Looks like Amazon wants to keep it real: Sure does. According to the Seattle Times, "Amazon expects employees back in their offices by autumn." Washington's largest employer wants its people to get back in the city, get back into their NBBJ-designed downtown buildings. The slumber party of the pandemic is over. And we don't even want to talk about that hybrid stuff. You think we don't know that you are working less at home because you do not have to look like you are working all the time no more? Get real. Get right back...

In short, Amazon to its employees: "It's alright and it's coming on. We gotta get right back to where we started from."

Inslee knows it's now or never because he made it now or never. He opened the economy too soon. Cases are rising again because people are dining and meeting indoors again. The economy and the pandemic do not mix. So, what to do? Get that vaccine to young people as soon as possible. This is not good news. This only looks like what it is: chaos and desperation. Inslee should have just waited one more fucking month.

The number of recorded breakthrough cases for fully vaccinated people in Washington? 102. The number of fully vaccinated people: around a million. According to MyNorthwest's math: "That represents .01% of Washington’s vaccinated population."

Bad news from Johnson & Johnson: One of its manufacturers appears to be cutting corners on the production of its vaccine.

Seattle Rep. Nicole Frame’s Wealth Tax passes House Appropriations committee, reports The Stranger's Rich Smith. The bill, which would skim 1% off accumulated wealth over $1 billion, passed 9-7-1. House Democrats April Berg (Snohomish) and Larry Springer (Kirkland) joined Republicans in voting against the bill, though those Dems voted “no without recommendation,” which wouldn’t have obstructed the bill had their votes been critical to passage. No word yet from Frame on whether she’s been assured a floor vote.

People want the rich to pay their fair share and for Biden's badly named jobs plan, “Build Back Better,” to be as bold as its gotta be.

Brother Michael Regan turned over the EPA bucket and dumped into the GOP sewer a whole corrupted bunch of Trump. Regan, who I think is the most akanaka person in Biden's administration, let it be known that his department was going to be directed by science rather than "positions that... contradict scientific consensus."

Regan's words:

Resetting these two scientific advisory committees will ensure the agency receives the best possible scientific insight to support our work to protect human health and the environment...”
Forty "outside experts" picked by Trump are now history. America is feeling it.

The Pentagon? It has brought to an end another worthless Trump-era policy. This one banned transgender people from service. The announcement was made on International Transgender Day of Visibility. Now, many of my fellow socialists might say: What's the big deal? It's not cool to join the army no matter who you are. But understand this, my comrades. The issue concerning the army's discrimination of transgender people is one we do not want to be tied up fighting. It should not be on our in tray. But during Trump's time, these non-issues became prominent and displaced a whole bunch of other, and far more pressing matters. Biden liberates the left to focus on matters that are more radical and progressive.

While the GOP is watching one of Trump's biggest cheerleaders, Matt Gaetz, implode (the DOJ is investigating him for statutory rape and sex trafficking), it got blindsided by a Big Business player about its new racist voting laws in Georgia.

Coca Cola is also singing the same tune. And once you have one or more corporate giants heading in a given social or political direction, others soon follow them. The corporate community functions like a heard. But here is the skinny: The GOP is in a really tight situation because Trumpism, it seems, only works if Trump is actually there and not sidelined. Trump's entire power is found and expressed in being there. Even he knows this, which is why he did everything he could to stay in power.

The moon. So much of it last night and the night before. More of it tonight. But did you know the Moon saved capitalism this week. It did indeed. That monster of a ship, the Ever Given, which blocked the Suez Canal (a key artery of global capitalism) and sent markets into a state of confusion and panic, was re-floated with the help of a full moon.


A piece of celestial good luck likely made it easier for engineers to successfully refloat the giant container ship that blocked the Suez Canal for almost a week.

Sunday's so-called full "Worm moon" led to a high spring tide — about 18 inches (46 centimeters) above normal — on Monday, which eased the process of straightening out and dislodging the ship, according to NASA.

Had the container ship remained stuck, it would have pushed global capitalism closer to a brink that the pandemic had already made way too close.

The big moon at night.

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