Wow, a couple weeks in a row you've got some classics in there. These are movies everyone should see at some point in their life.


I coulda sworn I've seen La Dolce Vita on the Criterion Channel. It seems like the Fellini movies on there just randomly come and go.


@2 yes, i'm pretty sure it was on there recently. it also looks like the criterion DVD is out of print which is a bummer!


No mention of Laura Dern's super tiny appearance in Foxes? For shame.

@2: Ideally if they unlimited resources they would track when a film is available for streaming. So the history those titles that commonly appear for a bit every year could be shared.


Damn, Foxes looks incredible. Also love that the cast features both Scott Baio and Randy Quaid. Wonder if those two were planting the seeds of comically idiotic political takes in each others noggins that far back.


@3, it's in their new Essential Fellini box set, but of course the individual discs are available at Scarecrow. They may even have used DVDs for sale, they sell off the older versions when upgrades come along.


my income soared when the local used dvd etc store folded. I couldn't imagine dropping the same amount now for one viewing. no thanks. and owning to me's more than worth it having the director or writers or whoever monologuing over the movie, cut scenes plus easy fast forward rewind freeze frame etcetera. unless they're availabe thru streaming....

gotta get over to Scarecrow
watch out stimmy


I know no one reads these comments a day or so after the posting, but...

Foxes is playing on TCM tomorrow night (or Weds morning), along with The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane and Bugsy Malone!

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