Thanks. Good article. I'm excited about the changes to the 40 -- I think it will make a huge difference. But at the same time, I find it funny that you call those changes "sexy". That is exactly what critics say about transit projects. New projects are sexy -- increasing frequency isn't. And yet increasing frequency is crucial. Frequency is freedom. Frequency is what we should focus on: But improvements like the 40 are nice too. Among the many benefits, it will mean more frequency (for the same amount of money).

Only a few months until Northgate Link (which will be huge). That, plus some needed improvements to the bus system and we might have a pretty good transit system. If there is enough money, of course.


@3 "ever get stuck behind a bus when the wheelchair lift has to be used?"

Have you ever been ON the bus while the wheelchair lift has to be used? You're not the only one being inconvenienced. Or perhaps you're the only one whose being inconvenienced you care about.


Y'all can thank me for that precious little TBD ;D


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