Anthony Keo

Hey, Sloggers!

When was the last time we checked in with each other? It's been too long. Let's fix that.

As you probably read already this week, we're asking our Slog readers a few essential questions, like:

  • How do you feel about comments on Slog posts?
  • Do you miss reading reviews of local bands?
  • Or do you come to Slog just for the sex talk?

    Those are some of the questions that come up in this year's reader survey—a survey we've made very easy for you to fill out. There are only ten straightforward questions, and you can browse them all right here, right beneath this paragraph. We're also offering free tickets to SPLIFF 2021 and HUMP's Greatest Hits as thanks for sending us your thoughts. (Are your thoughts too big for one survey? Then send us a letter at

    And HEADS-UP: Everyone who contributes to The Stranger during April will get a first look at our 2021 Reader Survey takeaways. It doesn't matter if you contribute a few bucks or a thousand — we appreciate that you're keeping local journalism alive. Thank you so much for your support and participation.

    You've got until Monday, April 26 to take this survey. Let's get it started!

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