This is just an update of a very old thing. Poking fun at the religious right has been around for ages. When I was a teenager back in the 1970s, the band KISS put out a graphic novel. The band members supposedly all donated blood, which was then supposedly used in the ink to print the graphic novel. Ho boy, was the right wingers all freaked out about that!!!

So it isn't new, but I still really enjoyed Lil Nas X's video, and am thoroughly enjoying the religious right freak out over it, which was as predictable as the sunrise.


@3 You may not poke fun at Muhammad or transgenders, this is is known. You must play along or face the furry of a thousand suns with either group.



I totally condone making fun of christianity too, but ive seen gay furry comics where jesus is a lion giving a blowjob to another male lion David. That was over ten years ago. Just saying lets freshen things up and throw Muhammad into the gay incestuous furry orgy comics too. Matt can do a review.


Prof Hiz is into equality in blasphemy too, nice


I know its not true but I like to believe that the angel which Lil Nas X is ascending towards is Jeffrey from Darkmatter2525.


This is a great music video. Kudos to Lil Nas X. He's a gutsy dude.


Yeah so much outrage about Lil Nas X because we have no real problems in this country.


Lil Nas snapped Satan's neck at the end. What the hell are the Christians up in arms about?

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