Tiger Milk, Milc, Calvin Valentine
Tiger Milk, Milc, Calvin Valentine
Even though the Grammys are trash (because the Grammy board so often gets it wrong), there are always a few gems that make it worth tuning in. But if you didn't catch the Grammys, let me save you some time by letting you know about the top three performances you should make an effort to watch: Silk Sonic's live debut and rendition of their excellent new single "Leave the Door Open," which sounds even better than the recording somehow; Doja Cat impressed with robotic and futuristic dance moves while rapping and singing her hit single "Say So," and Duo Lipa's set of "Levitating"/"Don't Stop Now" featuring DaBaby were among the best moments. It was also great seeing Megan THEE Stallion win Best New Artist, as well as Best Rap Song for "Savage (feat. Beyoncé)." And Beyoncé broke the record for most Grammys won by a male or female performer! Anyway, there's also new music from local and nationally loved artists that's worth mentioning here. These three releases might give you some solace from the terribleness of your timeline.

"Show You Off," Brent Faiyaz

On March 12, severely underrated singer-songwriter Brent Faiyaz dropped this sparkling new single "Show You Off," which has a slightly retro vibe, and is all about uplifting Black women, with Faiyaz singing to at least one woman in particular. "I don't wanna keep you down/A nigga wanna raise you up, yeah/And someone gotta take you out/Somebody's gotta show you off," he sings in the chorus. One of the best parts is how he ends the second verse with "I got all this love for you/Cuz you deserve it (Fuck them if they don't see)/You're Black and perfect."

Tiger Milc, Milc, Calvin Valentine,

Portland-based rapper Milc dropped a new project with Eugene, Oregon producer Calvin Valentine, dubbed Tiger Milc. Highlights from the eight-track EP includes lead single "Polar Express," featuring an onslaught of local sports references, and a slew of guest artists from the Portland area: Youngshirtmayne, Slick Devious, and Old Grape God. The project has other standouts of course, including "No Brunch," and "Dear Rose," featuring Portland hip-hop artist ePP. Clocking at just over four minutes, the collaborative project is a bonafide slap that lets Milc get a bevy bars off.

Black Pumas (Extended Deluxe Edition), Black Pumas

Although Black Pumas didn't win in any of the three Grammy categories they were nominated for (trash!), they can rest assured that they got some well deserved recognition here in my Refresh: New Music column. They recently released an "Extended Deluxe Edition" of their excellent self-titled debut (which already had one deluxe version), and this one 11 more special tracks including "Sugar Man," their "Strangers (From 'Life In A Day)" featuring pop duo Lucius, and several recordings taken live from Capitol Studio A.