Slog AM: Trump's CPAC Speech, Minimum Wage Hike Feels Like It'll Never Happen, Did Jodie Foster Wear Pajamas for the Golden Globes?



RIP 3D objects folder; is where you keep your 3D files for 3D printing, of course not sure why you can't just label a folder '3D Objects' to serve the same purpose, but it does have its own little folder icon to make it stand-out.
There is also a basic 3D builder that is fun to mess around in and you can send the objects off to a print service if you don't have a printer. That bloatware is really just a fun hobby/skill you haven't found interest in yet!
I recently got a 3D printer and have been running it non-stop making all kinds of useful things. It's amazing because you can make something that costs like 20 bucks in the store for 50 cents worth of plastic or resin.


"Are men really necessary?"
Someone has to take out the trash and mow the lawn. Other than that, no.
"whatever the Microsoft version of Finder is called."
It's called the File Explorer.


RE: wearing pj's all the time

My job is 100% remote and I've always been a homebody so I wear pj's pretty much exclusively nowadays. I only put on jeans and a shirt to go to the grocery store or on the rare occasion my gf and I go out to eat. My gf's mom came to visit and she's like "do you just wear your pajamas all day, every day?" And I said, "why wouldn't I?"


"requiring that millionaires be put in a machine that presses them with a giant boot ...."
Newflash Matt - There are a lot of millionaires that read the Stranger.



I'm pretty sure women can perform those tasks quite well too.


Agreed. I don't own an actual set of PJ's, but like most remote workers, for the past year I've put in my hours wearing just jams or sweats and a work acceptable top - I mean it's not like we're ever going to tilt our cameras down below the waist, right?




millionaires across seattle dropping their monocles in their morning tea after reading that matt wants to press them into an accordion like a warner bros cartoon because unlike normal people millionaires don’t get jokes


"what the hell that 3d Objects folder is doing there"
Guarantee you some "ambitious" development team at Microsoft was just sure that "3d Objects" would put them into VIP status.
Microsoft : you just have to get used to it.


What is a $15 minimum wage mandate doing in a Corona virus relief bill? Will there be a small business relief bill to follow? 15 goes down to zero if there is no business or less hiring as a result.


luv 2 pretend i care about small businesses while admitting i can’t be bothered to find out what congress is doing to help small businesses


@8 FFS you goober. Are you vying for Raindrips position as top credulous dipshit or something?

Use those stubby grubby fingers of your and Google the Bill. It has phase-in’s and exceptions for various sized small businesses. Not to mention a host of PPP, grants etc for small businesses and sole proprietors what got fucked during Trump’s “stimulus” (that chiefly went to big GQP donors and bankers, btw).


@8 The $15 minimum wage mandate was in the Corona relief bill for political reasons. Biden didn't expect that it would make it to his desk.

But a more nuanced bill might very well pass on its own merits. $15 is a good minimum in Seattle or New York. Maybe $12 is the right number in Alabama. This argument is pretty much over. Most people in almost all states agree that the minimum wage should be much higher. Yes, businesses of all sizes will have to raise prices a bit and we will all have to pay a little more for for lunch or a tube of toothpaste. Small price to pay for insuring that a person that works 40 hours a week can actually afford to have a roof over her head and food in her belly.


@6. Bally! These simple-minded provincials DO ruffle my cummerbunds. Goodness gracious, me!


The only way a $15/hour minimum wage works is if you also pass a law saying a business can't fire an employee because of the higher minimum wage. Because that is the first thing that will happen, is skyrocketing unemployment for those who need the minimum wage jobs to begin with. Does the stranger and it's writers ever see beyond one side of an issue? Now that would be journalism.


@13 This horse has left the barn. With or without government intervention, major retailers all over the country are hiking their minimums up to a living wage. Smaller companies will follow suit or lose their employees to the big boys. Through January, the national unemployment rate is 6.3%. And we're still in the middle of a freaking pandemic. "Skyrocketing unemployment" won't be a problem.


@13 If the demand exists, business will form to meet the demand. And you don't have demand unless people have money - your whole theory is ass backwards.

For 40 years we've dumping ever-more money on the filthy rich, in hopes that some of it would spill from their gaping maws down to the plebes. And things just keep getting worse.


All the silly dem senators and perplexed White House need to do is to attach the minimum wage bill to a defense appropriation bill, the same way they got it done last time.


Why oh why oh why is there not a law, which imposes a tax on any employer or corporation whose employees are forced to live off of food stamps and/or medicaid?

The tax should be equal to whatever it costs the government to provide necessary-to-life food and medical insurance to their underpaid employees.

Just asking.


Beyond the natural consequences of a massive hike in the minimum wage I would love to know when it became a talking point that all jobs had to pay a "living wage". That has never been the case nor will it ever be true. There are jobs that are designed for those interested in supplemental income with a flexible schedule (think high schoolers and fast food restaurants) and mandating a living wage for that work will never be financially viable for those industries. These one size fits all, heavy handed approaches always come with unintended consequences.


"Because that is the first thing that will happen, is skyrocketing unemployment for those who need the minimum wage jobs "

@13 Hahahaha. Except THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED! But I do applaud the bold confidence with which this total garbage is stated.

The new law has exceptions for business size. It has long phase-ins. etc, etc.

There exists no major city in the US (and damn few small cities) where average single bedroom rents can be afforded on the current federal minimum wage.

And had federal minimum wage kept up with inflation LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO it would be over $15 per hour now.

Now go clean off your key board. It must be covered in shit since you just pulled that out of your ass.


@18 The economy has changed from a manufacturing base to a service based economy. Back in the day, a kid with little or no education could get a job at the textile mill and, if she showed up most of the time, could support herself. Now the equivalent job is literally a McDonald's. We have to adjust the wage scale to reflect economic reality. Sure, the occasional teenager working her summer job gets a small break (don't forget to adjust your memories for inflation) but she'll spend the cash quickly and juice the economy.


Funny the mention regarding running over people with cars, since Republicans in numerous states (I can name two off the top of my head - Missouri and Oklahoma - but I suspect Republicans nationwide will jump on the bandwagon) are seeking to pass legislation to provide immunity to people who run over people protesting! Of course they mean anyone in the streets blocking traffic fighting for an end to police murdering Black people. No one who runs over a MAGAt running in the streets attempting to overthrow the government will be allowed to get away with it.

Also funny, I thought for sure there would be more commentary about Jason Sudekis' tie dyed hoodie and seemingly being high as a kite than Jodie Foster's pajamas.


18 you should really consider looking into the history of the minimum wage & why it was implemented in the first place so you don’t waste your time typing out inane & historically illiterate comments about it


13 when more people have more money there is more money in circulation & any lost jobs are quickly recovered because more people are spending. Not to mention many people working multiple jobs to make ends meet will no longer need all of them, freeing up employment opportunities for others.


@18: Sigh. No baby. Just no.


18 Good grief you are aggressively dumb. FDR said exactly that: living wages.


I thought Trump was going to be arrested for his many crimes the moment he left office. Or at least flee the country. But there he is at CPAC, quadrupling down on the grift and spreading more lies. SMH.


"Microsoft is deleting your 3D Objects folder. "

Because this is pertinent news to me, I actually read the linked article, and the article literally states that it is not being deleted/removed. It's merely being moved, and hidden. And even then, not until near the end of 2021.

I'll agree that the folder never seemed to have much of a purpose. If you have a real need to work with 3D files, they're going to be in a project sub-folder that can be easily zipped/exported for others who are using a similar structure. This folder - despite its neato file icon - has always been unnecessary. But that's the Microsoft way, really: make belated, lurching overtures to whatever the current tech fad is, a day late and a dollar short.

" whatever the Microsoft version of Finder is called." You run Twitch streams, so you're not really this obtuse. This must be some sort of Mac user in-joke or bait. Right?



Not to pile on - oh, what the hell, why not? Since I don't have braindead, er - raindrip to kick around any more...

For another thing, there is literally no place in the country where the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour comes even close to being a "living wage". Mississippi, for example, is the cheapest state to live in and even there the annual income level needed just to meet basic expenses: rent/mortgage, food, clothing, utilities, transportation, and health care; is over $48,000 a year or roughly $23.00 an hour. Effectively doubling the federal MW won't get anyone working for that amount even in the ballpark in terms of a "living wage", so you don't have to worry your pretty, empty lil' ole' noggin over whether some high schooler or retiree looking to earn a little extra cash on the side is going to start driving a Lamborghini or filling their Olympic sized swimming pool with champagne any time in the near future.

OTOH you might have to pay a buck or so extra for your Super-Size Double McCarcinoma With Plastic Cheez Burger Valu-Meal, which I'm sure in your mind is equivalent to having a jack-boot stamping on your face forever by an angry vegan lesbian humanities major. But hey, that's the price of progress and for treating your fellow humans with a modicum of respect and dignity, amiright?



Ha ha, "aggressively dumb." I like that and plan to use it.


Congratulations, Jodie Foster! Keep on rocking the house and setting trends!

@2 Swiftress: In the Marilyn Monroe / Tony Curtis / Jack Lemmon b&w 1959 Billy Wilder comedy, "Some Like it Hot", one of Sweet Sue's Society Syncopators allegedly "got herself pregnant". I guess men have been basically obsolete since 1929 (the year the film was to take place, during the Great Depression era-St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago).

@18 Trumprube: THAT'S right, lil MAGA. Keep on telling yourself that while you're catching three cross town buses daily to juggle the concentration camp-like schedules of three "permanent part-time" jokes. Ever wonder why there's so much month left at the end of your paltry checks that don't even cover your rent or utilities? Trumpty Dumpty and its neofascist regime are LAUGHING at you.

@21 xina: Thank you for the warning, although I have had a gut feeling to avoid blood red neofascist pro-Trump states, counties, and communities for over 5 years now. Jesus Pleezus----when is this rabid insanity going to end? Why can't these KKKorporate / QAnon / Proud Boy / MAGA shitwipes just breathe on each other, kill each other off, and the useless GOP ad nauseum face mass extinction already?


@25 Yeshua: Agreed and seconded with @29 mike blob.on your direct bullseye term. "aggressively dumb". That sums up QAnon/ MAGA/neofascist Trumpist stupidity and incompetence beautifully and smacks it out of the park. Well done.

@28 COMTE: I just fucking love your comments! Keep on rocking the house and don't ever stop.
One question: Did Elmer (Rainy) recently get pulled or finally hauled off to Harborview Medical Center Giggling Academy for his totally spent triglyceride level? Jesus, I warned that guy about his sugar intake and too many BigMac Value Meals.



By all accounts he's still around and continuing to post his inane prattlings. However, I finally took the good Professor's advice and downloaded a killfile script for Tamper (Grease) Monkey, so I no longer have to endure his idiotic, toffee-nosed lickspittle.


grease monkey! It’s awesome.

Though you have to use desktop Crome for it work right. Man. I wish there was an iPhone version.

But it’s great. It doesn’t work on the account hopping suck puppets as well. But I’ve exiled the worst regular time wasters like Raindrip and that Refugee idiot and a few others.

It’s sort of great to cut through most the noise and read people who have something to say for once.


@22/25 that's great the FDR's intent was to make the min wage a living wage but that hasn't been true for a long time and as even you all point out its not going to be true but raising the min wage to $15. That's not my question. If you want to debate raising the min wage I really won't belabor it.

My question to all of you, including you Comte, is do you believe the min wage should essentially be a living wage? I see those two things used interchangeably quite often and I'm honestly wondering if that is what you all believe? Bonus points if you can answer without resorting to childish name calling like the Professor. God forbid someone actually wants to discuss.


Somebody's going through withdrawals - big time.

@30 - Yes dear. I posted on this thread and you missed it (@16). Not that I'm complaining.


@34 -- from my ol' buddy Bernie:
Kris -

At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, with the very rich getting much richer while working families face increased desperation, Walmart and its owners, the Walton family, have become the poster children for corporate greed.

And it is time that we stood up to that greed and the unfettered capitalism which sustains it.

Here is the reality. The Walton family is the wealthiest family in the country and is worth more than $200 billion, which is more than the bottom 40 percent of Americans combined.

Yet somehow, they continue to oppose the idea of paying their workers a living wage of $15 an hour. They think the taxpayers in this country should have to subsidize the needs of their low wage workers who are forced to go on food stamps, Medicaid and other forms of public assistance.

This is a family that has made more than $50 billion during the pandemic – yet many of their workers reported going into work without the protective gear they needed during that same pandemic, and few have any paid leave they can use.

This is a family whose eldest son has spent more than $225 million on an antique car collection, including Ferraris, Porches, Maseratis, and a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic that won top prize at the The Peninsula Classics Best of the Best Award in Paris — yet 55 percent of Walmart’s hourly workers have reported struggling with hunger.

This is a family with another heir to the Walmart fortune, Alice, who has amassed a private art collection worth an estimated $500 million, a $25 million two-floor condo on New York’s Park Avenue with 52 windows overlooking Central Park, and a $22 million 4,400-acre ranch in Texas — yet tens of thousands of Walmart workers are forced to rely on food stamps and public housing in order to survive.

Now, I have never understood how one family could have so much money and feel the desperate need for even more. I would think that with all those cars and homes and cash, they might just be able to raise the wages of their employees to a living wage and still afford to get by.

Because the greed above just scratches the surface of the Walmart family’s pathology.

In 2005, Walmart was forced to settle a child labor law case. That same year, they paid a settlement for denying workers meal breaks.

In 2016, they were found to have used sweatshop labor.

In 2017, they were sued by female employees for discrimination based on gender.

And here is something else you may not know:

The Walmart family — despite all of their wealth — is the largest welfare recipient in the country.

While they make these huge profits, buy their cars, their art, their homes, and more, they pay their workers wages that are so low that Walmart workers need distressing levels of public assistance just to get by.

A 2020 study by the Government Accountability Office found that in Arkansas, where Walmart was founded and has its headquarters, 1,318 workers receive SNAP benefits, which is 3.1 percent of the state’s total SNAP recipients. And another report showed that in 2013, Walmart cost taxpayers more than $6 billion in taxpayer-funded public assistance — and just four years later, for good measure, Walmart gave more than $8 billion in stock buybacks.

This is all possible because of the low wages they pay their workers, and compliments of U.S. taxpayers.

So to the Walton family, I say to you, maybe you cannot understand what it is like to make $11 or $12 an hour in this country, but your workers need a raise. No one can live in dignity working a full-time job at those wages.

Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Costco has raised its minimum wage to $16 an hour.

And it’s time for Walmart to do the right thing as well.

Sign my petition: tell the Walton family that their greed has got to come to end — pay your workers a living wage of at least $15 an hour.

As Americans, we must ask ourselves one fundamental question, and that is whether or not this is the kind of country and economic culture we are comfortable with.

I am not. And I don’t believe you are either.

Thank you for making your voice heard.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

hope that answers your query d13R

also @COMTE -- dewey
(@35) is Missing you:

"Somebody's going through
withdrawals - big time."


@36: Your cut and paste was an interesting read, but it didn't answer the question of what defines a minimum wage and what defines a living wage.

If you dare, try again. In your own words this time for extra credit!


nah, I'll simply
reject the question
but thnx for asking!


@36 I appreciate the effort but it doesn’t really answer what I’m asking. I haven’t heard anyone say $15-$16 is anywhere close to a living wage. It’s getting late and this thread will prob wrap up but I’m sure it will come up again and the question remains is the expectation that every job should pay a living wage?



In answer to your question: Yes, I most emphatically believe the "minimum wage" should equal a "living wage". Anyone who works a full time, 40 hour a week job, regardless of age, location, or circumstances, deserves to earn enough to actually be able to afford basic living expenses. If someone just wants to supplement their retirement or earn a little spending cash they're most likely working part-time already, but that still doesn't discount the fact they should be treated with the most basic level of dignity and respect for the labor they perform on behalf of or in service to others. And the reality is - and has been for decades - that the typical minimum-wage worker ISN'T a retiree or teenager, they're mainly adults, often parents or heads of households, who may be working several MW jobs just to make ends meet. The statistics are readily available and will take you only a matter or seconds to look up yourself.


oh and here was Bernie up on @36 -- "Sign my petition: tell the Walton family that their greed has got to come to end — pay your workers a living wage of at least $15 an hour."

so looks like he's got it covered

or Would have it so
if that Were a Living Wage
in far too many places it Ain't
Bernie's Awesome but
he can't do it All.
not by himself


In a big shout out to Yeshua @25, for the musical inspiration, Griz offers the following song parody:

"Aggressively Dumb"*
*sung to "Comfortably Numb", music and original lyrics by Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason, from Pink Floyd's 1979 album, The Wall:

Oh, no!
What the hell is going ON, here?
People armed with guns and zip ties,
Crawling around like Pence's flies!
Why are they
Cheering on a con man
And corporate execs?
What the fucking hell is next?

There is no logic to their thinking;
Violent chaos is their only hope.
Vaccines are coming in just so much----
Suppliers move, but they're just not fast enough!
Now that we finally have a PRESIDENT
We should be rejoicing worldwide.
What to do about Republicans
Obstructing justice like they ALWAYS do
They just get in the way.
They----------have become----aggressively dumb!


They----------have become----aggressively dumb!
No way---!!
And all because "TRUMP SAID SO!"
Militia insurgents raided!
Can we stop them
From ever DOING this again?
This is why we need democracy
And NOT hypocrisy!
There is no logic to their thinking;
Violent chaos is their only hope.
Vaccines are coming in just so much----
Suppliers move, but just not fast enough!
Since the Reagan years, I've had the common sense
To only vote for Democrats.
Republicans just serve themselves--they're hellbent on destroying everything.
If we go red, our nation's dead!
For they------------have become----aggressively dumb!


Let's hear it for Yeshua @25 for the WIN, baybee!!


@35: I didn't miss your post @16. I simply knew to scroll past it, Elmer.
You and District13Refugee truly are a couple of Ultra Maroons for consistently missing kristofarian's (see @36, provided you can actually read beyond the fourth grade level), COMTE's (@28) and Professor-Hiztory's (@19) well made points in supporting living wages for all. The abysmal current federal minimum wage of $7.25 / hour is beyond shameful. I'd love to see Senators Mitch McConnell and Lyndsey Graham try to live on that!

@36 kristofarian: For the WIN! Agreed and seconded.
While inexcusably slave-labored and grossly underpaid Wal*Mart employees do indeed have my deepest sympathy, I don't shop there because I don't want to contribute further to the Walton family crime syndicate's gluttonous capitalism.
I'm not particularly an Amazon fan, either.