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What's this bullshit going on in Georgia? "Police say the suspect’s motive wasn’t immediately known, though he is white and local authorities say they will consider whether race was a factor." This can only mean the killer in this mass shooting in the Atlanta area was white. And sure enough, he is. A white man, who the cops say had, you know, "one of dem days" that a white man goes through.


Do I even need to point out that no brown or black Muslim perpetrator of a similar crime would be treated in this considerate way? Is it terrorism? Is it not? The Seattle Times: "Georgia officials say the 21-year-old suspect blames his actions on his 'sex addiction' and may have been headed to Florida to carry out further attacks on the porn industry." And yet, most of his victims were Asian Americans. Indeed, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry "confirmed from police that four of the victims who died were women of Korean descent." I do not know where to begin and end with the mainstream's responses to an obvious act of terrorism.

??????? What is wrong with this fucking country sometimes.

And dig this: Today, 172 Republicans voted against a bill that renews the Violence Against Women Act. This is on the very day the US learned that all but one of Robert Aaron Long's victims were women.

Also dig this: The Washington’s Court of Appeals has extended the order that prevents the public from learning the names of the six Seattle cops who participated in the attempt to violently overthrow American democracy on Jan 6, 2021. Need I say it again? Really? If these were Muslim men who stormed the Capitol Building—imagine that. And imagine if Obama had led the attack. He would be sweating it like Toussaint Louverture right now. Yes, I mean Barack would be behind bars. Please think about this for a moment or two. We have a party in the US that is, for the most part, no better than a gang. But it is allowed to break rules and laws for no other reason than it represents a whole lot of white people.

Finally, something real is being done in Seattle about the kind of cars that Tracy Chapman sang about back in the 1980s. MyNorthwest reports that sections of our city's state routes "will be lowered by 5 miles per hour, including parts of State Route 99 and State Route 522." You heard that. Highway 99 is going to get half a chill pill. The Seattle Department of Transportation and the Washington State Department of Transportation have placed "over 150 new signs... in five locations," and has "plans to add additional speed limit signs to sections of State Route 99, or Aurora Avenue North, in April." The truth of the matter is no one really needs a car, let alone a fast one.

On Tuesday, March 16, three more children were sacrificed to the insatiable religion of the American fast car. The Seattle Times reports that the three children who were killed by the car they were in, when it veered off Sunrise Drive on Bainbridge Island and rolled over and hit several trees, have been identified by the Kitsap County Coroner Jeff Wallis: "Marina Miller, 14, Hannah Wachsman, 16, and Hazel Kleiner, 14." And what does the police's initial investigation of this tragedy indicate? “[T]hat speed was most likely a factor leading to the collision.”

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Rushing to file your taxes because the deadline looks to be around the corner? If this is you, then this is the chill pill you need right now: "The Internal Revenue Service announced on Wednesday it is postponing the country’s tax-filing deadline until May 17, as the agency grapples with a mounting backlog of 24 million returns awaiting processing since the 2019 tax year."

Looks like Chicago failed to pull a Boeing on the Seahawk's quarterback, Russell Wilson: Some of the reasons why can be found in here and here. It looks like Wilson might not enter Seattle's famous graveyard of star professional athletes after all. Nevertheless, the Seahawks will still disappoint us next year. And Seattle is all about this kind of disappointment. The kind where one is almost there but never really gets to this there. Just look at our present massive push to become a big city. Cranes flying all over the place. Trucks turning/churning so much cement. But as much as we build more and build more, we still keep coming short of realizing our dream, a big city. Something like this disappointment was true for the Sonics in the 1990s—only almost a great basketball team. The same goes for the Ichiro-era Mariners.

Tanzania's President John Magufuli? He dead. He was killed by COVID-19, it seems. No really knows for sure, as he disappeared from the public weeks ago. Yes, a very shady chap, this one. But it was not always like this. When Magufuli became president back in 2015, many considered him a much-needed breath of fresh air in African politics. For example, he did not have a motorcade but a bike-cade that transported him from work to home.

But the honeymoon with Magufuli soon ended. He turned out to be homophobic, a hyper-patriarch, and finally an anti-vaxxer. (You can read all about on him on his Wikipedia page.) But just as the sun sets here, the sun also rises there.