After Opposing an Increase in Minimum Wage, Dick's Expands to Bellevue with Jobs Starting at $17/Hour



Y’all, I know things are shaky over at Ye Olde Strangere, but I shouldn’t have to click a link to another news site to find out that Jasmine Donovan is the President of Dick’s Drive-In. That should have been in the first graf. Come on.


mmmm Dick's*
I pray Vandals don't
white-out that apostrophe
Rudy'll likely show irregardlessly.

@1 - urinalism?

*Awesome fries
pretty good burgers
and a shake every so often
is a Good thing although it's been awhile...


Ah yes, the cheesy, greasy, saucy goodness of a midnight Dick's Deluxe on Broadway, a perfect capper to a fine evening of knocking back pale screwdrivers -- and paler Cuba Libres -- at Ernie Steele's. The good old days.

Although The Stranger won't now admit it, Dick's has always offered high wages and good benefits. (When Washington State's minimum wage was $4.90, Dick's starting wage was $7.) Raising the Seattle minimum wage didn't hurt them at all. (Especially since CM Sawant and Socialist Alternative promptly sold our city's poorest workers out to the bosses, by fronting Ed Murray's concessions to the business community: step increases which made a lie out of $15 NOW!, and a tip credit.)



Was the first sentence edited after you posted? Because if not, I'm pretty sure starting the piece with "Dick's Drive-In President Jasmine Donovan..." should have clued you in.


Matt probably fixed the error after @1 commented.

As a courtesy, staffers should thank the reader with a comment after fixing so that he or she isn't subjected to the inevitable and tedious snarking exemplified in @4.


Dick’s should change their name to “Lips & Assholes” although it is reassuring to see a profitable enterprise paying a decent wage and offering education and health benefits to their employees. It was mystifying that there was no Dick’s on the eastside, now that riddle has been solved. Was it all the rich Bellevue honkeys eschewing ground cow balls? Was it redlining by that United Nations panel of country club Republican real estate zealots led by Kemper Freeman Jr., who is the asshole of the known universe? They had some weird promotional campaign for the restaurant that was recently opened in Burien that was much ado about nothing. Just open the restaurant, serve ground horse-poop burgers and treat your hard-working employees with respect, as Dick’s à la “Lips & Assholes” has done. Sorry to learn Dick's Drive-In President Jasmine Donovan has a crazy redneck brother, Saul Spady, who sounds like a real whack job, although your siblings are no reflection upon you, and you cannot control their errant ways. Hopefully Dick’s will cease dealing with Saul Spady’s marketing firm, which may explain why the Burien roll-out was such a fiasco. The French fries, a steamy, oily delight, are a Godsend.


Love em or hate em, They have always had good pay, good benny's..
and yeah.. after many hours of slamming beers at the Comet, ( in the early 80's when the Comet was dangerous and fun ) a walk to Dick's for burgers was always my night cap...