Slog PM: The Moon Saved Capitalism, Amazon Wants to Move Workers Back Into Offices, WA Speeds up Vaccine Eligibility Because It Is Running a Losing Race Against COVID



That last photo? WTF is going on? Aurora Ave. That's what.


1: I'd call it a pleasant surprise.


@3 -- "'Thank God that's over!' and a return to people working jobs they hate to buy things they don't want or need. Yay.

Now, let's complain about that traffic again."

well there's
a Dbl! BINGO.


5: It's not a fake. It happened weeks ago:

On 03-03-2021 at 1352 hours, officers were dispatched to a naked man running in traffic in the 12000 Blk Aurora Av N. Man was contacted and fled across traffic to the N/W corner of 125th/Aurora Av N. He climbed onto a 10-foot structure there and was contained by multiple units. The Hostage Negotiation Team and Mental Health Professionals talked to him for about 2.5 hours until he decided to jump down. He was taken into custody and ITA’D (Involuntary Treatment Act) without force being used on him.

I hope he gets the helps he needs.


@5 -- "I hope he gets the helps he needs."

as do I.


You'd think since everyone who works for Amazon who isn't a warehouse employee can do their job remotely, Bezos would be happy to keep more money by not paying rent on any real estate for offices. Strange his ego is bigger than his greed.


To paraphrase the late Lyndon Baines Johnson: "If you've lost Co-Cola, you've lost middle 'Murka"...


Oops - I misread WenWino in #4.


Kind of late for Delta, Coke and others to voice their concerns. They had plenty of time to lobby against the bill. None of them will pull their operations out of the state. So really..."unacceptable" means completely acceptable.


Hey, can someone explain how the mass of the moon changes depending on how much is visible to us stuck on Earth?


12: That's unnecessarily punitive. Best to have everyone aboard in the long run to protect democracy!



Of course they want employees sitting in cubes... how else are the middle managers who do nothing but track time gonna protect their phony baloney jobs?


14, even if one doesnt agree with being punitive theres really no excuse for why they weren't moral vocal in their opposition when it would have actually mattered. Their close the barn doors after the horse is out PR show is pretty insulting.


14 besides, how are we supposed to get more people on board to save democracy when the GOP keeps restricting the mechanism for saving said democracy. There needs to be some kind of punitive action. The gop doesnt give a shit about people but they would probably be inclined to do whatever it takes to stop businesses from leaving. If the business actually took a principled stand. Which they wont.


The Moon's mass doesn't change.

During New and Full Moons the Earth, Moon, and Sun are all in a line this amplifies the gravitational effect. The Sun has a tidal effect on the Earth as well, but it is smaller than the Moon's effect because it is so much further away, however during the Full and New phases the Sun's tidal effect is added to the Moon's.

Also the Moon was at perigee (it's closest approach to Earth in its Monthly orbit) on March 30, so that increased the gravitational effect of the Full Moon.

Here's a pretty good explanation with good diagrams,


@13 -- the Moon gets smaller as it gets further away*
and when it's FULL it's REALLY CLOSE and you
might Burn yourself if you go out in it on one of
those Impossibly Gorgeous magical Nights

*if you 'live' in Alaska it's teeny
like a burned out light bulb
so you're 'probably' Safe.

or is it New Zealand...


@18 Enjoy those eclipses while you can. In a million years the Moon will be too far away from Earth to completely block the Sun'd disc.


Charles while Capitalism isn't perfect it has fed, clothed, and housed, a larger percentage of the population than any other economic system we humans have tried in the last 100,000 years.

As for globalization, while it might suck if you live in Akron, Ohio (what doesn't suck if you live in Akron, Ohio?) it's had a huge positive effect around the world in places like India, South Korea, Vietnam, etc.


Someday I want someone to explain to me what is meant by fair share. Is it a fixed amount? A percentage? It's always thrown out there but never defined. Best to leave it vague I suppose so we can keep moving the goalposts.


Capitalism has been granted a brief reprieve, but don't worry - Charles will be here to announce its rescheduled demise again next week.


@21 Uh, citation please? Otherwise, maybe take a couple zeros off the guess you pulled out of your ass, or redefine your premise, because before colonization, tribal groups (let's stick to North America for now) absolutely needed to stick together for their common welfare (where have I heard that phrase before...)

Why am I even bothering. Let's just say you didn't study anthropology or history (or just didn't pay attention).


@5 You just say 'Bingo'



Yeah, agree with @24 here.

That's the statement people make when there's no good arguments to support capitalism.

Has human life improved over the past few centuries? Yes.
Has capitalism spread through the past few centuries? Yes.

Correlation is not causation. Capitalism is not proven to improve living conditions.

And I'd even argue that capitalism is better than, say, monarchism, or mercantilism... but it's a super long stretch to say "capitalism is the cure for poverty!" I mean really? Yeah, no. We don't know that. That's anecdotal evidence at best.


@26, I guess it depends on what you want for proof. It isn't just the case that capitalism has spread and human life has improved, at least materially, in the past few centuries. This improvement has been seen most in capitalist countries. If you look at East vs West Germany, North vs South Korea, NATO vs the Warsaw bloc, in every case, the capitalist countries were richer. When China opened most of their economy to capitalism and investment, their citizens became much richer. Maye it was a coincidence that the economic reforms took place just before the largest reduction in extreme poverty the world has ever seen, but it's really hard to not see a link. If capitalism wasn't behind this and these were all coincidence, you'd think there would be some counter examples. Other than places with huge amounts of oil, there really aren't any.



So in order to show an example of a human economic system that's provided more even distribution of wealth than capitalism, you harken all the way back to a hunter-gatherer/subsistence existence.

That's a load of Luddite.


Why the obsession to disparage capitalism in the first place?



Actually no, it's the truth.

Less than two hundred (200) years ago PEOPLE were considered "capital" (property).
Is that what you call an "even distribution of wealth"?

And let's not forget that the world we live in today would be completely unrecognizable to people living 200 years ago.

For the vast majority of human history communism - communal life not Marxism - was the most common and most egalitarian human lifestyle.
People still live that way in parts of the world.

Believing that capitalism is anything other than slavery is stupidity.
Your eurocentric worldview and white privilege are on full display.



Because capitalism equals slavery.

If you don't believe me ask a billionaire.


By the way.

A society that has both billionaires and homelessness is not equal in.
Not equal in any way.


@31: That makes no sense. The two are incomparable.
@32: It's great that there not equal as it provides opportunities for growth and change.


*that they're not


The Washington Post's decades long version of science advisors.

Color me surprised about their framing.


@6 he won't get help. Probably already out on the streets playing in traffic and accosting people. Seattle!


He doesn't need help, he just needs to stop acting crazy.



Are you kidding?

I'm supposed to believe that you've never heard of wage slavery?

And let's not forget that slavery used to be the main driver of capitalism in the United States before the civil war.

At least sir whitey the privileged had the common sense to shut up when he got schooled.
Will you?



If people in your society are all truly equals then you don't need "growth and change".

Seriously, try thinking for once in your life.


@38: Please be logical. Slavery is involuntary servitude. Capitalism is an economic system based on supply and demand.

@39: Shared misery. Worse than death.


@38 That’s Sir Belch to you. And I generally refrain from pissing matches with ideologues.

As for slavery driving wealth in America. Yes chattel slavery was a major factor in the pre-civil war economy, that can’t be disputed. But a slavery based economy proved a strategic disadvantage to the traitor states. It was the industrial capacity of the North’s non-slave economy that spelled doom for the Confederacy. You can’t eat cotton and you can’t make guns from it. Industrialization was the factor that powered the North’s victory.


Actually, @41, cotton was originally used for both cleaning the barrels of guns and for providing wadding between the accelerant (gunpowder) and the bullet (or cannonball for cannons).

So cotton is a weapon of war.


Socialism isn't an alternative to capitalism. Its the.perfection of capitalism.


@6 - Ugh, I hated "Naked Man" calls when I was a cop. No matter how gentle we would be they would want to fight us far more often than not. Fighting a naked man into handcuffs is...unpleasant? Distasteful? Irksome?

We would be calm and gentle precisely because of their known propensity for fisticuffs.


@9 Jeff / Amazon decided that micromanaging their workers was worth more than the cost of providing them office space. Corporate America cannot stand the idea it can't control it's serf caste's potty breaks and choice of clothing. Productivity and savings are nothing compared to the sweet sweet despotic power of denying the peons the ability to visit the toilet to piss and shit whenever they want by forcing them to commute to the soulless uncomfortable cube farm slave pens.


@25 -- well thanks, Aldo!

will try and Remember that....