Slog AM: Boulder Suspect Charged With 10 Murders, King County Pledges $5 Million to Fight Anti-Asian Bias, Spiders Swarm in Australia



"Colorado Shooters" is a GOP/NRA installation that sponsored a local gun shop specifically to remove the weapons law.

International sales of military-grade weapons from States like Colorado make the GOP a lot of money.


And there is an entire album dedicated to the swarming spiders:


1 - "Former Republican Colorado state Senator Jim Dyer wrote and sponsored that bill, and he counted it among his highest achievements" So the GOP obviously has a huge financial stake in upending that law.


If it is shown that this wacko got his hands on an AR-15 after the Republicans made them available again, the loved ones of the victims should sue the state back to the fucking Stone Age, and no Coloradan should vote Republican again for a generation.

Also, “boarder”?


Colorado rep lauren boebert owns a gun-themed restaurant called shooters so i wouldn't expect miracles from their electorate. The occasional afternoon grocery store massacre is a price they are willing to pay for their freedom to have novelty restaurants where the wait staff is armed.


Come on Rich, where's the snarky comments about taking the suspect alive or that the police don't know the motive yet ... Oh wait, maybe that does not fit into your PERSONAL narrative based on the suspects name.

Like the those before him (and to follow), this guy is a sick bastard. We'll never get rid of guns, but at least get rid of the god damn machine guns.


I thought good guys with guns stopped bad guys with guns. Was the cop not armed? Or was he not a good guy? Maybe we need to start giving guns to the guns.


@5: Yeah, in a town called - get your smelling salts ready: Rifle!

Let them enjoy their M16 Burritos. You pointing to tangential noise.


Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins are the main liberal, democratic areas of Colorado. The rest of the state, most notably Focus on the Family headquarters Colorado Springs, are heavily libertarian. They all vote for the fascist party, but if they had their druthers, they'd take anarchy.

After the Aurora theater shooting, some really mild gun laws were passed in Colorado. That angered the gun lovers there so much they held an emergency recall election to remove the politicians who sponsored the bills and then remove the laws themselves.

Boulder's full of rich, limousine liberal, NIMBY ex-hippies and wealthy trust fund kids going to the school there. Even Table Mesa, where the shooting happened, is pretty liberal, though less so than the city center and The Hill, where the college is. Table Mesa's mostly families. It's sleepy.

I'd be willing to bet the shooter didn't live in Boulder.

Fun Fact: There's a little town North of Boulder called Gunbarrel. There's another town further away called Rifle. Coloradoans like guns.


9 idgaf about their stupid restaurants i am just saying their stupid restaurants and the stupid elected officials who own them are indicative of colorado voters’ values so no one should expect them to vote out the gop anytime soon just bc a bunch of ppl were senselessly murdered while grocery shopping on a monday afternoon


"Boulder's full of rich, limousine liberal, NIMBY ex-hippies..."

Boulders not as bougie and hippie as it once was even 15 years ago. Even though they were the first to get a carbon tax gong and everything.

We were a hair away from moving there a couple years back. My family owned some property near there and in Gunnison. But after going back and fourth I realized it's sort of a shit hole now. Housing prices there are still grossly inflated. Median income is trending really low considering and trending down. You just do not get much for the money. Less than Seattle, even.

You're right that it's still somewhat liberal due to the college but the whole state has absorbed all those old California refugee racist right-winger retirees. A largely useless parasitic demographic that suck up public money, ironically and predictable vote for tax cuts and move politics right— but still want weed, healing crystal bullshit, and lattes. No thanks.


@10 Rifle is where Qbert's restaurant is on the western slope -- quite, quite a ways away from Boulder. And if I heard correctly the shooter was from Arvada.


This country has chosen death as freedom above all. We choose to allow civilians and cops to murder people with weapons we refuse to regulate. We choose death. We choose to have a society where death is the most sacred freedom. In a world where we could have any society we want, where we humans claim to be the most intelligent beings on earth, we have chosen to worship, uphold, and demand the right to kill and destroy as the highest form of freedom. Guns, viruses, refusal of health care, pollution of land, air, and water - doesn't matter. We don't care. Our collective depraved indifference to life and the continued refusal to do one goddamn thing about it has reached levels of obscenity that are beyond comprehension. We will literally kill and kill and kill by any and all means possible until there is no life left. And we will claim that doing so was our right and that we were free.


stereotype fun day on Slog


4 Here it is:
"...investigators determined Alissa bought a Ruger AR-556 firearm on March 16, six days before the shooting." ~ WAPO.


The NRA way of life is ruining our nation
Decades of gun propaganda has created a nation of sociopaths

The grim reality is that the entire nation is in the thrall to a minority of extremely insecure mostly white men who, drunk on decades of NRA-fueled propaganda, have decided that having the ability to commit mass murder at a moment's notice is a crucial component of maintaining their manhood...


NRA bragged that it blocked Boulder AR-15 ban just days before deadly shooting killed 10 people

"Gun rights" group also tweeted a defense of the Second Amendment hours after gruesome Colorado shooting

"A Colorado judge gave law-abiding gun owners something to celebrate," the NRA tweeted on March 16. "In an [NRA Institute for Legislative Action]-supported case, he ruled that the city of Boulder's ban on commonly-owned rifles (AR-15s) and 10+ round mags was preempted by state law and STRUCK THEM DOWN."


Oddly, none of the news articles mention which "well-regulated militia" this asshole belonged to. I'm sure they'll get around to it.


@4 I wonder what this what will do to the politics of the state.

Colorado has been trending more blue over all. But the Gun Nut Right will spin this as a crazy muslim terrorist. Democrats and centrists will correctly identify it as a problem of lunatics with a casual availability of firearms. However in America paranoia and ignorance usually win. America has proven in 2020 that almost a third of the nation is allergic to reality. I think a renewed DEMOCRATS ALLOW MUSLIM TERRORISM will be the topic de jour on Fox for a while.


@19 Well as we learned last week from our Gun Nut Troll if you scan any Wiki entry on ancient Greece, watch the movie 300, the HBO series Rome, or Clash of the Titans, it will make you an expert in Classical History. Which is the basis for western jurisprudence and therefor you are automatically, by the property of transference, a constitutional scholar.

Once you get Constitutional Scholar status you are imbued with the magical ability to reinterpret words to mean what ever you want. Thus the term "well regulated militia" means that you like, respect and maintain guns. NOT in anyway relating to the government's interest into your casually amassing and possessing a massive unlimited arsenal.

So if mister shooter guy had watched 300 or the HBO series Rome he therefore is automatically a well-regulated militia of one. And totally legally qualified to own a nuclear missile.



I'm more interested in where were one of those Good Guys With Guns (GGWG) we always hear about?

Colorado has around a ~34-36% firearm ownership rate. The Boulder area has over 15 gun dealerships. That's high for a city of only 106K. There have been 379,732 concealed carry permit applications in Colorado in the last 10 years alone. In 2017 there were 360,468 guns purchased in Colorado, up 131 percent from ten years earlier. There were hundreds of people or very near that shopping center. But yet this lunatic was able to kill ten people — including an armed LEO— and none of our patriotic mall ninjas was able to pop him?

Seems like our GGWG's are really dropping the ball here.


@22 For the most part they do not exist and when they do, as in the case of Jemel Roberson, they are murdered by the police when they show up.


@17: "is in the thrall to a minority of extremely insecure mostly white men"

Add a dash of person of color:



I didn't mean to come down so hard on Boulder residents. I have a lot of great friends who live there (none of them were killed or injured thankfully!) and there ARE a lot of great people.

I have found though, that not all are quite so open to progressive ideas as they'd have you believe. There is a minority who live there who have a very strict interpretation of what kind of "liberal" you're allowed to be, and they get extremely vocal and combative (and snobby) if you dare challenge that.

Despite that, I'd gladly live in Boulder again, if only I could afford it.


I've really only spent time in Denver and Colorado City, but I assume outside of that most of Colorado is like South Park.

And those border facilities look worse than the tent camps on the Mexico side wherein people stay before heading across the border. Saw a drone video of one and it was clean as a whistle and there was even a woman sweeping between the tents with a broom! And people say these migrants are lazy? Let them in, I would gladly trade them for our tent-dwellers who have turned living in filth into a normality.


if only Everyone had gunz
we might commence to circular
firing squads that much sooner and
lend a much-needed Hand to the Covid
who thanks Profusely the Entire
'repubican' party and its pro
bono lynchpersons from
which it came.*

*your Version
may vary


@25: Boulder is a great town.

The prof just has a propensity to upstage anyone who provides commentary or color on a locale and trash it to bits.


10 - Texas has a town called Gun Barrel City about 30 miles southeast of Dallas. I adopted a dog there once. The "city" has maybe three or four stoplights.


Yeah, Gunbarrel Colorado isn't exactly a metropolis either. Though iirc, there is a neat little brewpub there.


Boulder and Seattle are a lot a like. Both very liberal college towns in the granola belt.
Both are more expensive than they were 20-30 years ago so have lost a lot of their hippy vibes.
Areas of Capital Hill and the UDistrict are indistinguishable from the Hill. The bar scene is quite similar too.

That area of town is (or was the last time I was there) a more affordable part without getting to Louisville or Superior.
Martian Acres is an old ranch that was converted to small suburban homes some 40 years ago and is still relatively affordable.


Why the fuck can't the neofascist RepubliKKKan-and-NRA-blindsided gun Nazis kill themselves FIRST before opening fire on everybody else?

@4 schmacky, @8 Brent Gumbo, @14, @17 , @18, and @23 xina for the WIN!

@20 Professor_Hiztory: Thank you for the gentle reminder of why I am so grateful that I don't have access to a TV or the FOX network.

@29 Morty: I'm not pointing any fingers at you personally--I just have a question to ask you professionally because as a former cop, you would know. What is your opinion about police forces across the United States "needing" plexiglass shields, rubber bullets, AR-15 military assault rifles, and pepper spray all to merely protect and serve?
Instead of defunding police forces, let's instead defund the NRA and its ties to nationwide police forces in the U.S. I'll bet by doing so the astronomically high rate of annual gun fatalities would suddenly go poof.


@34 - The NRA filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in January and was never publicly funded anyway.


@LavaGirl and all Aussies out there battling floods and the current siege of arachnids---you pretty much already know to do this anyway, but especially watch out for Sydney Funnel Back, Mouse, and Red spiders! YIKES!


@33 I speak only the truth. And I had no roll in the sinking of the Bismarck.