Slog PM: Parts of Europe Enter Another Lockdown, COVID Cases Up in King County, and Redmond Will Trade You Gift Cards for a Hotel Reservation



"New research out of the University of Washington shows that up to 1/3 of people who catch the bug develop long-term symptoms."
Is there a link to that research by any chance?


Every arrest made by and under this sheriff needs to be examined with a fine tooth comb. No way this is the first person he has lied about. What a piece of shit who should not be in a position of power.


Done @1


No mention of Mar-a-Lago being closed due to a COVID-19 outbreak?


Lockdown in springtime for Germany
Ditto for Poland and France
Come on, America
Wear your mask


one cannot have both
Freedom & mask

every. Man. for. Hisself
Rugged Individualists
Armies of only one
but Overly-Well

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@3 Excellent! Thank you, Rich.


Fuck you and your criticism of Biden. He inherited children in cages. Fucking liberals are always shifting on their own. That’s why we can’t form a solid committed opposition to republicans. They don’t care - as long as they do something close to what you want. Liberals just bitch and wing away.


@4: Don't worry, it was done out an abundance of caution. And it's only the dining room that's closed and suspended beach club services. Banquet and event services remain open.

They're really taking all appropriate measures in accordance with CDC guidance, including activating a thorough sanitization and cleaning of any affected areas and all club facilities, and will continue their with heightened environmental cleaning regimen.


Not much news but lots of outrage.

Outrage PM


great, a 13% increase yet indoor dining is still being pushed as "safe". Inslee has done a good job but i can't comprehend his stance on indoor dining - what special interest group got to him, i wonder?


A little ways west and north of MAGA Lardo, the Idaho legislature is on hiatus due to a COVID outbreak.


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I agree with @8,

He's hasn't even been in office for 2 full months yet. Baby donnie smeared shit all over the walls before he left. It's gonna take some time to clean all that up.

Tell you what, if there's still kids in cages 3-4 months from now? Then your complaints about Biden will hold more water.


No good jokes? WTH?

My friend got Pfizered, but,
I want to get Johnsoned.

Johnsoned & Johnsoned?
Pick you theme, and don't
say you got it from me.

I volunteered at Lumen Field
and got Pfizered, even though
I really did want the one shot


Biden blew it. He should have kept the interim policy in Mexico in place until things, including covid, were under control. He could reinstate it.


@16 nope, it's a violation of international law, so it had to be rescinded.

That said, this surge is less than those in 2019 and 2020 under Comrade Trump.


It is important to understand the political motivations of the Seattle districts. First, the elections are held on odd-years. This suppresses voter turnout. Second, the districts are gerrymandered. This doesn't mean that they form odd shapes, but that they "achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency" (to use the Oxford Dictionary definition of the word). The result they are after is NIMBYism. You'll notice that in that list of rules for the new district, there is nothing about the ratio of apartments to houses. The gerrymandering is more about "packing" than "cracking". The goal is to have a handful of very urban districts, and a bunch of urban/suburban style districts.

Every time the districts are redrawn, this is achieved, with little effort. Districts that have seen the most growth (i. e. those that have added the most apartments) have to shrink, while those that have largely stayed the same (i. e. those that are mostly just single family houses) get to grow. Incumbents who have encouraged more apartments have a good chance of having their home suddenly be in another district. The bylaws specifically state that we shouldn't care.

In this case, I'm not sure if it will happen. I think you are right, in that it is quite possible that nothing significant happens from a political standpoint. The only big NIMBY is Pedersen, and his district doesn't need to change (although it might anyway, since there is so much shifting around). Herbold leans that way, and it is quite likely she will pick up Georgetown (which is not a NIMBY stronghold). If they go with the map that author suggests, it would make it more difficult for Strauss to support pro-apartment legislation. But they don't have to go that route. There are a lot of different ways to change the districts, and it could have an important, but subtle influence on who gets elected, and how they vote.