It’s like ordering a quad espresso and injecting it straight into your heart.

Taiwanese director I-Fan Wang's first feature film, Get the Hell Out, is based around a group of politicians, legislators, and plebeians who get trapped in a parliament overcome by zombies with "idiot rabies." It's bloody, high-pitched, feverishly paced, and certainly not for everyone.

Some of those not-for people could include:

  • People turned off by excessively squirty blood,
  • Horror bros who want their scary movies to play by a genre rulebook,
  • Puritans who think we should really fuss over the ins and outs of a plot.

    There's a plot just beneath Get the Hell Out's surface, definitely, but it's best to give yourself over to its general, moment-by-moment recklessness. It's not faithful to anything except A! PACE! THAT! WILL! NOT! QUIT! I don't smoke, but I needed a cigarette after watching this 96-minute fist-pump.

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    Things to expect:

  • Zombies (clearly),
  • An office worker with terminal cancer,
  • Gas masks,
  • Muted pastel suits layered over colorful '70s prints,
  • Tiny secret tunnels,
  • Big guns,
  • Men whining like little babies,
  • Twirling,
  • Taiwanese bureaucracy-satire,
  • Hot boys with killer blood.

    As John Waters once said, "Sometimes, stupid and cute ARE enough," which is a lens we should apply to this film. Yes, it is stupid. It can be cute. And it is, for me, more than enough. Chaos can be a virtue!

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