Jess Stein
"Tear It All Down"
Spotted on Broadway.
Spotted on Broadway. JK
The work of Inspirational Grindo. I've been feeling like this a lot this week.

"Cuck the Police"
I dont know about this one.
I don't know about this one. JK
How :) Regular "fuck" is fine by me!

"Set Me On Fire..."
Are these lyrics to an emo song?
Are these lyrics to an emo song? JK
They're not, but it's a vibe.

"Abolish Police"
Im sure Ive mentioned it before, but Im allergic to cats.
I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I'm allergic to cats. JK
Good kitty via Benjamin Canade!

"Don't Tell Women What Not to Wear"
Spotted in Montlake.
Spotted in Montlake. JK
Your body is a battleground.

"Undead Loser"
This one was far up.
This one was far up. JK
I don't have anything else to say other than I like this sticker.

"Always Classy..."
Wait... JK
Isn't Ron Burgundy's tagline "Stay Classy," not "Always Classy"? Somebody help me out here.

"Fur Kills"
Cats???? Is that a CAT? JK
I've definitely seen these stickers before, but a new crop of them are popping up around the Hill. Are they implying...that there are people out there...wearing fur coats....made of...CATS? There's some unhinged being with a cat coat????? I need proof!

My editor informed me that this is probably a mink.

"We Only Move Forward"
A little spray-painted but I like it.
A little spray-painted but I like it. JK
Only if you don't believe time is a flat circle.

Spotted outside The Reef.
Spotted outside The Reef. JK
Ok I'll bite—who is it?

UPDATE: It's a photoshopped picture of Budd Dwyer. Dark.

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