Biden: All Adults Must Be Eligible for Vaccine by May 1



Do you guys notice all the plug-in electric trucks with a giant BIDEN flags (made in America of recycled fetuses) driving up and down the city streets at perfectly stable speeds?! No? Huh. I guess we're doing this wrong.

MARA! (Make America Reasonable Again)



Not even a syllable of acknowledgment to Operation Warp Speed. How disengenious for his quest for unity.


Wait, I assumed you youngsters figured out a LONG time ago how to have a Covid safe orgy.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Ruined!


He was such a braggart, blowhard, and narcissist it's really hard to judge the effectiveness of OWS or any of his programs.

The $12 Billion was allocated by Congress so Pelosi and McConnell deserve some credit for that.

Everything was going to be HUGE and Mexico was going to pay for the Wall!

He might be a great reality show celebrity (don't know, never watched it) but his record in government is filled with cronyism and incompetence. His entire administration was a train wreck and there's no reason to assume OWS was any different.


Good for the President. I'm glad he's showing Inslee up.

Inslee has been deaf to the pleas of adults under 50 with dangerous comorbidities. He opened up vaccines to perfectly healthy 30 year old kindergarten teachers because the WEA leaned on him, but apparently there's no lobby for diabetics, the morbidly obese, heart patients, cancer survivors, respiratory patients, or anyone else for whom coronavirus could be an early death sentence. April 26th is an OUTRAGE for a 40 year old cancer survivor, when healthy adults all over this country are already getting the shot.

"Follow the science" has been code for "vaccinate our population as slowly as humanly possible." We should be ashamed of the abysmal effort Washington has put forward, particularly in central Puget Sound where things are going the slowest.


OWS was not a factor in the development of any of these vaccines. All these companies had existing coronavirus vaccine platforms that they adapted once China shared the CoV2 sequence with the NIH. Much of the truly hard labor that made it possible to get a vaccine to trial within weeks of learning about the pandemic was done thanklessly over the 15 years following the first SARS-CoV outbreak in the early 2Ks.

OWS was only applied for pre-production of vaccine but there was no strategy in place to purchase and distribute those doses until Biden took over. It's incredible to think our government took such an unprecedented move to fund the manufacture of a treatment without even knowing it would be safe & effective, only to do nothing to act on it until we had a complete regime change. The only objective was to give our gameshow host president something a catchy project brand name to brag about.

It's just wild to think how different this country would be today if he was reelected, like it's not an overstatement to say we will be feeling the aftershocks of this moment in time for decades to come, & I don't know that there has ever been a more glaring before/after disparity in leadership in our nation's brief history. As it is a pandemic is such a profound, pivotal event but to have a decisive presidential election fall in the middle of it is almost unfathomable, the stuff of science fiction novels, and we're all living through it. Wild, wild stuff.


@6 no dipshit. Washington has distributed every single dose as fast as they get them. The problem is vaccine supply. As of March 8, 2021, the state has issued more than 2.1 million doses and has vaccinated more than 1.3 million people.

Washington State ranks 17th out of fifty in distribution/population vaccination percentage. And that’s ranking is because we got fewer initial vaccines because our spread was under control AND because Trump obstructed vaccines from Blue States and lied about having reserves.

Doses distributed to state: 3,034,110 (almost 1 million delivered in the last two weeks)
Doses administered: 2,381,471
Percentage of distributed vaccines that have been administered: 78.49


Rich can't read a chart. He says "Biden's demand would speed up Washington's vaccine timeline by quite a bit. On our current schedule only people 50-years-old with two comorbidities and people who live in congregated facilities...would be eligible for the vaccine by May 1".

If Rich would read the chart from DOH, instead of skimming it, he would see that under 1B Tier 3 "People 16 years or older with 2 or more co-morbidities or underlying conditions" would be eligible on 4/26, which I'm pretty sure is before 5/1.


3, the previous administration has half a million deaths on its hands. GFY.


@10 +1

That rat bastard said Covid would go away on it's own by last Easter. He said sunlight would sweep it away in the summer. He said it was nbd. We later found out Trump knew the severity of what was coming, but lied about it! Half a million dead.

But, yes, we should pat Trump on the back.


@10, 11-- yep that's our 'dear' Dewdroppings
demanding Equal Time (& Fairness!)
in all things Genocidal etc.

were it not for the Severe Dunnings/Kroger's
Epidemic that's swept the entire Planet
perhaps we might live in a Much
Better Place. is there truly
no Cure?


Be that as it may @7, OWS obviously existed and was started during the Trump admin and successful in getting the vaccines. Unlike you, Fauci is smart enough to remember history accurately, and admitted to that fact in on Fox News Sunday.

All presidents take credit for good things that happen during their admin. Trump doesn't deserve praise, but he does deserve an acknowledgement from the White House. Doing so is good politics, and could actually help the democrats win more voters by removing a talking point from the GOP.


"Trump doesn't deserve praise, but he does deserve... "

... his day in the World Court
and then found guilty
and sentenced to
Golf 24/7 sans
Caddy. I give
him 2 days
maybe 3

other than that
not too bad dewey!
perhaps there's Hope 4 u yet...

(middle) fingers crossed!


Apparently the vaccines are about 85% effective after the first round and the second round only adds 5-10% more resistance. Why isnt just giving one round being discussed? It seems like it would be more effective at stopping the most people from getting sick. Wouldnt it be better to vaccinate twice as many people if it doesnt have that much impact on the effectiveness of the vaccine?