Film/TV Mar 3, 2021 at 3:25 pm

Elizabeth Lo's feature-length directorial debut Stray is about more than just dogs.



I have a dear friend who was a Pan Am Stewardess (her choice of title, not mine. Take it up with her) back in the "Golden Era" of flight. She had a regular route to Rio, and as part of their food stock they always had three bone-in rib roasts for prime rib that they'd prepare in-flight.

They always set the third roast back for the dogs of the Rio airport. They'd cook the roast to completion, carve it up to doggy-sized portions, and when they got off on the tarmac (that's how long ago it was) they'd go over to the fence where the dogs were waiting on the other side, and slide the meat through the chain link. Every crew on that route did it. It was a company tradition.

When Pan Am went bankrupt (not because of the prime ribs) I wonder what those dogs did.


Does this movie exist because dog lovers were envious when Kedi was released years ago?

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