Ready to march again like last year?
Ready to march again like last year? ChrisBoswell / Getty Images

A cop killed a black motorist a few miles from the Derek Chauvin trial. Police in Brooklyn Center, just a few miles from Minneapolis, pulled over 20-year-old Daunte Wright Sunday afternoon, and then shot him. He died within minutes, and a huge angry crowd gathered to protest yet another killing. Police fired tear gas at protestors, and the National Guard appeared to keep protestors at bay. Cops say Wright tried to re-enter the vehicle before they killed him, as if that were a justification. Also this weekend, video circulated around social media of a December traffic stop in which cops threaten a Black and Latino Army officer. So did we learn anything from last summer or no?

Not even Trump will meet with Matt Gaetz. Hahaha, you know it’s bad when even that asshole won’t give you the time of day. Gaetz wanted to meet with the ex-president when news broke of the investigation, according to CNN, but Trump found reasons to be indisposed. (This is a common trope known as “You Have Outlived Your Usefulness," which Gaetz really should have seen coming.) The other fun tidbit buried in the story is that apparently Gaetz hired adult twerp Harlan Hill to be his spokesperson, which is perfect.

Get through this week. Starting on Friday, we’re slated to have unbelievably beautiful weather that will last all weekend long. It’ll be in the mid-70s with clear skies, so whatever roadblocks are holding you down this week, just focus on getting through them — you've got some amazing free days just around the corner. Maybe take a sick day on Friday off if you can? If you’ve got suggestions for good things to do this weekend, please tweet them at me and I’ll do a little roundup of “Stranger readers recommend the following.”

A mass shooting in the Central District. Four people were injured in a shooting on Sunday, including a 2-year-old girl. It happened at South Jackson Street and 23rd Ave, and the 2-year-old is in critical condition. Other mass shootings this weekend included 3 injured and 1 dead in Kansas; 3 injured and 1 dead in Missouri; 3 injured and 1 dead in Tennessee; and four injured in Michigan. Last week Biden proposed some new gun-control measures that amount to tiny regulatory tweaks.

Why did this guy think it was OK to photoshop smiles onto genocide victims? In an absolutely unbelievable violation of … well … everything, a photo-restorer in Ireland photoshopped happy smiles onto the faces of people killed by the Khmer Rouge, and then supplied the photos to Vice. Cambodian leaders denounced the images, which have since been removed. It’s just absolutely unthinkable.

This weekend’s “White Lives Matter” rallies were kind of a bust. As hoped, nobody really showed up for the various racist rallies around the country. This doesn’t mean racism is solved, of course, but at least enough people were ashamed enough of it that they didn’t want to be seen in public. Meanwhile, a BLM protest in Westlake on Sunday went relatively smoothly. Some members of a group dressed in black bloc "threw eggs at a car, and later at a woman who stopped near the group and shouted that she was proud of being white."

The Washington Department of Transportation is planning a new attack on Downtown Seattle. The state will widen I-5 in downtown Seattle in an attempt to reduce traffic backups, which as we all know always works and never causes even more traffic. According to WSDOT officials, backups happen because the highway was designed in the 1950s, when nobody knew how big Seattle would become, which is certainly true — Seattle is bigger than it was 70 years ago, but that means I-5 should be reduced, not enlarged. Highways are for suburbs, not cities. Meanwhile, Sound Transit's light rail service will begin between the U District and Northgate on October 2 (under budget), and kicks off three years of massive light rail expansion with new stations opening every few months through 2024.

An international year-long game of telephone just completed. Crosscut has a compelling writeup about an art project that, as far as I can make out, involved various artists making work, then showing it to other artists, who then made their own work inspired by what they saw, and then passed it along, and so on and so on. This went on for a year, and as of this weekend the results are available to browse on a website that is even more conceptual than you probably imagined.

Lake Washington Blvd is open, but only until April 18. One of the loveliest Healthy Streets in the city (and state, country, world, etc) will be accessible to all for the next week. Enjoy it while you can, because SDOT is planning to ruin it by bringing in cars after next weekend. Also this month, protected (!!!) bike lanes are finally coming to E Union Street.

Speaking of the U District… A street race got a little ugly this weekend, with a crowd flipping and then destroying a car. When cops arrived everyone ran, and there were no arrests. Great job, cops!!! Also, they were unable to figure out whose car it was. Just really fantastic detective work all around, there.

Another perfect Bowen Yang skit this week. This isn’t just good by SNL standards, it’s good by Kids in the Hall standards. I would pay for a service that alerts me anytime Bowen appears in something, whether it’s an SNL skit, a promo for Squarespace, or someone’s dreams.

Love Slog AM/PM?

I have successfully completed my first Tim Tam slam. A friend sent me a box of Australian candy last week and I streamed a reaction video, then he streamed a reaction video to my reaction video. Turns out using a chocolate wafer as a straw to drink hot chocolate is good actually!!!