We already have everything, but we still want more of everything in the transportation budget.
We already have everything, but we still want more of everything in the transportation budget. Charles Mudede

What utterly useless and costly thing is the Washington State Department of Transportation planning to do next? Begin building a new lane on the section of I-5 that passes through downtown Seattle. The lane will open late next year. The lane will solve nothing because lanes are not the problem. Cars are the problem. Cars are the traffic. We have too many of these space-consuming machines in a dense area. This is why, MyNorthwest, "the morning I-5 drive into Seattle is one of the worst congestion spots in the state." It is not a lack of room. More lanes, more parking spots, more and more of what has never (and never will) work.

As for all of you bike obsessives, why the fuck aren't you happy with this bike parking squid/sea monster looking thing in Ballard? Just look at it. Can't you see it's a bleeding work of art?

For the second time this year, Seattle is not the crane capital of the US. That honor goes to Washington, D.C. The nation's capital has 45 cranes. The commercial center of the Pacific Northwest has 43. The same goes for the world's image factory, LA.

As expected, we opened the economy too soon. The cases are going up. And though many of these cases are not caused by the new COVID versions from around the world, if the present increase is not checked, they certainly will be. Inslee tried to dance to the business-as-usual tune. But the virus remains stubbornly deaf to that broken record. And so he said these words with great sadness during a news conference on Thursday: “...we’ve let our guard down to some degree.” Duh, dude.

Is King County on Inslee’s back-stepping list? Not yet, but Pierce County is.

CDC says you can stop washing your hands all of the time. It's now clear to officials in this department that the chances of catching COVID from surfaces tends to be very low. The name of the game for this virus is the air that spittle explodes from and is sucked into the house of the human mouth.

What has been approved by the Washington Senate? A ban on the use of "Native American names, symbols and images as school mascots, logos and team names at most public schools in Washington." If you have been in a coma or out of time in some other way for the past 50 years, welcome to the 21st century. We are still dealing with this shit.

Andrew Coumo? Still in office. Matt Gaetz? Still in office. Is this a post-pussy grabber thing?

I'm not covering the George Floyd trial because it is just too painful to watch. This is why I see a black doctor. I need someone who really understands the kind of social stress daily caused by endlessly racist America. Where is my magnesium powder?

I don't know, reverend.

But, reverend, I do know what this is. It's the equivalent of me with a glass of wine.

Some geezer in England is said to have died in a castle after a long life of not doing that much.

As for the border crisis that's keeping too many white folks up late at night? Still not hearing it.

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Do you really want to know how Kim Kardashian West became a billionaire? Do you really? Does it even really matter? Will it make you live longer? And why did I even bother mentioning it? Because, comrade, we are about to enter the fun part of AM news.

I wanted to end AM with this amazing image:

But instead, I will end with a music video by an emerging Zimbabwean rapper/singer , Tkay Maidza, who currently lives in the Land Down Under and has captured the imagination of one of the greatest American culture critics and philosophers, Steven Shaviro. The video for Maidza's cover a Pixies tune, "Where Is My Mind?"