Why Did These Five Republicans Vote to Keep Native American Sports Team Names Without Tribal Consultation?



"A broad coalition of Native and education
groups support the bill, but not, alas,
a handful of Republicans.

yeah they don't give a fuck
they* Cancelled 'em once
they'll Cancel them again
if yur White you gonna be
Right. Just how it IS.



Too bad we can't send those recalcitrant Rethuglicans some Small Pox-infested gifts to show our appreciation for their courageous stand on this issue - with any luck at least a few of them are the spawn of anti-vaxxers...


Because Republicans are racist pieces of shit?


You specifically call out clover park, maybe if you did your job you'd know we did get permission from the local tribes of first peoples and we did it years ago.


This is another example of racism in our society, and yes, the Republican Party is a repository for racist notions and thugs. Consider Trump, the green-orange misogynist howler-monkey for example, and his all-white cabinet except for a few Oreo Cookies. The Native Americans, who have been disenfranchised from our society from the beginning, should certainly be brought into any discussion regarding the use of their visage as a sport franchise designation. Furthermore, they should be allowed to copyright their tribal names and charge teams for using their "cultural brand".


The author isn't great on adding needed context to the story... calling a team "Warriors" isn't native inspired without context. It's an English synonym for "Soldiers" with the only implication being the word not limited to the state or nation-state context.

I'm assuming the school mentioned has an illustrated mascot that gives "Warriors" a native meaning, but writing in such a way as to not make that clear is both sloppy and problematic.



Okay, but when was the last time you saw a high school "warriors" team jersey that DIDN'T have some sort of depiction of an indigenous person or artifact on it? They're very much in the minority:



Republicans are assholes, every one I know is a seriously defective human being.


@9: I'm not an asshole nor am I defective.


get it Straight:
opinions are
not Facts


Fact: I am not an asshole, nor am I defective.
Opinion: Democrats are assholes, every one I know is a seriously defective human being.

See the difference, kristy?


yep I DO see dewey
you're horribly Inflicted
with (perhaps) Terminal
Cognitive Dissonances.

see your Dr.


paging 'Doktor' Nelson!
paging 'Doktor' Nelson!



@13: Cognitive? You're not, why should I be?


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@10, @12, and @15: Just because your blood sugar is low doesn't mean you have a valid argument. Glue is not a food source. Of course you're not cognitive when all you have to offer the comment thread is your usually indecipherable word salad.
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