What Exactly Is the Cosmic Microwave Background in WandaVision?



They reference CMB / CMBR for one main reason (spoiler): Wanda is creating a universe. That's it. They're just trying to hint at that before it becomes explicit.

That's it. That's the post.


Also, dark matter is not as fluffy as they pretend it is.

It's more like burnt caramel popcorn that's really stale.


I find the marvel universe exhausting. I tried to keep up for a while. It's nice that a Jack Kirby spread can finally be translated to the screen, I guess, but that endlessly tangled soap opera was purpose-built half a century ago to get you to buy more and more comic books with your allowance each week, and now that they want my leisure time as much as my dimes, I just can't afford it anymore.