Slog AM: Atlanta Shooting Suspect Charged, Super Nintendo World Opens, Get Your Aplets and Cotlets While You Can



Thanks Jasmyne - I will indeed get my last few boxes of Aplets and Cotlets!


RE: Super nintendo world

So is it just Mario Bros.? Nintendo's got more than just Mario but that's all I could see in the video. Is it Nintendo world or Mario world?


"Disneyland is reopening, baby!!"

Pro tip: adding "baby!" to a press release runner does not make an intelligent headline.
Mrs. Keimig we are looking in your direction. You need to sharpen those chops.


@3 Mrs. Keimig is my mom, but sharpening those chops rn


Aplets and Cotlets are ok, but kinda meh. I used to buy them for my mother.


I seem to be getting a lot of conflicting news regarding the motivations of this asshole in Atlanta. For me, the racial profile thing is not sticking. This is violence against women and it's abhorrent. Seeing this story run on the same day as the voting tallies of the violence against womens act makes me nauseous for our country.

From Wiki: Males were more likely to be murder victims (76.8%). Females were most likely to be victims of domestic homicides (63.7%) and sex-related homicides (81.7%)


guy travels to multiple sites to kills 6 asian women in one day and white people are like “he didn’t say ‘im killing you because you’re asian’ so i just don’t see how race can be a factor here”


@3: Disagree. It's a literary style prerogative, which has greater latitude on Slog.


I associate Aplets and Cotlets with grandparent candy. But I am feeling nostalgic so . . .


5: If you heat them up and add a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, they make nice little deserts.


I look forward to the video game Nintendo is sure to release that'll be based on the new theme park.


Back when I was a devout and regular reader of Savage Love (still enjoy, but just can't keep up these days) I seem to recall Dan getting questions about "porn addiction" and citing a bunch of studies that called into question the existence of any such condition's legitimacy. I kind of wonder if the same might be true of "sex addiction." Regardless of the condition's legitimacy and/or how this all plays out, it could certainly be a convenient scapegoat for use in an effort to plea for sympathy and escape accusations of bigotry, and hate crime charges.


@6: blip is correct (and actually there are reports that he screamed he was gong to kill all Asians) - but let's just say a panel of esteemed psychologists said his motive was born out of some sexual dysphoria (sorry, the addiction excuse doesn't apply) - that wouldn't negate this mass killing as a hate crime against Asians one bit.

Seriously, this is one of those cases where multiple things can be true at the same time. This quest for finding one overriding motive to supersede all other factors isn't intellectually honest in the psychological sense. Asian women are particularly sexualized (e.g. anime and manga cartoons).

You can't really expect the Asian community to breath a sigh a relief should the Cherokee County DA conclude the motive as sexual, right?


The Georgia shooter bought the gun a few hours before the murders.

Georgia requires a 24 hour wait to get an abortion.




They're my mom's favorite as well - I guess we better buy in-bulk before the inventory disappears.


@14 Obviously, it's because Georgia is a pro-life state. And guns don't kill people. /s


4 Entschuldigen mir, Fräulein Keimig.


I guess I'm just saying that the media is trying to corelate this horrific act to the recent racial profiling crimes against the Asian community in response to COVID, and I'm not on board.


"President Biden and VP Harris plan to visit Atlanta tomorrow: Meeting with prominent Asian-American leaders to "offer support to the community.'"

wowser. Finally we
got us a President.


Condolences to the
Survivors & their familes


@3 -- there's some
might file them



@18 -- can you say

oh & Kung Flu
plus Follow the Leader
= Atlanta. called stochastic
terrorism it's A Thang baby.

Nazis at the door but
it's the Women's Fault

owning the means of communication
means You get to decide the framing.



great comments!


Bad behavior on the part of ingroup members is explained externally (they made a mistake, they were forced into it) and is dismissed as meaningless; bad behavior on the part of outgroup members, however, signifies their true identity. Good behavior on the part of ingroup members signifies their true identity, and good behavior on the part of outgroup members is explained by external characteristics or bad motives.


Crazy person gives crazy reason for crazy behavior, "a bad day...sexual addiction...take out that temptation" of course it not going to make sense or mollify grief or outrage. He's the only one that knows whats going in his head, leaving everyone else to make sense of it the best they can.


"Why do we need to allow homeless people here? Seattle's just down the road!" -- Everett, Renton and every other town in NW Washington



Followed immediately by: "Don't go to Seattle - it's a cesspool of dirty, filthy homeless people!"


"If you're an adult* [asterisk mine] in Oregon, you'll be eligible for a vaccine by May 1" --@Jasmyne

getting there! NOT there YET however. as I drove past a bar last nite, the parking area OverFlowing. patience is what it's gonna take to re-Energize this Economy. Haste is gonna leave it all up to a Virus. are we gonna let a teeny little Bug out-smart us?

Likely by the looks of it.

*also happening in OR:

Oregon Is Blazing a Psychedelic Trail: A very promising mental health experiment is taking shape in the West. article by Ezra Klein; March 18, 2021

let the Healing begin


one comment from nyt on the article @28, above:

This is wonderful news, that a legislature and governor would actually put science and facts ahead of ignorant and hysterical concerns about hippies taking over the world.

The sad part, however, is that so many people have suffered from mental illnesses and various addictions who could have been helped in all the decades since science first discovered the efficacy of psychedelics.

Goodbye Alcoholics Anonymous (which the only study ever conducted on efficacy suggests is a failure) and hello real recovery! So many lives can be saved! So many suicides prevented! So much suffering ameliorated!

Conservatism (do what we've always done for no other reason than that's how always been done) is about stagnation and fear, and we have to learn from our failures and strive for progress.

That's why I'm a progressive. If we continue doing what we always do, we'll always get what we've gotten, and we know the status quo (in many instances) is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Bill; NYC 14m ago


@29 Intent is a huge part of our justice system when it comes to meting out appropriate levels of punishment, flawed as though that may be, intent is an integral part of our culture.


If it would do any good, I'd sacrifice a stray cat to know what was going on in his head, out of morbid curiosity. But I'll just have to be patient.


It’s awful that that elderly Asian woman in San Francisco was attacked, and I hate that she’s traumatized, but it’s kind of awesome that she found a stick to beat him with and sent him to the hospital.


Wow. Aplets & Cotlets. I used to sell Aplets & Cotlets, along with Almond Roca (made in Tacoma by Brown & Hayley), and CampFire Mints way back when as a CampFire Girl. Those were the days.

@19 kristofarian: +1 What a blessed relief, indeed.

@28 kristofarian: "Let the healing begin". +1 Indeed. Agreed, seconded, and Amen.

Way to go, Governor Kate Brown, for leading Oregon onto being among national frontrunners!

@33 skidmark: Please---spare the cats, stray, feral, lost and separated from their homes, or otherwise! There is already too much violence and hatred in our country already. The number of guns outnumbers the citizens and registered voters.

@34 Catalina Vel-DuRay: +1. I'm glad the creep who attacked the poor elderly Asian lady ended up hospitalized, too. Our country is long overdue in ending the hatred.


Poetic justice would be that the pigfucker incel who killed eight people in Atlanta gets a full lobotomy and emasculation. Hatred is a virus (quoted by former Washington State Governor, Gary Locke who nailed it in Danny Westneat's March 21, 2021 article in The Seattle Times).


Further poetic justice would also have NYC District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. and New York Attorney General Letitia James take down the Trumpty Dumpty crime syndicate, holding everybody down to the last Proud Boy, Patriot Player and QAnon thug in on the D.C. Capitol Building attack on January 6, 2021 criminally accountable.


Here's to the emasculation of Aaron Robert Long, and all white supremacist incel fuckwads like him