Slog PM: Bezos Gets Down with Corporate Tax Hikes, Caitlyn Jenner Considering CA Governor Run, Have You Seen Shiva Baby?



Well at least the officers in the video confuse Pike/Pine & spend several minutes filming the SE corner of Pine when told to watch the NE corner of Pike. Guess it’s easier to teach pigs to fly than to teach them North & South.


I actually owed munnie for 2020, so I paid more in federal tax dollars than all of America's wealthiest families and sleazy corporations combined in our dystopian kleptocracy. Yay.


I don't get what's so creepy about that video?


Hooraaay for Southern Resident orcas returning!!

I'll believe Jeff Bezos when he pays his fair share of corporate taxes.

Please---no RepubliKKKan takeover of California! I'm not really happy about the possibility of Caitlin Jenner taking over the Governor's Mansion if Jenner is such a big Trump fan. Yuck.

@2 Original Andrew: I didn't owe any tax money for 2020, but ouch! I feel your pain. That really sucks.


@2 Original Andrew: This was largely due to my being unemployed in 2020.


Please just toss all the Kardashians and their spawn into the mouth of some volcano.


@ 4/5,

It's fine; I'm grateful to have a job and the multiple calamities over the last year didn't upend my life as it did so many others.

It's sad this country is so hopelessly dysfunctional that my pittance wound up being so many orders of magnitude greater as a contribution to the national treasury than America's richest, who love our nation so much they can't stop trying to make it implode.


@1: Oh please, you don't know Seattle. it's a beloved confusion:


@6 dvs99: for the WIN, BAYBEE! Throw Kanye in there, too, for good measure. :)

@7 Original Andrew: Agreed and seconded. Hopefully Biden's new tax plan will overturn the majority of Trumpian damage, and corporations finally pay their fair share (I'm not holding my breath on Jeff Bezos, though).


Bezos heard Biden wanted to expand broadband infrastructure so that put him on the side of higher taxes. Expanded broadband means Amazon can expand their array of services to "the sticks", "BFE", "middle of nowhere", "Idaho", "Walmart territory". Plus, better roads couldn't hurt in dispersing its fleet of grey delivery vans.


@8 Y'know, excusing the SPD with an "Almost Live!" clip might invite a sharper comparison than you intended there.