I'm not sure what's the more horrifying news item this morning. This: "Gordon Ramsay's Dwarf Porn Double Found Dead In A Badger Den." Or seeing that Nikkita Oliver is running for City Council.

I wanted to say that this just goes to show what a disaster moving to district City Council seats has been. But then I read here that Oliver is running for one of the city-wide seats. So so much for that.

Surely, though, there is some sane substantive progressive in this entire city who has the guts to give us an alternative. Y'know, like somebody who, unlike Amazon prop candidate and empty suit Egan Orion (or was it Orion Egan?), has a more compelling message than just "I'm not so-and-so."


"The Dutchman who invented the cassette tape is dead"
The recording industry reviled him and claimed that cassettes were stealing money from them.
It would take the internet to finally finish off the recording industry. Nobody cried.


Nathalie's back :-) Hope you had a lovely vacay, missed you hon.


1 - "I'm not sure what's the more horrifying news item this morning... seeing that Nikkita Oliver is running for City Council."
Many bigots are horrified at the existence of non-Caucasian people.


@4, if your comment is indicative of the level to which our discourse has descended in 2021, then God help us.



The internet fucking sucks for music.


5 Run away to momma little boy.


@4: Well, you could support Brianna Thomas, an outspoken progressive Black woman who actually has experience at City Hall, and who will give the voters everything Oliver would, without the drama and the performative bullshit and the chronic narcissism. I suppose Oliver is better than the odious Sara Nelson, but Thomas is the better choice if you don't want four years of "Look at MEEEEEEE!"


5 Peruse #9 and see what actual discourse might read like.
You act like a bigot and people think you are a bigot.


gripe @9, thanks for the info. I'll have to catch up on Brianna Thomas.

This is one City Council race where I'm going to have to get seriously involved, whether it's for Thomas or someone else. Just because Seattle isn't dead yet doesn't mean we shouldn't fight off the latest attempts to kill it.


Yeshua @10, nice try to cover your ass. Go right ahead and accuse anyone who reviles Nikkita Oliver for being the divisive and dim-witted demagogue that she is of being a bigot. Maybe you should suggest a campaign slogan for her, "Either you're with me or you're a white supremacist."


@1 In some ways Oliver's candidacy will be a great barometer of how people really feel about public safety and the defund police movement. This is a citywide election as you noted and Oliver is quite direct in her assertion that not only should the police be defunded but outright abolished and all jails closed. What this may do is make Brianna Thomas the "moderate" candidate and squeeze out the traditional dems ensuring the council continues with their current activist focus. If nothing else it will make for some great debates here in the Slog over the next few months.


12 - ?


@13 - IIRC, that was exactly the message Oliver's supporters were putting out last time when they demanded that the actual winners of the election step down to let Oliver win.


Do we get to vote to force social media influencers to crawl into badgers' dens? Please?


@19 ++


If Yeshua says that, Yeshua is an ass.


Re: Gordon Ramsay's Dwarf Porn Double Found Dead In A Badger Den

Someone tell Charles so he can get started on “Zoo 2: The Badgering”


@23 for comment of the week!


What is so odious about Sara Nelson? She seems to be the only declared candidate with a resume befitting the job.


@ 25: First of all, she isn't, except to conservatives like yourself. Thomas has as much, or more, experience in constituent service and policy formation as Nelson does. Second, have you ever met, or talked with, Sara Nelson? She is a nasty piece of work, and was curt, dismissive, and off-putting even when she worked for Conlin and her job was constituent service. Third, she is the Chamber of Commerce's candidate, and I'm not interested in rewarding that lot with any seats on the Council.


"Either you're with me or you're a white supremacist." --@13's tongue-in-cheek (yet totes
proBono!) Oliver campaign slogan idea

"either you're With Us
or you're a Terrists!"
--gee dubya bush

well it worked out Fine
for one Fascist Administration.

apologies, Afghanistan!
you Too, Iraq!
who's Next?


@26 you should be off pudding....because you’re fat. Lol. One of my favs...

The irony of Oliver in the race is she will pull votes from Thomas and may ensure Nelson makes it through the primary. If it ends up an Oliver-Nelson I think Nelson has a great chance.


@26 ...did you just quote Trumpy and call Nelson a 'nasty woman'? That's rich. Can't we discuss the various candidates' positions/policies and leave their 'personalities' out of it? This goes for Olivar haters too. Ugh. everyone soooo catty.


Holy shit, the last thing we need is a battle between Nikkita Oliver and Sara Nelson. I think I'll have to give all my democracy vouchers to Brianna Thomas. I forget, who was the one who lead the campaign to get those things, anyway? Oh yeah, Brianna Thomas.

That is the clear difference between her and the other candidates. They talk about the things they want to do. She has actually done shit -- I mean real, important shit, like the $15 minimum wage. She is the obvious choice.


@36 -- Personality is important if you are going to serve on a board. Any board member will tell you there are people they can get along with, even if they disagree with them most of the time, as well as the opposite. These are the Ted Cruzes of the world. Hated by their own party (or in this case, people who largely agree with them). I'm not saying Sara Nelson is that -- I've never met her -- but if she is like that, it is certainly important. I will say that I'm no fan. I am very sympathetic to small business owners -- my son is one. But he wouldn't vote for her either, and the description @29 gave (in that second paragraph) is why.



Conservative? Hah, only in Seattle. In any other city in the country I'd be called at least a flaming liberal if not an outright leftist, but it doesn't matter. I like to call myself a progressive pragmatist, as much as I'd like a Medicare for All type Universal health care plan in the USA I also realize that it has a snowball's chance in hell of being implemented so it's probably better to focus on actually achievable aims.

As for Sara Nelson, no I have never met her. Meeting a politician is not a prerequisite for voting for them. I've never met Pramila Jayapal or Joe Biden but that didn't stop me from voting for them.

So you claim she is "a nasty piece of work, and was curt, dismissive, and off-putting."
That sounds an awful lot like the assertiveness penalty that many successful women face in business and politics. To achieve career success woman often are perceived negatively for the very leadership traits that men are praised for. Think of the attacks on Hillary Clinton.

I gladly voted for Sara Nelson in 2017 and see no reason not to vote for her again. Seattle is facing serious challenges going into the 2020s and beyond, those challenges won't be solved by ideologues.

As for Thomas it looks like the only job she has ever held is as an assistant to Gonzalez. Sure that marginally makes her qualified but it doesn't inspire me that she'll have the ability to think of effective and innovative ways to move Seattle forward.


@7: You just haven't heard any of mine, mike. :)

@30 kristofarian: Who's next in the War on Terrorism list after Iraq and Afghanistan?
We, the People of the Divided States are if QAnon ever takes over. We still desperately need a vaccine for TRUMPVID-19. We have met the enemy and it is aggressive MAGA Stupidity.

Too bad rabid QAnon Bitch Marjorie Taylor Greene can't read anything past the grossly outdated 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

Roast in Hell, neofascist QAnonazi Shitwipe, Frederico Klein, and take all your QAnon thugs with you!


No mention of what became of the C & ML the dwarf went into the den after?


So who's running for School Board?


Welcome back, Nathalie! I hope you had a wonderful, well-deserved vacation.

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