Slog PM: Durkan Extends Eviction Moratorium, Senate Confirms First Native Cabinet Secretary, Spain Tests Shorter Work Week



Deb Haaland's appointment as Secretary of the Interior is excellent news. The Republicans fought hard trying to prevent that. Onward! The GOP needs to be trampled over the way they have trampled over the other side for decades now. They need to be irrelevant.



RE: Generation X stopping "cancel culture"

Come on. You guys at "The Stranger" really need to investigate a little deeper than twitter.

Here's the idiotic article itself:

Aside from the inane 80's references the author shoehorns in repeatedly, from his arguments you can tell he's an incredibly privileged white guy.

That he believes when he was young, there were no book bannings, no witch hunts, no blacklists, shows he's either ignorant, lying, or both.

Finally, as someone who's smack in the middle of Generation X, I'm glad people are showing the racists, misogynists, and entitled white privilege assholes that they're no longer putting up with their shit. So don't look to me to stop "cancel culture." It's long past time that trash was taken out.

(also as a Gen X'er... whatever)


A few observations about the SCC and the debate today:

This bill does not give anyone the “right” to an atty. They have always had the right to counsel. This bill only funds said counsel.

2 Seattle via its proxy LIHI evicts people at one of the highest rates in the city so the SCC will essentially pay to defend people against its own agent.

What harm is caused by delaying the vote? No one can be evicted until Jun 30.

The SCC once again demonstrated their sheer contempt at the public by introducing last minute amendments that had not been published against city rules and chastising people for criticizing the council during public comment.
Public comment itself is a joke. It’s nothing but astroturfing at this point and adds no value to the process.


Remember when bashing "political correctness" was the hot thing for RWNJs to do? Cancel culture is just a rehash of that. Both are coded language for "I'm upset that people are starting to call me out for acting like a deranged asshole toward others."


Neil Gaiman had a great take on it:

"I was reading a book which included the phrase "in these days of political correctness..." talking about no longer making jokes that denigrated people for their culture or for the color of their skin.

And I thought, "That's not actually anything to do with political correctness. That's just treating other people with respect."

I started imagining a world in which we replaced the phrase "politically correct" wherever we could with "treating other people with respect" and it made me smile.

You should try it. It's peculiarly enlightening.

I know what you're thinking now. You're thinking "Oh my god, that's treating other people with respect gone mad!""


@4: Wasn't Bill Maher's first show 'Politically Incorrect'? Not quite a RWNJ.

@5: Treating other people with respect is a noble virtue - but is not the same as "never do anything that anyone could possibly find offensive."


by Gawd Urg
that's Crazy talk.

hell they even Rhyme


Inslee did a fantastic job addressing the pandemic. According to today's NYTimes the only states with lower per capita cases over the entire pandemic are Hawaii, Vermont, Maine and Oregon. (Not Counting Territories)

Yay Us!

But when it comes to vaccinations we're way down at 22 for fully vaccinating everyone and down to 27 for delivering the first dose. (Not Counting Territories).

Boo Us!

After medical personnel we should have just done it by age. Who is at more risk a 25-year old teacher or a 59-year old grocery worker?


6, Bill Maher is a moron no one of any political stripe should take seriously.

To your comment for #5, again the issue is the massive hypocrisy. GOP is the pro business party right? Pro free market. So why are they getting so mad that businesses are exercising their rights to do what's best for their bottom line? The insane conflation with trying to make this a first amendment issue is the cherry on top, because after all, the GOP is also the party that loves the constitution and knows their rights by god.


"Finally, as someone who's smack in the middle of Generation X, I'm glad people are showing the racists, misogynists, and entitled white privilege assholes that they're no longer putting up with their shit. So don't look to me to stop "cancel culture." It's long past time that trash was taken out." --@Urg

time to Cancel
those mofo's sense
of Entitlement pronto


Good God, @2, I didn’t even get through the first two paragraphs of that shit article. Terrible. (I’m also GenX, btw)


General Zod a Gen Xer?
not likely. still waiting for your
photo to go spinning off the screen... *

damn, Schlog's gotta
lotta Illegal Aliens
Something must
be Done.

*perhaps Rush the Oxymoron
is enjoying a Similar Fate.
One can only Hope


@2 We were branded the slacker generation, and now they expect us to do something?




If you're doing something that's offensive to others, you should still stop and ask yourself why you're doing it. Is it to be a teachable moment? Is it satire? Or is it because you want to belittle others?

"The Onion" is politically incorrect all the time, and prints highly offensive material; however, everyone who's not an idiot realizes it's satire, and the insults are truly aimed at the offenders, not the offended.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are not engaging in satire, they are offending because they are bullies. They do it to boost their low self-esteem.


@14: Belittling others is harassment - of course that's wrong. We're not talking about the golden rule. We're talking about art and culture. For example, a few Warner Bros. cartoon characters were never designed to be offensive - but now some think they are.

@9.a: Wow, you really have be pathetically woke to say that. Dan appears periodically on Real Time. Guess you don't watch the show.

9.b Of course it's the perogative for companies to adjust their own business, like the estate of Dr. Seuss, and Quaker Oats with Aunt Jemima as now "Pearl Mining Company" pancakes. Yes, it's stupid that some are extrapolating that as cancel culture, which it isn't.


Anyone who falls for this "cancel culture" moral panic is either a rwnj or a useful idiot & it's not a distinction worth a difference. People have always been "canceled" for saying dumb things. The only difference today is that social media has given everyone a soapbox and the internet remembers everything so people have more opportunities to say stupid things.

You can tell the "cancel culture" panic is bullshit because the people who are flogging it are so selective in how they apply it. Like our government is actively trying to silence criticism of Israel through anti-BDS laws and none of these people care. But if a bunch of liberal arts students boycott a bakery or whatever it's wall to wall coverage for months. If it were a matter of principle, the government passing laws that punish forms of speech is objectively worse and it's not even a close call but they dgaf.


and since we're citing maher's guests as proof of his political leanings, he singlehandedly launched the careers of ann coulter and kellyanne conway


@14 There have actually been a few funny cases of people not understanding that the Onion was satire. Not everyone gets it.


@17: Singlehandedly huh - wow


I can always tell when I hit a nerve because you can't resist responding but you do so by objecting to the most inane details

yes singlehandedly, and he brags about it every time those vile hags are guests on his show


@2 -- Thanks for the link. Good God, what idiotic drivel. First there is the obsession with the '80s, like it was something special. Sorry, it sucked. It was a reactionary era. The social progress that was made during the 60s and 70s essentially stopped. Civil rights for women, racial minorities and sexual minorities essentially went nowhere -- as the Reagan era began. (Look at the decade gap in this timeline: It was the era of AIDS and the drug war. The death of Les Bias gave Reagan just the excuse he needed to implement the war that Nixon started -- arrest the hippies and blacks. Thousands of men and women (largely minority, largely poor) went to prison for smoking a little weed. Hell, Tommy Chong went to prison for 9 months for selling bongs! Talk about cancel culture. (OK, that didn't happen until 2003, but the foundation was laid during the 80s). The 80s sucked.

But that isn't even the worst part of that idiodic essay. The author thinks there was something special with how "American kids grew up knowing that we were the good guys.". Total bullshit. That kind of oversimplified nonsense had been going on since the 50s. He embraces the attitude that lead to McCarthyism, while saying "we knew this sort of thing was bad". Not only were things not special in the 80s regarding our ignorant view of the world, but he seems to think that the ignorance was great. It is like an Englishman waxing nostalgic for the days when we had to deal with the "White man's burden". No mention of how the CIA overthrew democracies in Iran, Guatemala, Congo or Chile. No mention of the support the U. S. gave to Latin American death squads during those wonderful '80s. Ask the victims of the violence -- that is still going on today -- if we are "the good guys". Fuck, you don't have to go very far -- refugees are streaming across the border trying to escape the violence and instability that the U. S. government created.

Then the moron spends much of the essay defending Gone With the Wind. Holy shit, asshole, of course it is racist. You are missing the point, moron. It isn't banned -- you can still get copies and watch it. But don't show that shit to an ignorant 8 year old who lives in a privileged little white cocoon, because the kid might get the wrong idea, and grow up to be as stupid as you. These things are part of our culture, as Americans, just like the genocide of the Native Americans. Assuming we were always the good guys is the problem, and it is why criticism of works like Gone With the Wind are justified, you fucking moron.


"You can tell the "cancel culture" panic is bullshit because the people who are flogging it are so selective in how they apply it. "

That is how they roll. By "they" I mean right-wing reactionary media (Fox News, talk radio, etc.). It is very common for guests to come on there and criticize the Speaker of the House as being an "elitist from San Fransisco", as if there is something wrong with San Fransisco. It is a cultural attack at "Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving" Americans. Fine -- I get it, you don't like America. But then they turn around and complain about how "real America" is being insulted by all the elites.


The same Fox News simpletons who flew into pants shitting rates demanding boycotts of the NFL when a black kneeled and when a black lady accidentally bared a boob are not ethically equipped to complain about cancel culture.

Though there is now an entire ecosystem that thrives on culture war panics. Katie Herzog, who is now planted her contrarian truth teller flag bravely defending pedo kid-fucker Woody Allen, suckles hungrily from the teet of the rightwing outrage beast. Joe Rogan. Ben Shapiro. Jordan Pederson. Bill Maher. Sam Harris. And more. They’ve almost totally abandoned what ever original talent, career or area of study to almost exclusively focus on reacting to a weekly outrage with exaggerated zeal. It’s like if smugness were food. Though I fear thier ecosphere is over saturated, for now there is good money in the outrage mines.

I dislike mobs of any stripe. And so-called cancel culture and it’s evil twins decrying it are all part of the same social media fed outrage system which is just another mob. Sowing an equal and opposite hyperbolic moral outrage.

The problem is these full-time complainers like Herzog conflate actual justice and real moral outrage with the exaggerated fringe cases. They are professionally water muddying. And they do so in deliberate bad faith.

Just read Herzog’s hot take on Woody Allen. An excruciating distortion of truth and an insult to rape survivors everywhere.

But not all


Jesus. Blame iPhone and the stranger’s shitty server for that mess. I lost an entire paragraph that I’m not going to retype with my finger. So you’ll just have madlib it yourself.



"We're talking about art and culture. For example, a few Warner Bros. cartoon characters were never designed to be offensive - but now some think they are."

Yeah, I'm sure some weren't designed to be offensive, their designers were merely ignorant. Regardless, they are offensive. It's obvious they're offensive. If "some" don't think they're offensive, they're either bigots or hopelessly ignorant.



I know, it always cracks me up when someone famous goes full apeshit outrage over one of their pieces.

Yeah, I feel about the same. I wasn't expecting that article to be much considering the rag it was printed in but wow was that author deluded.


@all -- but whatabout the Feelings of
all those poor Bigots and Racists?



@18: It is also important to retain the perspective of art and culture at the time. I'm sure you wouldn't want Warner Brothers to restrict all such cartoons, so perhaps a disclaimer would be appropriate (e.g. Speedy Gonzales). Anecdotally, the latino community has expressed love for the character.


28 refers to 25.



That I agree with. I'm in favor of keeping offensive art/culture available for people to see and experience. Most though, with a big "You are about to see some ultra racist shit ahead that people way back when merely took for granted" warnings.

Same goes for people from history. Abraham Lincoln can still be admired for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, while also be denounced for being a racist. Times and behavioral norms change. Racism was way more common and open back then. I don't condone it, but I'd be lying if I said I was surprised by it.


@30 Wait? So now there are people claiming so-called "Cancel Culture" wants to remove Abraham Lincoln from the history books or something? Hahaha. God.

This is the new "War on Christmas."

Because, like the whole faux outrage over including other religious traditions at Christmas time, is the desire by historians to include ALL of history. Warts and all. Instead of vomiting forth into the minds of children the sanitized pap most Americans have been fed for 150 years. That's what the vast majority of people talking about these issues want. Not some whole clothe rip the pages out of books bullshit.

This is one of favorite examples of how unhinged the Outrage Ecosphere is. These people scream about history erasure when people dared say maybe racist traitors and slavers shouldn't be as venerated in public spaces and then lobby to remove compete history when it's amended.


Oh wait, I didn't mean to suggest there really is a group that wants to remove Lincoln. I was just using him as an example of being able to see both the good and the bad in historical figures.


@31: Not your problem. Because the angry professor has blocked me, he misses the context of your reply to me and therefore causes randomization and annoyance.