More unboxing videos from Vivian Hua, please.
More unboxing videos from Vivian Hua, please. Screenshot from NWFF's Instagram
At yesterday's SIFF opening night celebration, executive director Vivian Hua (華婷婷) and Northwest Film Forum received the 2021 Mayor’s Film Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film. Hua—a filmmaker, writer, and organizer in her own right—has been the executive director of NWFF since 2018. During her tenure, Hua and her crew expertly guided the theater on Capitol Hill through an ongoing pandemic that has fundamentally changed the film industry.

“As executive director of Northwest Film Forum, Vivian brings to her role a passion for preserving cultural space, centering work in equity and inclusivity, and finding ways to disrupt oppressive structures," said Durkan in a press release announcing the news.

Over phone, Hua told me she was happy to receive the award, especially as NWFF's first executive director of color. She emphasized the importance of hiring, mentoring, and uplifting people of color in all facets of the film industry. "I want and need to see change structurally," she told me. "Not just in terms of low wage positions, but actual positions of power."

In a fun "unboxing" video, Hua accepted the Dale Chihuly-designed award in front of the box stuffed with packing peanuts it came in. "As we're moving forward with really exciting things in Seattle's film industry... I hope we'll never forget who's always at the table. Who is telling the stories, who is greenlighting projects and why," she said.

Watch the rest of Hua's acceptance speech down below: