Slog PM: Evanston Gives Black Residents Reparations, a New Affordable Housing Building Opens, That Pierce County Sheriff Now Under Investigation



RE: Gun control

When 20 six-year olds were gunned down in their elementary school, the only thing that happened was that gun restrictions were loosened in 10 states. So, yeah... nothing's gonna happen this time either.

Guns are never going away. Never.

But hey, it's gonna be profitable for gun stores right about now as gun nuts panic-buy more guns and ammo. They never learn.


One of these days there will be extensive, in depth studies on this widespread phenomenon of fearfulness and it being at the root of almost everything wrong with humans. It seems that what evolution selected as an essential survival trait has now become the absolute biggest hindrance to peace. Consider all the ills this country and the world face, every single one of them seem to originate from our fear of something we don't understand. Fear of losing what we have, our wealth, social standing, careers, all our modern problems trace back to fear and cowardice. Every. Single. One.


@1 Perhaps, but if it's OK with you I think I'll continue to support stricter gun laws, even if all I ever get for it is a pile of polls telling me that a 60% and growing share of America wants the same.


@5: Yes, apparently more of the problem is due to the idiosyncrasies of the Senate than the gun lobby.


Uhhhh really, Jasmyne. If you don't have evidence, you can't make the case.

"The guy that hit us was Black," Poffenbarger said. "She’s Japanese. And I’m white."

Is that evidence enough to take to a jury? Uhhhh no.

Weigh the victims' intuitions against the defendant's history of "unpredicable outbursts" and apparently unmotivated violence, and you're nowhere near convicting the defendant of a hate crime.

In our system, victim's suspicions don't prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt ... and you probably wouldn't want to live in a society where they did.


I support them too, and will continue to support them. I'm just not optimistic at all about it.


Someone’s got a crush.


The chance of any new Federal gun legislation is very very low as it will die in the Senate.


@7 I'm not sure we can entirely disentangle the American arms trade from the court intrigue of the Senate, but then I'm not sure we need to, either. If you can't get the two to let go of each other, then you just move the one by pushing on the other, no?


@13 Not if the filibuster dies first. President Munchkin is beginning to wobble.


Over 40% of the population of the United States are heavily armed fascists, and the 60% that are their most likely targets want to make it harder to buy guns in the future.

This is how societies end.


@15 You cannot count on all the Democrats to vote for it. It doesn't have 50 votes, regardless of the filibuster.


@17. Ten years ago I was a hard no. Today I'm wobbly, too. The fear of not getting anything done on critical issues is beginning to outweigh the fear of what happens when the Republicans control the Senate, House and Presidency.


@18 Republicans have zero interest in getting anything done. Their purpose is to obstruct and so far they're pretty good at it.


@18 none of the horrible laws GOP has failed to pass over.the past 20 years has been thwarted by the cloture rule. They are too chicken to pursue their ruinous agenda through legislation when they can rely on the their dirty work.


@19 Yes, and the Democrats learned that lesson during the Obama years.



Agree with your larger point, though I'm not sure I'd characterize the severely broken and fundamentally undemocratic nature of the most important legislative body in our society as "idiosyncratic."


@9 Exactly. Earlier this week a Christian zealot shot up a bunch of massage parlors because he had a pathetic Christian guilt freakout which has been pretty well described. So, he has actually given his motivation, but the government (and media) pretends it knows better what this guy was REALLY thinking, and that is: he just hates Asians, sex stuff be damned. Like Freud always described; "all human motivation is based on our hatred of other human beings for relatively minor perceived differences." Human motivation is never based on sex or anything else in 2021 except in our overwhelming desire to be racist. It is known.


Ahmad Alissa, hated Trump.


@24. Small world.


@FNFAL "...and millions of AR-15s. I know mine aren't going anywhere." Is this you reaching out for help? Do you need to talk to someone? Do you have extra extremities to simultaneously use multiple weapons? Do you masturbate to Tom Clancy novels? Help is available.


Seattle leadership take note and take action following the progressivism of Evanston on this socially crucial slave reparation policy and follow suit. As 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson intoned, our mistreatment of African Americans at the behest of European philistinism is a spiritual scar that must be addressed for our nation to become more spiritually aligned and morally relevant. Also, many folks need the money home improvements, which is more than relevant, also the funds could be apportioned through tax breaks. While we are feeling magnanimous, lets address the homeless problem head on with comfortable housing for homeless folks so they don't have to camp on the sidewalks and use the parks for a latrine. That Pierce County Sheriff who harassed that black youth should be disbarred and molested repeatedly by an Asian gang.


yeah ya don't Ban gunz overnite
but if ya don't start Somewhere:
Welcome to our Daily Massacre

after an HORRIFIC mass shooting
Australia bought 'em back
and cut their Losses

pay no Attention to the guy and
his Amazing Arsenal he's only
here to cover the now-Failing
nra's asses and see nothing
Will be done. Glaciers begin
with a single snowflake too.


LOVE your Comments Polly but how we gonna both spiritually align and make morally relevant whilst also molesting Dumfuk sherrifs repeatedly by Asian gangs. FLUFFY's here solely to boost blood pressure and reptilican impulses -- it's how he was razed and just look what happened.



Correction: EVERYBODY knows you're a dipshit and a motherfucker...



Naw, they're not that smart - if they don't have them in a gun safe (and given the number they tend to accumulate, several gun safes) then they're mostly just lying around in closets, cupboards or duct taped to the underside of every flat surface in the house - cuz they don't want to be caught sitting on the can when the scary foreign intruder barges in...


The stereotype festival continues


@33 - Meh, it's just classic trolling behavior. Post shit that the intended audience will find outrageously offensive, and sit back to watch the resulting sputtering anger and outrage. Best to just ignore.

I have to admit I've often thought about doing the same in reverse to Brietbart, Alex Jones and the like, but then I realize I have other things to do with that time. In other words, I have a life...of sorts.


What am I gonna do, with a gun rack?