A Bill to Decriminalize Growing Pot at Home Just Died, but Its Sponsor Isn’t Giving up Yet



"“With this session being held remotely we are focusing our efforts on four main categories,” writes Rep. Shelley Kloba, the bill’s primary sponsor. Those categories: “COVID-19 relief, economic relief, racial equity, and climate change. HB 1019 did not fit neatly into one of these four categories and was not considered a high enough priority.”

If this wasn't a priority, why on Earth did the committee hold two public hearings on the measure, work up committee reports and fiscal notes? What a ridiculous excuse.

Kloba is the committee chair, other sponsors include the vice-chair and ranking minority member. It's absurd that the leaders of this committee can't advance legislation that is ripe for a vote.


"In other words, taking steps to make sure not all state-approved growers are white."
Wouldn't that conflict with our State's Anti-Discrimination laws?

Matt, and here I thought you were against single family homes with yards and garden space.

Growing pot at home will never pass in this State until they can figure out a way to Tax it.


like we do with
Home brew?


"...seemed like an easy slam-dunk."

If you thought that you are not paying attention. The wishful thinking is strong in this one. Don't you know that all manner of restricting adult behavior is so very important for The Children?


The excise tax on MJ products is like 38% so...I guess they like the $$$.