Slog PM: Burger King's Marketing Mistake, Papa John's N-Word Rehab, and Derek Chauvin's Delayed Trial



Please stop using "Karen" as a slur. It's fucking stupid. Also sexist.


@1 How is it sexist when it is white women who are doing all of the calling the cops on Black people for existing? My cousin's name is Karen and I feel bad for her, but calling out racist AF white women for being racist AF is not sexist. Not remotely.

The person killing the crows will never know a moment's peace. Crows do NOT forget and they do NOT forgive and that person will not be able to kill them all. UW did a study awhile back about how crows recognize and remember faces. A friend of mine's asshole ex took a dead crow he found on his property in Texas and threw it over his back fence. He had nothing to do with the death of it. From that day forward every time he tried to be in his backyard crows would dive bomb at his head. No joke. Dude was never able to use his backyard again. When others went into the yard (like my friend who wasn't his ex yet or their child, the crows did not bother them. Crows do NOT fuck around.


Nice HBO MAX ad.


I missed the Brown Paper Tickets story the first time. I am shocked, actually. I worked there on weekends in 2007 and they were really awesome - excellent people, excellent business model, excellent customer service, etc.

I expect this will be the end of them (based on the few stories I found online as to what led to this action). It's sad, honestly. There are so few companies out there competing with Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster just financially rapes everyone because they can (oh and they've made ticket scalping legal with their "peer to peer sales" which, of course, they also take a cut).

Meanwhile: Here's how convoluted and vague Ticketmaster's "refund" policy is due to COVID.


I was a party in the class action suit against Ticketmaster where they were supposed to pay back everyone they overcharged for decades. Never saw a cent. Why? They created a scheme where people who were due compensation for Ticketmaster ripping them off got one of three types of repayments:

a free ticket offer (only to concerts of Ticketmaster's choice and only in states where there are Live Nation venues). Oh and you couldn't transfer to another party - so though I live in a state where there are no Live Nation venues, I could not obtain a ticket to a concert in another state, even if there was a concert they were offering free tickets to that I would want, which there never were, and give them to a friend (all free tix were will call only and you had to provide your ID to prove it was YOU getting the free ticket). And is it really free if it's supposed to be repayment of money you have already paid them? No.

a free shipment (via UPS) of a ticket to you (I think $3.95 was the sole shipping amount you could use).

and...I can't even remember the 3rd option it was more absurd than the first two.

So, even though I paid thousands of Ticketmaster fees (mostly b/c I lived in NYC in the 1990s through 2002 and the sole way to obtain a ticket to any show - unless you were able to get one from the venue directly - was Ticketmaster) I got nothing from that class action lawsuit. Not one cent. Why on earth didn't Ticketmaster just have to cut checks to everyone? Probably to obfuscate the actual amount stolen from people AND end up not paying back much of anything or nothing at all. It was infuriating.

FFS Pearl Jam took on Ticketmaster and lost. PEARL JAM. One of the most powerful and wealthy bands in the world.

But good on WA state for ensuring Brown Paper Tickets will have dole out $9 million, I guess.


Crows are amazing. Intelligent, smart, friendly, and funny.

I've made friends with some of my neighborhoods crows. I'm starting to be able to identify them by personality.

The asshole who is shooting crows is beneath contempt. As xina says at #2 they are only insuring that generations of crows will attack and harass him for the rest of his life.


Ravens are pretty Cool too
and if they're your neighbors
if it's quiet enough you can hear
them chat away with varied voices they
do know how to get Loud and hawks and
Eagles seem to (mostly) leave them alone....

Welcome back, Natty!


Love live Pony


@2 Because it gives white dudes a pass.


@8 Isn't that why it's Karen/Ken - referring to both women and men? White women are doing this far more than white men are. It wouldn't even be known as the Karen phenomena if it were not so prevalent (women doing it).

White men are not calling the cops on Black people for existing. White men are murdering them. There's a difference. Either way it's legislation that seems redundant and yet it isn't, is it? Black people are still fighting to simply be allowed to exist without being discriminated against, harassed, harmed, or murdered.

Existing law should provide that protection that except existing law is white supremacist and explicitly exists to exclude Black people because all basic protections outlined in the Constitution and all other laws in this country only apply to white people.


Western Washington is the most Karen-esque place I have ever lived and it really spans the board of political backgrounds and income levels too. Never meant people so paranoid about what everyone else is up to. Particularly, if it in no way pertains to them or the safety of their family. Never even heard of a NIMBY until living in Seattle and it just gets worse on the other side of the water.


How does one prove or disprove someone calling 911 is genuinely feeling threatened? A problematic law to say the least because it involves proving intent. We already have laws against filing false police reports. This does more harm than good.


@9: The only place race or color is mentioned in the U.S. Constitution is 15th Amendment
Section 1:

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.


The problem with the whole "Karen" thing as I see it is that it has lost its original meaning. It used to be that a "Karen" was a privileged white woman who holds herself out as a progressively minded liberal supposedly opposed to racism, but when push comes to shove, uses her station to victimize people of color who get in her way...or just annoy her.

Now, however, it seems most everyone uses the term to describe literally any white woman, period, who harasses people of color...or really anyone. I've seen pictures of toothless Trumpian women who likely have actual KKK hoods in their closet called "Karen" for yelling at someone.

So, "Karen" now seems to mean any white (or whitish) woman who behaves in some objectionable way. Pretty meaningless, in other words.


Mandatory viewing about our wily local corvid friends, for anyone who has never watched it. Crows are fucking amazing!


@11 In the Christian Cooper case, cell phone video showed that the 911 caller wasn't being threatened. This law could be used in similar cases where such evidence exists.


The women's team should get more because they win more and seem to get more publicity than the men's team.
@2 I wonder if they ever got desperate enough to put up an old school scarecrow lol


One of my best friends is named Karen. But this doesn't really bother her too much. Mostly because her full name is Karen Bin Laden Hitler.


Does papa John play pickup ball in the hood 6 days a week? That's the picky reason it might take him time to remove the wires from his vocabulary.

Of course, he was just trying to get in on this "I'm doing the work" thing for cheap points. Whoops!


@15 Amy Cooper did feel threatened - that she would be in trouble for having her dog off leash. She was actually panicked. The law won't work to stop her (or people like her) because she wasn't thinking rationally. Doesn't excuse her but if the goal is to prevent this from happening more often, this isn't the way.


The problem with Karen is that it's anti thinking. It's ugly. It speaks of malice in the heart of the speaker. Hold people accountable, si si pueda. We don't need to use someone's name to do that. Xina @2 your cousin or whomevers experience should tell you that. Why does she have to suffer so that you can use your preferred insult?

For eg, I grew up saying the word t----y without much thought. When someone pointed out how offensive it was, I stopped, because plenty of trans people ain't done nothing wrong to deserve to get dissed like that. Karen isn't as hurtful, but it's a little hurtful, and that should be enough.


Oh please, the use of "Karen/Ken" as a pejorative referring to a privileged white person weaponizing their privilege in an attempt to punish POC for simply existing in their vicinity is a complete non-issue. Is there ANY Caucasian-sounding name that WOULDN'T trigger you little snowflakes? I've never heard anyone decrying the pejorative use of "nosey Nellie" or "peeping Tom", probably because those are dysphemisms even white people use without regard. But now all of a sudden there's a (predictably white) backlash of claiming they're the REAL victims, because some people, and in particular POC, use a white name to call out white people and hold them accountable for their reprehensible actions.


@21 Thanks for pointing out the problem with the use of "Karen." It lacks a modifier.


The reason crow hunting season is in the fall is that we all need 4 and 20 blackbirds to bake into a pie


22 - Cop-Caller Karen?

Idaknow, it doesn't really just roll off the tongue like Nosey Nellie; I'll keep working on it.



Carping Karen? Cry Wolf Karen?


KKK Karen.

The laws in this country supposedly exist to protect everyone and yet the do not so we have to keep creating new laws to protect people who aren't protected by existing law. Hence the redundant nature of legislation (that is only an issue because white supremacy - ideology and policy - is inherit in everything in this country, especially the law). Plenty has been legal in this country and it was still a direct violation of our so called Constitution and Bill of Rights - slavery, Jim Crow, the illegality of interracial marriage, homosexuality being a crime, gay marriage being illegal, etc. etc. etc. Until this country chooses to apply all laws equally to everyone no matter who they are, this will continue ad infinitum.

And no, white women who call the police on Black people for existing do not feel threatened, they are entitled racists who hate that Black people exist. And they are attempting to get Black people killed when they call the cops on Black people for existing. Historical context is relevant - white women simply have to say a Black person did something and that Black person will be vilified, imprisoned, or murdered. Emmett Till's accuser admitted her lie on her death bed b/c she didn't want to go to hell. Susan Smith murdered her own children and blamed a fictitious Black man for doing it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of historical examples of this bullshit. The recent behavior leading up to this type of legislation being passed is due to the complaints and calls to the police being so absurd (but still, white women believe no matter how petty their grievance or lie, they will be heard, believed, and Black people will pay for their very audacity of existing):
-- White woman calls cops because a Black family is having a picnic in a park.
-- White woman calls cops because a little black girl is selling bottled water near an event (no different than white kids having a lemonade stand).
-- White woman calls cops because a Black man is in Central Park bird watching.

and the list goes on and on and on. Enough bullshit. Punish these racist fucks for engaging in racist AF, entitled behavior that harms Black people just for existing - gets them hassled by police and made to feel like they can't even do the most basic things that human beings do because white women are watching.

How the 'Karen Meme' Confronts the Violent History of White Womanhood


Don't forget - white woman calls cops on black man who's chalking 'Black Lives Matter' on HIS OWN property in Pacific Heights.


@26: Calling the police is more important than determining whether or not someone should call the police. If it's a false "racist AF" report, it's already illegal.

This bill is a solution in search of a problem.


"Karen" is just the flipside of the "Laquesia and "Jamaal" videos of the same nature: more wedge racist bullshit to distract and divide us. And it's working perfectly.


18: Actually, the OAN clip shows that Papa John ISN'T "doing the work"- in the clip,, Mr. Schnatter is still acting as if he is an innocent victim, as if the people on the board of directors who broke with him were wrong to wash their hands of him, and as if everyone was making a big deal over nothing. Nothing he said there was in anyway an acknowledgment of what he actually said OR of his toxic role in enabling Trump's inflammatory use of athletes taking a knee during the anthem- something we all now know was a perfectly legitimate and respectful form of antiracist protest- by falsely complaining that what the athletes did was somehow reducing his profits- which is weird, because there is no reason to think that people would stop ordering his pizzas during or after the game simply as a result of the stand the athletes were taking.

"Papa" is displaying nothing in the clip but aggressively self-pitying denial- no wonder he was tight with Trump.