Jess Stein

"Question Authority"
Good advice.
Good advice. JK
Question authority, question your family, question politicians, question cops, questions Karens/Kens, question landlords, question power, question comfort, question pain, question yourself, question EVERYTHING. (But not in an annoying way. You know what I mean.)

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"Drunk Bear"
I thought this was so cute!
I thought this was so cute! JK
Rainier: Black Bear's Beer of Choice.

"Human Existence Is a Freak Show..."
Really makes you think. JK
For some reason, this one hit me pretty hard. It's been a weird week!

"Face Crab"
This is cute.
This is cute. JK
Help me find this artist! For some reason this drawing reminds me of horseshoe crabs, a marine arthropod I first saw on Animal Crossing (lol), but these ancient deep-sea creatures are fucking SICK. Built like a fucking TANK! I also learned that we humans extract their blue blood to make COVID-19 vaccines, which feels very vampiric of us!

"Combating Liberalism"
Interesting. JK
Spotted on Pine!

"Flower Person"
The flower is BLEEDING. JK
I love the colors on this sticker! This cutie is the handy work of Reyyyy.

"Politicians Obsolete"
Fingers crossed! JK
This one is the twin of one I found last week.

"Abstract Tag"
Look at the squirrel!
Look at the squirrel! Jk
This one has been in my folder for a few weeks, but I remember staring a lot at it when I first spotted it in the wild. I just love all the bends and lines and faces. If you recognize this, lemme know.

"Spirit of the Eight Ball"
I love thinking about spirits as worms!
I love thinking about spirits as worms! JK
When I die, I hope my spiritual essence slithers out like a lil wormy worm.

It's a bit ripped, but you get the point JK
Damn—your momma makes depression like this? Thick, all-consuming, and neverending? Remind me to never eat at your house! I got my own!

ALSO: If you haven't had a chance to check out a video version of this column, please take a moment to watch me hop around Pike/Pine looking at stickers. Where should I go next?

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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