"Day-in and day-out at a textile mill in the rural South, non-unionized workers tend to deafeningly loud machines and sweat in the unventilated space as managers sit in their offices, pushing their charges to work themselves to death.

While many of the laborers are discontent the loudest among them is the mouthy and rambunctious Norma Rae (Sally Fields, duh). She speaks up about the shit pay, the shit conditions, and the lack of Kotex dispensers in the bathrooms—all to the annoyance of her bosses."

yep. there's Commies
they're gettin' Awful


It was streaming on HULU recently.


@2: I know it would be too hard for Unstreamable to do, but it would be cool if they could track availability over the past two years. Certain titles occasionally appear and re-appear and if something often appears several times a year that should be noted (or even moved further down on the list of movies to cover).


Stay away from those fly-by-night streaming services like Shudder, which are hack-prone and overcharge users with predatory fees. Yes, the streaming services are the new "vast wasteland", with paltry choices, or in many cases you have to purchase the film, which is usually more expensive than renting. Norma Rae is a compelling primer on the necessity of trade unions and the imperative of worker's rights. Also, Sally Fields is delicious as usual. These limitations make us long for Scarecrow Video and the "video store days". Many times it is more cost-effective to purchase the DVD on Amazon or eBay. For example, "Invisible Man" (2020) was about $15 to rent on Amazon Prime.


I think you're looking for a female Hitler, ducksquat &
marjorie taylor greene's prolly right up your Alleyways
is what I think. honk honk


for the


You don't get freedom working for low pay and working your ass off just to survive. That's why people join Unions so they can get some FREEDOM.

Can't eat on "rugged individualism" unless you are rich.

Make amazon a workers cooperative for more freedom for workers and the community.


Sally Field just plain ROCKS! I remember seeing both her Oscar winning Best Actress roles--first, in the title role in Norma Rae (1979) and Places in the Heart (1984, as Texas widow with two children, Edna Spalding). At her Academy Award acceptance speech for her second Best Actress Oscar, she blinked at the audience, saying, "You like me. You really like me."
She has come a long way from TV's Gidget and The Flying Nun.

@4 pollysexual: Thanks for the heads up on streaming scammers. Duly noted and appreciated.


@4: Invisible Man was pricy when it initially hit video on demand since it rolled out there at the same time it hit theaters. A shift in business practices due to a pandemic doesn't make something a scam. One can currently watch it for "free" on hbo max.


"Blue Collar" in 1978 starring the late Yaphet Kotto, the "Norma Rae" the next year, and later in 1983 "Silkwood;" a couple of 80's farm crisis movies with Mel Gibson and Sam Shepard, and then at the end of the decade Batman ushers in the era of the Superhero blockbusters. We may eventually see movies of miserable Chinese factory workers, with fat American consumers as the bad guys in order for the CCP to greenlight them.

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