boobs, powerful hottie that she is and young, like a fresh-plucked chicken. If you’re that tan and good-looking, it’s okay to be a Republican. Also, she deserves credit for going toe-to-toe with those rednecky slummocking backwoodsmen in South West Washington. Hopefully Clark County cornholers Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer and Tusitala "Tiny" Toese of the Proud Boys will get arrested for dick-sucking in the cheap seats. Nevertheless, the Smith Tower Poon Palace would be great place to air-out your genitals and make Republicans who voted for Trump “suck the plank”.
Dr. Fauci said “… you should take whatever vaccine is made available to you…” and sister, these buns are ready and willing. All they need is a series of pokes from the good doctor and a hot oil job.
Nice to know Lake Washington School District kids get another year off to surf the net and work on bong development.
Love the vintage images of Johnny Cash, wish I was half that good-looking and talented, what a stud, may he rest in peace. His spouse, June Carter Cash was a lovely and talented earth-angel as well.
Those 460,000 counterfeit 3M N-95 masks “…headed to the Seattle area and seized by the feds…” were probably purchased on Amazon, along with all that other pirated junk they dish out at that irresponsible, pretentious online entity.
The Seattle City Council candidate Mike McQuaid attempted chop-saw assault and dismemberment points to the need to avoid excess consumption of caffeinated beverages and masturbate more frequently, to reduce Scandinavian tensions.


@4 COMTE: Sheeple. Oh wow---now I can't shake off the image of RepubliKKKans fornicating with helpless farm animals! It must be largely because of Rush Limbaugh's globally welcome obituary notice. The GOP is truly one fucked up Zoo.

@21 pollysexual: I read about Rep Jaime Herrera Beutler of Clark County (Vancouver) having the courage to speak out against the corruption of Trumpty Dumpty and its evil empire., as did our re-elected Washington Secretary of State, Kim Wyman--also a Republican. All the RepubliKKKan QAnon / MAGA troll shit she got splattered with, too, for not obediently marching along in lockstep like a "good little Barbie doll" was pure bullshit. Zombie ex-Cop and GOP Guv'Nor wannabe Loren Culp sued Wyman, claiming that the gubernatorial election (sounding a LOT like Trumpty Dumpty when he refused to concede the election to Joe Biden!) was a fraud. Culp, again like Trumpty Dumpty, couldn't prove anything fraudulent happened during the election. Even the judges laughed at Looney Loren-y. Jay Inslee is indeed our thrice-legitimately elected Washington State Governor, and for good reason.
.Meanwhile Looney Loren-y, returned to his one horse town of Republic found out the his small police force got defunded by the Town Council. I guess Ferry County Sheriff's deputies got tired of covering for Loren-y while he was out Looney Loren-y slithered off to the unemployment line. Maybe if he hurries, Looney Loren-y can still apply as Vladimir Putin's newest pool boy while Trumpty Dumpty takes over the starring role in Orange is the New Black.....
RepubliKKKans have only proven their party is truly unfit to govern. Period. Sec of State Wyman seems to agree. She is seriously contemplating changing her party affiliation to Independent of not entirely across the aisle to Democrat at this point.

And I agree with you and Dr. Fauci--get your COVID vaccines as soon as it is available. I just became eligible for mine. I'll be getting Pfizers: one this month and the second vaccine next month (3 weeks apart).