It's been a really long time since a stranger whispered to me from a Belltown alleyway.
Fortunately, I said; No thanks.


I voted for Doug Hennick because he's actually a trained ecologist. Kali looked good too. No lawyers.


KCD elections are and always have been a huge nothingburger. I don't mean to say what they do isn't useful, but electing it's directors is less purposeful than electing a dog catcher. They aren't paid, they don't have any rulemaking authority, they do have a small budget but their entire purpose is education and outreach. You may as well elect museum docents or Salvation Army Santas. But people always get so up in arms about it when they discover KCD elections for the first time like somehow they have been denied representative government their whole lives.


How do I vote for Lyndon La Rouche?

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