Michele73892 should not be eligible for a vaccine.


Now now, we need to vaccinate everyone, even people in the middle east who make money by ripping off Americans.


awesome! opening up further without any concern for restaurant workers getting vaccinated, new strains emerging. oh well, i guess covid is over! party time!

covid definitely showed us in the industry just how low we are thought of...


@5, nope. we are not in that tier.

well, i'd for sure bump teachers out of the line since they are not (for the most part) returning to in person work this school year.

not so much wanting to be moved up in line as not wanting to be further exposed to mask less diners without being vaccinated. its making me feel as if i should just cheat like many other have done since the state clearly doesn't give a crap about me or other service industry folks.

i haven't really seen any official reason why we are exposed to mask less customers yet nowhere on the state dashboard. guess we need a union or something...


@7 Hopefully things will go as planned and nearly everyone can be vaccinated by may. I guess i can wait. still kind of insulting how it's all working out. I know full well how and where i could jump the line but really don't like that idea. Unfortunately, the longer this goes on and the longing i'm forced to work around mask less customers, the more i consider it.

One thing is certain - i can't get out of the restaurant industry fast enough. I love to cook, but it's largely thankless work on your feet in a hot kitchen for way too little money. The pandemic drove home just how shitty of an industry it is - people want their snackies and servants but really don't give a shit about us, which is their prerogative. The state clearly doesn't either.


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