WenWino, owls do owl. Rats do rat. Humans are the worst dickheads on this planet, and soon to be on other planets.


Get more cats to hunt the rats. Then more dogs to hunt the cats. Then more lions to hunt the dogs, then more rats to scare the lions. Rinse, repeat.


Laser-cats. The end.


Is there some way they could get restaurants to start serving rat as an entree? They could be billed as "Free Range Game Piglets" or something.

As to Yuki...Yuki would have it coming, the asshole.


"rodent-proof receptacles" in the parks assume that the trash ever makes it into the receptacle in the first place.


Homeless encampments and the garbage that accompanies them doesn't help with this problem. Nor does all the construction all over the city. If they're permitted to stay, the encampments should be cleaned up.


Uloo, who do, who do you think you're foolin'.


Never lived in a place with so many rats before. They keep invading my basement walls, so gross. Chased them out, they made holes in my yard. Filled the holes, they ate holes in side of house and came back inside. I understand why they use the poison now, even if you get rid of them there are so many in Seattle they just come back. I have a cat, they aren’t even afraid.


Maybe not relevant in such a large scale scenario I've always found peppermint oil to be extremely effective at getting rats to leave my house. To the point that I don't understand why it's not more commonly discussed.

And though the comment may have been facetious, I don't think the person who suggested cats realizes that domestic cats let outdoors decimate bird populations.

Bad takes and bad jokes in the comments but what else is new in what is the one of the worst comment sections on the internet.


… Now Get This! We feed the rats to the cats and the cats to the rats and get the
Cat skins for nothing!

Hüsker Dü


I see more rabbits than rats on my drive from Beacon hill though downtown.. Though the rats are almost as big as the bunnys...
The rise in rodent density correlates no doubt with The growth of the homeless population and the obscene amount of tents at every turn!
...Today is as good as its ever going to be..


Time for Mr. Plastic Explosive Squirrel.


@6 - I like that. Paired with a nice Thunderbird or Wild Irish Rose.


There must be some humane way to trap and sacrifice the rats without invasive chemicals and use them as a food source for homeless folks, if properly cleaned and dressed. Rats are considered a delicacy the world over, in fact, during the 1870 Franco-Prussian siege Parisians dined on mice and rats, so there actually is a precedent for treating rats as a food source, and this poisoning and trapping of Seattle rats may in fact be a solution in search of a problem, in the sense that rats are more than mere varmint, and when properly prepared and skinned are actually an important component of the human food pyramid and food chain--in Polynesia and South America for example.¬


That urban setting of yours sounds disgusting and awful - not sure why anyone would want to be surrounded by such filth. Yech.


@18 - I am pretty sure that the Bible says "the rats shall be with you always."

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