Slog PM: Call Her By Her African Name, Thandiwe Newton; Seattle Is One of the Most Relaxed Cities in the US; British Columbia Getting Its Ass Kicked by Brazilian Covid Strain



Seattle was pretty great in the 90s. Shit was cheap and there was plenty to do. Remember Sit & Spin?


"Sorry you were fooled
into thinking otherwise."

the Story of our Nation
FOX fake facts & 'prezzes'
and Outsourced Critical Thinking

the Rubes Still 'donating'
to the trumpf Regime?
I'd be Pissed too.


I know Charles is bullshitting. 90’s Seattle was awesome. And he god damned knows it.

And Nirvana wasn’t from Seattle. Jerry Cantrell was from Tacoma. And Soundgarden wrote a thematic love songs to Seattle.


In the mid ''90s, a 1 bedroom apt (wood floors, Cap Hill) was $425 / month. I rented a large basement studio in lower Queen Anne for $435/month.
Thanks for the pronunciation guide.
I would have guessed Mudayday - but now I know better.


When Charles does the news, every item is a pretext stop.




@6: Yeah - even if you don't notice who's doing the news you soon ask yourself "what's going on here?" -- and sure enough it's Charles.


@7. You say that like it's a bad thing.


The best thing in that stupid Seattle twitter thread is this nugget about Tina Bell:


Superman, an alien from space, is not allowed to have a Black grandfather. Interesting logic.


Seattle in the 90's was OK, but Seattle in the 70's was awesome. I just wish that I had been older. So much smut....


Mass shooting in S Carolina.
It's always the Angry White Guy.


@12 -- WHY must the left constantly
POLITICIZE mass murder? NOW is
NOT the Time. 'sides, there's

don't Blame the 300,000,000
Weapons of Mass Destruction.

could have just as Easily been
Kitchen Knives or Baseball bats
what -- you wanna Ban Baseball?



@12: Blast your racist stereotypes. You're wrong:


So, turns out the SC murders were committed by an ex-NFL cornerback who suffered multiple head injuries during his career. It also turns out that, according to the league's own studies, this is the position that statistically suffers the most head injuries in the sport ( Now, as they say "correlation =/= causation", but one has to wonder whether multiple seasons of having his brains scrambled on the field played a contributing factor to this horrible incident.


There was good stuff in the 90's--good rock and roll clubs-Weathered Wall, the aforementioned Sit and Spin, Crocodile, and Under the Rail. Cheaper rents. More and heavier rock bands at the capitol hill block party. On the other hand, less diversity and little to no tolerance for diversity in Corporate Seattle; No light rail.

Today, more expensive and more people, but more tolerance for diversity in Corporate Seattle, the beginnings of a light rail system to allow people to not have to drive, and the NHL:)


Regé-Jean Page probably dodged a bullet by not getting hooked into that SuFy series “Krypton”. No matter how beautiful a man was hired to portray Kal-El’s grandfather it wasn’t going to save that shambolic dog of a show. As usual, the network spent about a billion dollars on cool CGI & SFX, and hiring pretty people for the cast... and about $20 on a plot and script.


Birth name Melanie, daughter of Nick Newton. One drop is a hell of a drug


@1 I bought a drink for Jerry Springer at the sit n spin (this was after the laundry portion was basically gone) on new years eve in 99. That was cool.


The 90's weren't all that bad, Charles. I went back to school initiating my Montgomery G.I. Bill Chapter 30 in the 1990s, after serving four years in the U.S. Navy. I won a new car in the 1990s. I rented a one bedroom apartment with indoor parking garage space for my beloved classic VW in the 1990s--for $425 a month in 1993 up to $560 a month through February, 1997 (this was before winning the additional car). The Mariners were rocking the house and packing the Kingdome, especially in 1995 (Doesn't anybody remember the year of Refuse to Lose ? Randy Johnson's shutouts, Ken Griffey, Jr. getting dogpiled after hitting the winning run, and Joey Cora with tears in his eyes when the M's won their first Division title?).

@1 DOUG, @3 Professor-Hiztory and @4 pat L: Agreed and seconded.

By the way, @1 DOUG: Yes--I DO remember SIt'N'Spin among a lot of things uniquely Seattle. That the Pink Elephant Car Wash has recently been removed and Frederick & Nelson closed in 1993 is heartbreaking.

@11 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I know, right? If I had been a little older, too, like my siblings. Wild legends like Led Zeppelin fishing from their hotel rooms at the Edgewater Hotel on Elliott Bay (pre-70s, actually, on July 27, 1969). The 70s really kicked serious ass, though. That was way back when Northgate was a hip and happening place (with the gruesome exception of Ted Bundy!). We had Frederick & Nelson and The Bon Marche as well as Nordstrom's. The Seattle SuperSonics led by head coach Lenny WIlkins won the NBA Championship in 1979.


For me, it was really the Dubya / Cheney aughts (@2001-2009) that really sucked, starting with my having to flee a toxic marriage with my life in danger. Divorce was the only answer. It would have been a terrible mess if my ex and I had ever had children. By the end of October, 2010 I had lost both my parents and had to put my beloved cat of over 12 years and five months (he was a shelter cat, who lived to 17 years and 8 months in human years!) to sleep.