keep it straight:
it's the War
on Drugs'

"Personal accountability doesn't fly in Wokeville."

not since trumpf*
Banned personal
accountability it doesn't.

*AND the 'Republican' party

I mean, what's a little
Insurrection among Patriots?


Heres a fun fact; the 1984 crime bill that introduced the nation to civil asset forfeiture was concocted by the dream team of Joe Biden and Strom Thurmond. The failure of the drug war and the inequality that resulted was the work of both Democrats and Republicans working hand in hand. Probably why it got so fucking out of control.


I forgot my proper Stranger spelling, Demokkkrats and Republikkkans.


Great news. Per the Fourth Amendment, the government shouldn't even be trying to tell us what we can and can't put into our bodies.

@1: As we saw with cannabis, decriminalization will cut drug prices to a fraction of what they were when illegal. Then junkies and meth-heads will have to steal just a fraction of the stuff they now do. Plus, we can use the money we're now wasting on enriching drug dealers, and spend it on treatment programs for said druggies. Then they get sober, start working, and pay taxes. It's a win all around.

@2: It's always been a war on THOSE people who use drugs, right from "drink is the curse of the working class," through 100 times the penalty for crack as for powder (ghetto vs. suburbs). (Nixon loved the very idea of criminalizing his political opponents, and drug war was his last chance.)


see how Smart we were
to make 'em Illegal?

plan fawking B.

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