Slog PM: Biden's Big Speech; All Hail Seattle's COVID Response; Should We Cancel Miss Piggy?



Little surprise it's Bobby Roberts being that emphatic about the cheese festival.


RE: Hertz rental receipt gets guy out of prison

There's a lot more to that story:

The guy they convicted is indeed innocent, as the rental car receipt proves. But he knew at the time that he was a suspect wanted for that crime and for some reason hid and evaded capture for four years. Why he didn't, in any of that time, prove his innocence with the receipt is a mystery.

Very weird case. His defense obviously fucked up. The prosecution fucked up. Hertz fucked up. But I gotta say, the guy himself also fucked up.


Also, JFC, is Twitter the primary source journalists use now? Not just The Stranger, but multiple news sites I peruse seem to get 50% or more of their stories from fucking Twitter.


"Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should."

America, the sentence.


“We’re very much not a racist family” will be the big Mariah Carrie hit song for Christmas.


@2 You see black man after black man arrested and thrown in jail for crimes they didn't commit and you wonder why he "evaded capture"? Holy shit, maybe he was afraid that they would throw him in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Oh wait, they did!

And how the fuck was he supposed to "prove his innocence with the receipt " when Hertz wouldn't give it to him? Fuck dude -- get a fucking clue.


Empty syringes? Air? Isn't injecting someone with air supposed to be fatal?



He didn't ask Hertz for a receipt until 4+ years after the rental. During that entire time, he knew he was wanted for that crime and he knew the receipt could prove his innocence. What the hell was he waiting for?


@6. "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers".


@7 - weren’t empty - had saline in them


All of Sesame St should be kanceled for forcing Burt and Ernie to live in the closet for so long. #freeBurt. #freeErnie.


@10 No, they /were/ empty. The initial press release stated saline, but they later corrected. It's in the linked article. I had the same question as 7, which is why I read it.

"Earlier on March 10, Kroger said the shots were saline, but later that day the company now says they were actually “empty syringes.” "


@7, @12, Air in a vein, very bad. Air in a muscle, not so much.


Wait, what? The royal family isn't racist because the commonwealth has a bunch of former colonies with black & brown people? Seriously? That's their argument?

WTF. The British monarchy has centuries of colonial history in which they viewed all people of color as slaves, barbarians, serfs, forced laborers, or at best lower-class servants. The monarchy has been steeped in racism for generations. The current royal family is polite about it. They don't say the quiet parts out loud, like open white supremicists in the US. Mostly. Prince Philip has made a few racist gaffs. Prince Edward (the queen's uncle, the one who abdicated) was a Nazi sympathizer, and racist as fuck. But otherwise they're a pretty polite bunch. Prince William may not be as overtly racist as some of the older generation, but none of them has done much of anything to encourage equality or racial harmony in the British Isles.

The British tabloid press and the royal family have been objectively shitty to Meghan Markle since before she married Prince Harry. Her claims of racism are entirely believable.


speaking of Cancel Culture why do
repubs wanna cancel Voting
why do repubs HATE
the Electorate?


It's not just Seattle, Washington State's (Jay Inslee's) response to COVID was tremendous.

Considering that we had the first cases, before anyone really know how bad it was, we could easily have been hit as hard as Italy and Spain. Instead we stayed very low in cases per capita, always in the bottom 10% of US states.

As far as vaccine distribution we have been miserable. I'm sure most of us know countless individuals in other states who have been vaccinated and there's still no plan or schedule for getting the vast majority of Washingtonians vaccinated. And that's with the outbreaks in the rural areas. Seattle and King County's rates kept the state averages low.

Inslee deserves praise for his response to the Pandemic, and a good hard kick in the pants for his response to vaccination.


It is rather appalling actually, that we didn't hear Harry give a big what for to whoever said that racist remark about the skin color of their impending child. Charges of racism are levied against an individual in royal family, later clarified not to be the Queen or Prince Phillip.
So for now and for the foreseeable future, this loose end will haunt the royals, to the starkly glee of many but so unnecessary and does absolutely nothing to improve racism in England, the Commonwealth, or America.

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly devastated by this. No surprise. It really didn't have to be this way.

It is regrettable that it wasn't a teachable moment for Harry to unleash his anger on that royal family member. I mean, after all, he should have a backbone. So should she, a former actress. It is all so formalistic and predictable, with Oprah, CBS, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reaping the lucrative adulation of a sympathetic public into abundant cash.

It can only go so far.


17, shocking! you're a monarchist too. You're like the baskin robins of shitty, repressive ideologies. 31 flavors of boots on necks.


@4 Brent Gumbo: Agreed and seconded. I can't believe we're supposed to be entering Phase 3 so soon. I'm staying masked, getting vaccinated (two Pfizer shots through the VA), social distancing, and not traveling. One year later I still see too many cavalier idiots out and about unmasked to be comfortable yet with entering Phase 3.

@14 Reverse Polarity: BINGO!

@15 kristofarian: RepubliKKKans hate the Electorate every time the Party of Team Trumpty Dumpty Neofascist QAnonazi 1 Percenters LOSES, and LOSES JUSTLY. They're paranoid that now they'll lose all their Dirty Mafia Money to democracy. Ohhh, WAAAAAHHH! What to do when you can't rig the game anymore because suddenly nobody else across the aisle is playing (except maybe Kyrsten Sinema)?

@17: Thank you, United Kingdom, it has been fun pwaying a Bwitish Woyal.


No one really wants miss piggy cancelled. "Some people on twitter" want miss piggy cancelled -which really means some people on Twitter are trying to gain attention by saying they want miss piggy cancelled.


@21, at least you should.


If you get triggered by the muppets, don't watch them. Problem solved.


@16 nonsense. Inslee did a masterful job getting vaccines out.

As I said in another post:

Washington has distributed almost every single dose as fast as they can get them.

The problem is vaccine supply. As of March 8, 2021, the state has issued more than 2.1 million doses and has vaccinated more than 1.3 million people. Supply has only recently caught up.

Washington State ranks 17th out of fifty in distribution/population vaccination percentage. And that’s ranking is because we got fewer initial vaccines because our spread was under control AND because Trump obstructed vaccines from Blue States and lied about having reserves.

Doses distributed to state: 3,034,110 (almost 1 million delivered in the last two weeks)
Doses administered: 2,381,471
Percentage of distributed vaccines that have been administered: 78.49%

ALMOST 80% administered! Dude. Stop listening to Talk radio and reading Facebook memes.


but if you ARE gonna listen to Talk Radio*
DO listen to Thom Hartmann 9 til Noon on
KBCSfm 91.3 weekdays or Amy fucking
Goodman 8 til 9 am (also on KBCS fm)
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*it's not ALL All-Hate radio
Enjoy, dammit!


Hey Dadd, why is your leather jockstrap in a twist? Mad bc you can't get an icy mike in the dark room under Berghain these days?


Somehow, the entire concept that there is a caste of people who are superior to everyone else and entitled to be treated as "royal" because they are descended from a particular family tree with loops instead of branches, and are as inbred as golden retrievers, seems kinda racist in itself.


@28: If you believe Megan and Harry, then they must name the racist. Otherwise, it's all fake news.