Slog PM: Microsoft Ends WFH Requirement, Krispy Kreme's Sweet Vax Deal, Mass Shooting in Boulder



For $113 Billion they could have bought most of the teams.


One thing about Amazon's Thursday Night Football is you can listen to the regular commentary (the men) or two women or a couple of Brits. Spanish is there too as always.


The people who made the bracket you filled out for the NCAA tournament get a lot of money for doing that. The people who play the basketball games won't get any money at all. The people who stand next to the basketball games holding clipboards yelling at the players are paid more of your tax dollars than anyone else working for your state government.

But Duke didn't qualify so there's nobody to hate this year.


The people who make the bracket get most of the money, please elaborate I'm out of the loop/understanding. As for the players they do get scholarships and a audition for the NBA. Not too bad. Tax dollars? Please explain, I don't know.


Powell finally released that Kraken!


@4 Come on man, you can do better than that, I've seen it.


@1 Only individuals are allowed to buy NFL teams-- no companies or trusts or hedge funds (or municipalities or public ownership-- because we can't allow another Green Bay Packers to happen now can we). And no individual is allowed to own more than one NFL team.

The league puts a lot of other limits on the buying and selling of franchises (or partial stakes thereof) which goes a long way to explaining why their valuations seem low relative to their share of broadcast revenue.


@7, Thanks.
With that kind of money floating around I just had to wonder.


Yakimites is fun, though I may be partial to Yakimanians. Or if I'm a Portlander, could they be Yakimers?

I don't really know anything about Dr Oz, but he seems like a bit of a weirdo. Katie Couric was kinda nuts in how upbeat and cheery she was. It was fine once I got used to it, but was just a stark contrast to how Alex typically carried himself on set.


Seems one of the dead in Boulder was a cop.

Guess they should have sent a bunch of social workers instead.


@10 well they caught him alive. Let me guess - he’s white. Weird how that happens so often.



Point taken.

But I don't think it would have ended with some fresh faced social workers, asking him about his feelings.


@2CV -- when your Occupation is
directly descended from the
Slave Patrols you pretty
much Know what
to look for.


@12 -- this Bone you have to
pick with Social Workers

what Gives?


@14 he’s just a sad little person that tries to confuse the issues of alternative responses to people in crisis with police response to truly dangerous situations like active shooters. He’s hoping for a gig on oann perhaps.



Social worker seems to be the made up occupation of choice for recovered drug users, allowing them to pretend to atone for their past misdeads and while fooling themselves that they are making a positive contribution to society.

The snake oil salesmen of the 21st Century.

You seem to have a bone to pick with proper sentence structure, grammar and diction. Your use of capitalization proves you aren't ee cummings, so what give?



If people "in crisis" would just stop acting crazy they wouldn't have to worry about police response.


@12, Well no, crisis intervention and talk therapy are two very different jobs, with very different skill sets and training.

Maybe there'd be one less dead cop if skills appropriate to the situation had been applied in a timely manner by someone qualified, or if, I dunno, a more robust public mental health system had been there for the attacker before he went into crisis? Who's to say?

Anyway, it looks to me like this was handled the old-fashioned cops-first way, with lots of bonus guns and military hardware; not with any sissified new-fangled approach. And how'd that turn out?


"a more robust public mental health system "

Hey, I'm all in favor of locking our "crisis prone neighbors" up into the cuckoo's nest, but I don't think that's what you mean.


1) Huge sympathy for families and friends of victims shot today in Boulder. 2) Absolutely zero sympathy for Sidney Powell. She persistently lied, defying all reason and evidence--and now she claims no reasonable person would have believed her? She's an opportunistic coward, whom millions of the angry and gullible did--and do--believe. Month after month she kept up a charade. Let her learn there is a reality, and it bites hard if you lie--as in a 1.3 billion-dollar lawsuit she might well lose. Don't settle with her, Dominion. Let her sweat--and the same for Lin Wood and Rudy Giuliani, among many others.


@19 If that's what floats your boat, I guess. Kind of old-fashioned, but we're not getting any younger, are we?

Keep collecting those scale model APCs and SWAT action figures and whatnot, I'm sure they'll fetch a fortune some day if you keep the packaging in good shape.


lit review apa Good post!


if work can be done from home, why have people "back to the office" and clog our highways and streets? so microsoft can feel good about having their campus in use? so employees can socialize?


RE: Shooting in Boulder

I used to shop at that King Soopers when I lived in Boulder. My place was about 10 blocks away from it.

It's pretty far from the college campus and the wealthy area of Boulder. It's in a very residential, family area of the city. Lots of kids and old, retired hippies. A sleepy part of town. If there's a bedroom community in Boulder, that part of town is it.


@23: Ask that about any of the tech companies. Not all will want to, or have to, go back but for me I need to occasionally whiteboard with folks when Zoom and messaging/email just doesn't cut it.

But yeah, not having dealing with the expense and time communing and hassle of making lunches or buying overpriced lunches on a daily basis is a welcome relieve for thousands.


@10 Hey straw man dipshit. Nobody has ever proposed sending unarmed "social workers" to an active mass shooter situation.


@3 -- I disagree. I can hate Gonzaga, and have for a long time. I may hate them all the way to the finals (fuckers). Not as much as Duke, but still.

It would be nice for Juwan Howard to win it for Michigan. He was passed over for an NBA head coaching job, and now he is a very successful college head coach (and a "Michigan Man", to boot). I think it is cool that Oregon State is still winning. Nice underdog story that involves a state school. Go Beavers!

Anyway, the NCAA is slowly changing. Players can get paid for their likeness, following legislation in California, and years after the O’Bannon video game lawsuit. I doubt that the NCAA will attempt to limit salaries for the faculty the way that they zealously limited paying the students.

Nor do I think that the NFL or the NBA will operate as anything but a monopoly. Unless, like with college sports, there is legislation regulating the teams. There should be. Cities should be able to buy the teams, as should corporations. A federal board should oversee changes (expansion, moving of teams, etc.). That is the way all monopolies should operate.


@26 loves to make generalizations he's not sure about.


I grow so tired of reminding the Stranger that the employee numbers provided by the big local tech firms are wildly undercounted.

The Big Tech employee numbers only cite full-time employees - FTEs - but never include the vast army of vendors, external- or contingent-staff/guest workers, which is the MAJORITY of people in the system. They're also the first and worst screwed over whenever any company runs over a bump.

With the Stranger's fixation on workplace equity and workers' rights, you'd think they'd care enough to investigate this flagrant violation of state law that says companies can't exploit people like this forever, but I guess times are tough in the era of COVID and investigative reporting is tougher than being spoon-fed numbers, eh?


ok ST2 so what Does give is
that Social Workers are:

"... recovered drug users, allowing them
to pretend to atone for their past misdeads...
The snake oil salesmen of the 21st Century."

so you got Stung by one or so
maybe once or fifty-two times
and you'll never ever Let It Go.

preferring cops just Mow' em Down:

More than 7,000 people were killed in the brutal ‘war on drugs’ in the Philippines between July 2016 and January 2017, under instruction from the country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte ordered Philippines’ police forces to kill anyone they believe to be connected to the drugs trade when he assumed office in June 2016. State forces and vigilante groups have followed through these orders ruthlessly.

Durtate, is it really You?

things be gettin' a little Played out
down South for ya are they? none too
Surprising when ya stop n' Think About It.

also glad you
Like my



& "ee cummings'?

an Euphumislm if
I've ever seen one.

[willful Ignorance can cer-
tainly be a Blessing, no?]


more on ee:

"... often regarded as one of the most
important American poets of the 20th century."

& how DARE
you Compare
me to ee ST?

Thank You


"Powell repeatedly claimed Dominion was involved in massive voting fraud in the 2020 election. Powell's reasoning for why the charges against her should be dismissed? 'Reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact.'"

well when you'e playing the Stochastic Terrorism card -- or just aiming for a little Insurrection, having promised your Disciples and Death Cultists that what was Stolen you might Reclaim if they'll only go Storm the United States Capitol in an attempt to Overturn a fawking ELECTION -- you're target audience isn't necessarily the more 'reasonable' ones madame counseleor/dipshitt so your little Movement for Dismissal's Overfucking-Ruled.

what's Next?


@27 I mean I can hate Oral Roberts too but we both know it isn't the same.

I'm entirely on board with stricter federal regulation of the sports industry, but can we maybe do it without caring whether or not a given league is a monopoly? There are dozens of for-profit leagues in any sport you can name, the perennial high-profile flops like the defunct XFL, AFL and LFL or the new FCF are just the most visible.

The NCAA will only ever change by court order, kicking and screaming the entire time, and don't get me started on the airs of the "Michigan Man."