Remember when Amazon humiliated Macys in its own building? It happened in 2017.
Remember when Amazon humiliated Macy's in its own building? It happened in 2017. Charles Mudede

How bad is Sawant, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa hurting downtown Seattle, a city that, unlike Bellevue, is doing things all wrong? Actually, John Cougar Mellencamp can best answer that question with this line from one of his popular tunes: "Come on baby, make it hurt so good." Heidi Groover of the Seattle Times reports that the iconic Macy's building, which now primarily houses Amazon employees when there's not a pandemic, sold for nearly 600 million bones. But Seattle is dying, you say?


The deal “reflects our mutual confidence in the region and specifically in downtown Seattle, where we look forward to strengthening the heart of Seattle’s retail core,” said Urban Renaissance Group CEO Patrick Callahan in a statement.

Bellueve might consider hurting like this too.

Biden might save Sawant in this moment of so much undeserved trouble. Why? Because Biden, though not ideal, is also not insane and not on a racist mission. This means those on the left can focus and help support and push the political programs of Sawants, social democrats, and the rest of you all who are in the bad habit of telling everyone that there's not an ounce of difference between mainstream Dems and Republicans. Seattle must (and now, with Trump gone, it has time to) vigorously fight a recall whose motive is entirely found in the fact that Sawant is an uncompromising politician for those who have little or next to nothing. Sawant has zero to offer the well-to-do, and so they want her recalled. Whoop, there it is.

Apparently, homeless people cook and eat children or something. Otherwise, what is this KOMO story ("Homeless camps grow near 2 Seattle schools as students near return to class") about? And why are kids returning to school anyway? The end of the school year is around the corner. Why can't we just be logical when it comes to the pandemic? Just for once even. And why can’t we stop treating homeless people like they are evil or morally rotten or what have you?

Though the state "expects to receive some 460,000 doses next week," which is "a record," we lost a good deal of ground gained by the restrictions imposed during the third wave. At the beginning of March, the 7-day average for positive tests was in the lower 30s. By the end of March, it was in the mid 60s. We, in short, wasted a whole month.

The business pages today will be all about the 916,000 jobs added to the economy last month. The news will certainly add some more points to Biden's already rising poll numbers.

Something about Easter. Something about being cold. But where was the snow this Monday? There was not even a cloud in the sky that day.

But there is a double problem with the jobs report. One, we still have a long way to go before recovering all of the jobs that got swallowed up by the pandemic. And two, and more philosophically, do we really want a lot of those jobs to come back? What I mean is this: The pandemic has presented Biden with an opportunity to significantly restructure the job market. US workers should be looking forward to doing new things, rather than the same old things that pay very little and contribute to the present climate crisis.

Washington State, still stuck on that (exhaust) pipe.

Pandemic capitalism has led not only to the ballooning of wealth at the very top but also a boom in the expensive automobile sector. Brian Miller, president of Manhattan Motors, "a high-end dealership that sells Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Bugattis, among other ultra-luxury brands," told CNN that he had "never seen it like this," in the four decades he has spent in the business. The pandemic caused a slump for regular cars, but for cars demanding more than $80,000, sales "almost [doubled] in the fourth quarter what they had been the year before. And for cars costing more than $100,000, sales in the US were up 63% that quarter." Bad economic times tend to be very good times for the rich because they better express the essential class character of capitalism.

Who looks like history? Matt Gaetz, one of the worst Trumpeters that ever was and likely will be. The word on the street? He's got one eye on a backdoor that leads him out of politics and into a media company that's famous for broadcasting "alternative facts," Newsmax. Gaetz is under investigation for statutory rape and sex trafficking. The Republicans started this investigation.

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Speaking of Gaetz, that villain who managed to make the leap from comic books to reality, is back in the papers again. The endless Roger Stone. Wherever there’s large helpings of GOP sleaze, that’s his place to be.

After the Suez Canal, the coast of Southern California. The large number of container ships waiting to dock in the City of Angels can be seen from heaven, where all of the angels sitting on clouds have lots of time to look down at the city whose name is devoted to them.

But what do the angels sing? They must sing this: "Heaven, is this heaven where we are?"

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