Slog AM: Gaetz Asked for a Pardon, Amazon Preys on Malls, a Fresh Cup of Loren Culp Coffee



I honestly thought that Rebel Yell white coffee was a joke, so I followed the link to the Minuteman Coffee Company. Nope, not a joke. Also, Norton seems to think the website may be a scam. And finally, dear God they need a copy editor. 100% Arbica beans? Columbian dark roast? Yeesh guys, the least you can do is pretend that this is a real business.


King County shoulda jumped all over that Boeing sale and turned it into a live-in shelter. I looked through the auction items, place had a full kitchen with commercial equipment and everything.


It's also the required air conditioning in addition to the CPU consumption that drives up energy to create bitcoin. They can hook up solar panels, but I suspect that isn't near enough.


Once vaccines are available to all (which is no more than a few months off), a covid vaccine passport won't cause inequality any more than the measles vaccine requirement does.

And if the anti-vaxxers secede, that is a feature, not a bug.


"Bitcoin mining is so bad for the environment...."
Bitcoin 'miners' are Server Farms that are paid in Bitcoin for being first (fastest) to process a Bitcoin transaction(s).
These huge always-on Server Farms gobble up enormous amounts energy just hunting and waiting for Bitcoin transactions to happen on the internet. In so many words....


Is there really much of an overlap between Loren Culp voters and people who pay $18 for a pound of coffee?


"I will not pretend to understand this" - So now hopefully SLOG understands!


Tangent: Erica Barnett's memoir "Quitter" is an excellent read for women who suffer from alcoholism. Or those in recovery.


Dumb move on Gaetz's part asking for a pardon. No way Trump would get involved with someone sex trafficking girls that old.


@3 We could also use those same solar panels to do stuff people need, Phoebes.

Or just to displace coal-fired power plants. We're a long way from replacing fossil fuels with renewables, even without aggressively anti-conservationist follies like Electric Crimebux.


Loren Culp coffee - weak, bitter, and taken with lots of milk to make it as white as possible.


@6 The republican base are mostly petit bourgeois, not working class. They're enthusiastic consumers of any legal stimulant marketed at them, and they spend a ton of money on fashion and lifestyle and luxury goods, it's just all got different logos on it.


The Minutemen’s Coffee Corpse
(what IS it about Minutemen women just Love?!)
just Some of our Beans:

Unapologetically Patriotic --
enjoy a cuppa Culpa whilst we Overthrow your Gov’t

Come and Take It
(from our cold dead hands)

"I Miss America" – be like trumpf! hand-delivered ‘coffee’ to all Contestants (must be in bathing suit or less to win)

Confederate-flag themed "Rebel Yell!" (alt-white roast) sold Exclusively to White ppl

Culp’s Own Special Defund the Po-po – after I was Chief our little Town took a look and Disbanded the Force – take a Chance!

Don’t Gulp Culp – that’s right it’s The Drip.
might wanna wear your Mask for this one

Superspecially UnCulpable beans – passed thru the famous former Chief’s disgestive systems not once not twice but ten maybe fifteen times. A real Steal @$99.99 the pound


@12: Also describes wealthy libs to a T.


'Vax' Passports? nah

FREEDOM Passports bitches
let's call a spade a Spade.


@12: Yeah, but that just means they'll pay $75k for a pick-up truck. Not $18 for coffee. Priorities.


Lol take that all you commuters parking your cars for over three days at a time, oh wait those people don't exist... Also, is it really wise to encourage riding transit when buses are still at reduced capacity and routes? I don't even care tbh but Jenny is just a moron with that excuse.


Even since Lame Duck Durkan clipped her own wings, there's really no point to listening to anything she says. She's just keeping the seat warm. Oh, and collecting a sweet paycheck.

Letting people live in their cars is the same as letting them live in the parks. It's a passive solution the city can use with city property instead of actually, you know, addressing the problem. And hey, if you can't park on the street you live on (and pay taxes for) because there are a dozen cars that never move (just spread garbage all over), well you're just a NIMBY!!!

@8 - I remember all the flack ECB took (here and elsewhere) when she got busted pilfering that bottle o' red from the QFC. Live by the moral sword, etc. Related: I wonder what happened to Kathleen Wilson?


Thankfully, I have my own driveway, otherwise I'd get ticketed/towed. The pandemic is still going on, and I only drive about once a week for a grocery run. I haven't driven more than 500 miles in the last year (compared to roughly 10k miles on a typical non-pandemic year).

Durkan is totally jumping the gun on the 72-hr parking rule. There's still lots of people out here who are more-or-less housebound, people still working from home, still a month or two away from being fully vaccinated, who aren't driving much, and likely leave their cars unmoving for days or even weeks at a time. So either a lot of pandemic-bound people are going to get swept up in this stupidity, or it's going to be selectively enforced against homeless people. Selective enforcement is always discriminatory. She's a former prosecutor. She should know better.


@19: Love Jenny for doing this. I guess you don't live on a street where a neighbors have multiple vehicles including big trucks, plus their guests, plus need for service and delivery, etc.

No excuse for not moving a vehicle in this town for more than 72 hours.


Personally, I find it refreshing that this Culp fellow and other failed and loser Republican public figures have a ready-made fall back career and money making opportunity available to them once they're exposed as frauds. I've no doubt in a few months we'll all be able to purchase a Matt Gaetz backed line of plant fertilizer or sewing machine thread that's branded in such a way to demonstrate that purchasing it owns the libs. Good for him too!


Realistically, removing the 72 hour ban is all about generating revenue. The people being "swept up" will dutifully pay the tickets, while the Orange Sticker Remnant Brigade will continue to not move their cars, and most certainly will not pay any parking fines. It really only works if you actually tow their mobile homes away. The Mobile Homeless Brigade in Seattle has a whole shadow industry for this sort of thing...because we let them. I'd like to think all that parking ticket revenue (which is really a passive tax on those who can't afford a home with a driveway) would go to housing the homeless, but I am doubtful.


@21 - But actually having a business and products and such actually requires actual work. More likely is a Gaetz 2024 'Campaign Fund' that he can slush all up on like his hero. Snake Oil is SO 20th century...use the Megachurch Method instead! Preachers and their sneakers...


@14 Not quite. If you're only talking about the right wing of the Democratic party, then sure, fair enough I guess, but the idea that the typical core Democratic voter is a New York hedge fund manager riding around in a town car is a Fox News fever dream.

@16 I get where you're coming from there, but think about it. A republican is damn well going to have his coffee in the morning, and the idea of drinking poor-person coffee isn't going to sit well with him, least not when he can drink the good stuff and trigger the libs with stars-and-bars-and-ARs packaging. The grift is just so damned easy with these guys...


The Bitcoin Mining computers use the most powerful Graphics Cards to process the calculations and those GPUs produce a shitton of heat requiring lots of electricity to run their own fans. But their fans aren't enough so you'll have racks of these in server rooms air conditioned to < 60 Degrees.


Fuck China. If it were any other country imprisoning a minority group and forcing them into slave labor, we would boycott their asses in a millisecond. Boycott their propaganda spectacle.


I certainly hope they start requiring vaccine passports.
Next time I get on an airplane I certainly want to know that everyone aboard has had their shots, same at the theatre, large concert venues, etc.

I have no doubt businesses will require them of their employees both to reduce the risk of office outbreaks spiking absenteeism, and to keep their health insurance costs down. So long as the vaccines (and whatever boosters we need) stay free, and enough time has passed from universal availability (say give everyone six months so Oct. 2021) I have no problem being required to show my vax card. I've had to do it for International Travel and all those many years ago my parents had to certify I'd had the measles and polio shots to enroll in school.

A vaccine passport isn't some radical idea, it's been done for decades for certain activities, expanding the number of activities it's required for isn't a big leap.


Bitcoin seems like a non-tangible Ponzi scheme hiding under a Great Tech Equality Idea guise.

Which would be harmless if it didn't have real world implications. Like sucking up huge amounts of electricity on a warming planet that gets more crowded by the day.


re toasy servers: have they not yet tried
underground lakes cum heat pumps?
seems like a no-brainerd to me


no no
Toasty servers


@25: Don't you also think these plausible stereotypes include right-wing republicans praising the down home simplicity of Dunkin Donuts coffee?


By the time vaccine passports are argued over and implemented they will already be moot. Everyone who wants a shot will have gotten one, there will be some sort of 'herd immunity', and the rest will either be left behind willingly or not. So, business as usual for the U.S.!



I don't have any real problem with it, but also gotta figure forging something of that nature wouldn't be especially difficult. Seems like it'll be a challenge to both implement and enforce and that's even before all the Don't Tread on Me mouth breathers start carrying on about our nation descending into a Stalinist hellscape.


@26 Graphics cards aren't used for bitcoin today, they haven't been cost-effective for like a decade now. Custom chips dedicated to bitcoin's hash algo are in like their fourth or fifth generation, far outstripping general-purpose GPUs. And their thermals are even worse.

Graphics cards are still used for this kind of nonsense, but they're used for even more useless nonsense-- specifically, for the sub-sewer of cryptocurrencies below the bitcoin sewer. The graphics card shortages today are driven by the likes of EtherHuffingCoin and FrogeCoin and DickPicCoin and oh god who can even. There's a bottomless septic tank of these things, and of addicts gambling with them, too.


@30 - There's a reason that server farms are popping up in places like East Wenatchee and Quincy, and that is because there is cheap electricity (and could be cold water for cooling). It's why Alcoa built a plant literally next door to Rock Island Dam, and why Hanford is also on the banks of the Columbia. Those generated waste that no long flies, but consuming energy by the gazillionwatt is also bad news for our planet. All for what? A new way to transfer money?


29: No, it's definitely not a Ponzi scheme.

Bitcoin and blockchain is a technology based on trust, where no middleman (like a bank) is needed to verify value -- as all mined blockchain nodes must provide a proof of work to validate that all other nodes in the chain are accounted for.

Several good videos on YouTube explaining it.


29: But I totally agree with you on the envirnonmental.


"Several good videos on YouTube explaining it" might be the most damning words in the English language.


@37 - I won't pretend to understand the byzantine nature of the Bitcoinz, but it smacks of open source egalitarianism that I recall from the fledgling days of the internet. "All information wants to be free!"

Well, that's great if you make 150K/yr as a software engineer. Not so much if you produce actual content and get paid nothing for it. See also: Social media. No, I'm sure it will all work out fine IRL.


@36 -- power's so Cheap
in Chelan Co. a relly of mine's
living room floor is uninsulated and
that's with two wide-open foundation
vents -- on each side. and it gets Chilly there
as well as Toasty af. all that Gov't Socialism just
Wasted on right-wing Freeloaders. as per fawking Usual.

gotta Doubt that Cheep Power's
gonna be there for Ever.


40: IRL is now. Visa cards now accept bitcoin transactions and offer bitcoin rewards.



Your typical GOP rank-and-filer doesn't drink that "fancy city coffee" - that's for those "latte libruls" - it's canned Maxwell House, usually boiled in the ole' percolator to the consistency and flavor of river mud, or run through the hasn't-been-cleaned-in-20-years Mr. Coffee (often filtered through a paper towel, because buying actual coffee filters never occurs to them) at half-strength, so it comes out more like how I imagine damp, unwashed gym socks would taste. At least that's how the RWNJ's in MY family serve it.



Unless I'm missing something the first credit card was announced in January and is supposed to actually launch soon. The jury is still out on Bitcoin but I tend to lean "Tulip Bubble" on the whole thing. If I was holding them, I'd sell soon before it all collapses. Because who guarantees it, again - Elon Musk? Sounds like vaporware to me....


and while I like bitter coffee, sore loser coffee is another matter.


@42, credit cards too are nothing, but an apparition.


Although I've been overstaying my welcome today, it's amazing how much open space and free air there is here when Prof Hiz isn't sucking it all up.

Where Fnarf?



Fnarf departed these hallowed halls of electronic discourse/ignorant spleen-venting many, many moons ago. He's still online, but only those of us "in the know" can track him these days.


So what you're saying is, FNARF is Q.

By not replying or denying I'll take that as a yes. (WINK)



@47 So what you’re saying is I intimidate you? Look. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you haven’t been pulling your weight. And in fact you’ve really slacked on the Professor Hiztory envy satire and you need to get back to work.

Also. I don’t know why you got such a bee in your gaping anus. I’m one of the lowest frequency poster here. I have life unlike you shut ins.


Culp Coffee is a knock off of Blak Rifle coffee. He's a tool for sure, but why all teh energy hating on him? Much more fun and interesting to hate on GAetz with his hookers and Molly - way more intersing story.


$18 for a pound of lousy coffee? I'm surprised Culp hasn't come up with a MAGA Rube Blend at that price. Hey Loony Loren-y--offer 'em a buy one, get one at triple price deal! Your fan base will never know.

@11 NoSpin: Yep. Nailed it. :)

@13 kristofarian: I love you, kris! Don't ever stop! :)

@27 Morty: From what is currently being signed into law, it looks like the biden- Harris Administration to working wondering to bring us back ahead of China, financially and economically.

@41 kristofarian: What? Your relatives in Eastern Washington haven't learned anything from deregulated Texas yet? B-b-but winters east of the Cascades are COLD!........

@43 COMTE: I'm surprised Zombie ex-Cop, Loony Loren-y isn't trying to make a dishonest fortune by digging up bags of dirt in his back yard and passing that off as his lousy coffee.

@45 Mr.X: Well said! Agreed and seconded. Bravo and Kudos. No further questions, Your Honor. :)

@51 2CV: I agree with you that Loren Culp and Matt Gaetz are both pathetic slimeball asseroles. What hating re Loony Loren-y, though? I'm still laughing my ass off while rolling my eyes and shaking my head over the following:

1.) Loren Culp, a self-aggrandizing RepubliKKKan Zombie Cop from the tiny Eastern Washington town of Republic, whose sole platform for Governor was to Keep Washington State Unmasked, Dammit!, is still mad because he lost to thrice legitimately-elected Governor Jay Inslee,
2.) Refusing to concede the fair and just election, claiming "Nope--something's fishy", Culp tried to sue Secretary of State Kim Wyman for nonexistent election fraud and was told in court that without any evidence to prove that the 2020 Gubernatorial Election was rigged to dismiss his ridiculous charges, stop wasting taxpayer money, and go home already--it's OVER.
3.) Butt-spanked sore loser Loony Loren-y, tucking his tail between his widdle legs, finally returned home to his one-horse unmasked MAGA hide-y-hole of Republic to find out that the Town Council had defunded its local police force, and that Ferry County deputies covering for Culp during his gubernatorial campaigning "vacation time" cost him his job as sole police officer.

Idiotic spotlight-seeking Trump-copycats like Loren Culp make playing Whack-a-Troll all too easy (See comments such as @45). I'm surprised Loren Culp isn't peddling his lousy coffee at $1,000 a pound.


@52: ARRRGGGHH! Correction, to my comment to Morty @27:
" looks like the Biden-Harris Administration is working wonders to bring us back ahead of China, financially and economically."
So many glaring typos and no red wine yet today.