The Angels Over Berlin Seattle
The Angels Over Berlin Seattle Bjorn Bakstad/

The line that first came into my mind when first watching a video of the SpaceX rocket disintegrating in the Pacific Northwest's atmosphere: "Fiery the angels fell," of course. But what was this beautiful disaster all about? The rocket, which was launched three weeks ago and which placed into earth's orbit satellites made in Redmond "didn’t complete its de-orbit burn," according to James Davenport, a UW astronomer, and "so it didn’t come down when and where we expected it. It’s just been waiting to fall for the last three weeks and we got lucky and it came right over head.” SpaceX is owned by Elon Musk.

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Yes, Jon Talton, Seattle's BLM protesters and communists and anti-fascists are to blame for the bad press Amazon is getting lately. The socialist City Council must also be behind this headline: "Amazon delivery drivers scoff at company’s claim that workers don’t urinate in bottles." If Seattle created a more friendly business climate for Amazon, then all of these awful stories about the company's stiff resistance to the unionization push at an Alabama warehouse would not exist.

He drove the car into downtown protesters. He struck a person on a bike. He hit two other cars. When finally captured by the police, he turned out to be "a carjacking suspect." The good news is that no one came out of this real moment of danger badly injured. The protesters were "marking 300 days of Black Lives Matter protests in Seattle."

Snow this Monday? Maybe, says KIRO 7 Meteorologist Nick Allard. But if it happens, it will not be something to write home about. This kind of snow is likely to be wet, and we (and we as in humans—I do not speak for the crows and urban animals) like our snow not to be wet.

Some of the things still stuck in the Suez Canal: "Brand-new Kia automobiles, cases of Heineken beer, live animals and billions of dollars of crude oil..." The Washington Post also reports that the cause of the clog, The Ever Given, is "one of the largest container ships ever built."

If you read Matthew C. Klein's and Michael Pettis's superb 2020 book Trade Wars Are Class Wars: How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace, then you will learn that the Vietnam War is the Eden of the container ship.

Matthew C. Klein and Michael Pettis write:

[T]he U.S. Army hired Malcom McLean, the original innovator of container shipping, to build and operate a container port at Cam Ranh Bay. He had two conditions: each box would be packed with a single type of item, and each box would be packed for a specific unit, which would be responsible for returning it. Within months, McLean had solved the army’s logistics problem and shown the world what was possible with containerization. (He also profited handsomely by having his ships and empty boxes pick up Japanese goods for the return trip to California.)

Maine, why did you do this us? How could you? Susan Collins? Come on. The real talk about her says she's been and will always be a no-good Senator. Just listen to her, Maine: “Border Patrol is overwhelmed, overworked, & discouraged by new policies.” How is any of this a good use of your votes?

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John Kerry, the top US climate official, believes that climate change will be solved not by the government (the public) but by the private sector. The Carbon Liberation Front, as the theorist McKenzie Wark calls the economic forces behind global warming, applauded Kerry's position. Its generals know how little things will change if those who created the mess are tasked with fixing it.

And now a word from our pastor:

Fun racist fact of the day: The painting behind Georgia's governor, Brian Kemp, as he signs that racist voting bill into law? It's of "a notorious slave plantation in Wilkes County, GA." These good old boys do not mess around.

The life of Vip, a popular Woodland Park Zoo, gorilla, came to an end yesterday. He entered eternity at the age of 42. He is survived by seven daughters. He will be remembered for being an "an attentive dad" and a leader with a big heart and an open mind.

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