Slog AM: Bernie Madoff Is Dead, Portland Police Union Building Burns, Bachelor Star Comes out as Gay



nathalie, reporting the news: "here is a thing that happened yesterday"

@1, you, the most tedious person on earth: WhY ArE YoU RePorTiNg THiS yOu SHoULd WriTe aN Op Ed To ChANgE TeH LaW

she's literally just doing her job buddy wtf is your excuse


"Former Bachelor comes out as gay: Colton Underwood"
Well with a name like 'Colton Underwood' he just could not help himself.


two words rainmist
letter to the edititor
a little Pro Bono's
Good for the Soul.


«Gun or taser?»
I did watch bodycam video. No way the officer thought her gun was a taser. Only if she had never seen a gun or taser in her life would that story be plausible.


Love the phone booths. Would make a great lawn ornament or maybe a greenhouse if put in a row.


@5 -- always figured
they were Urinals
with Change
my bad.



@4: Nevertheless, it's happened multiple times before. There's a NYT story about that. So why?

It is always plausible that humans make mistakes. Under stress our sensory and brain functions are not always predictable. From deleting the wrong file, to missing the clearly marked off ramp, etc, to doing something as horrific as this. I'm not making excuses. Morty also said this is plausible.

An android cop would not have make this mistake.


It’s possible she got confused but negligence is not an excuse for anyone on the job, let alone someone whose negligence can result in someone’s death.

It’s not great that police carry both lethal & non lethal weapons that can be confused with each other. Is it not possible to make a taser that has a different grip or weight that is distinguishable from a gun? Can they holster it somewhere else on their body? Granted this doesn’t seem to happen very often but if it happens at all the consequences are serious enough to try to prevent it.


“Daunte Wright, who was killed by police officer Kim Potter, who was also a police union president.”

yeah she couldda been Acting
or she couldda been pre-stressed
god knows why but that Shit Happens
and what a Shitty place for it to show up
we may never Know.

but now
he’s Gone.

and her the President of perhaps thee most Corrupt of all Unions, defending the IN-Defensible since . . . the dawning of Slave Patrols, their Apologists and White (-sheeted, for Liability purposes) [like an LLCorps] Terrorists.

Slave Patrols gotta Go
let’s re-Think the Po-po.


@8: Eliminate the taser!

Why do we need this force to take someone into custody when simple running and tackling can do the job?

Reid and Malloy on Adam-12 took down hundreds without one.


That Ramadan video was really interesting. Being a morning person, I loved hearing the birds in the background and seeing the sunrise over the horizon while folks walked in to worship. The other cool thing was seeing this ancient building surrounded by modern cranes building the rest of the city. I look forward to traveling in the middle east some day.


Thoughts and prayers for the well-insured property that is valued more than human life.


You know those Muslims are doing great social distancing but you do know "break fast" means "to eat," right Natalie? So mecca is going to turn into the biggest restaurant/soup kitchen on the planet. Meaning everyone is going to take of their fucking masks. Just remember that the next time you want to shriek about people eating in restaurants and going to worship in the US.


7 An android cop would not have make this mistake.

Android cops will just step on everyones necks, regardless of skin color. That's one way to solve racism in policing I guess.


@14 -- they're gonna make you
an Honorary Guild Member!



^take off*


@14 I appreciate the equality of that approach but you remember how all those sci fi movies end right?


@11 The middle east is incredible. If you are young never wait to travel.

If you have the money (even if you do not there are ways) or the time do it as soon as you can. People like to say "the world will be waiting for you." But it will not.

One of my very favorite places is... was... Aleppo. It was a beautiful, kind, ancient city. In some places it was as magnificence as Paris. With food and culture to rival the best in the world. And it was excruciatingly cheap. My parents told me the same thing about Lebanon.

And all of that is gone now. Ground into dirt. That city will never be the same. Hopefully they will rebuild something better. But it will take decades.

The world is not as stable or static as we want to believe and even cities can be rendered into dust. Sic Transit Gloria and all that.

Once this pandemic is done you MUST travel. Because who knows what will happen. Find anyway you can.


@13 we do not have control over pandemic policies in Saudi Arabia. But we do here.

And the Arabian peninsula has been pretty good so far at keeping a lid on the Pandemic compared to the US. Though numbers are ticking up due to variants.

At, as of Monday, 24.86 new cases per 100K in SA.
Compared to 215.21 new cases per 100K in the US.

So. Yeah. I think there's still reason to "shriek" about the morons in the US.


7 Did not happen that way in this instance. Taser = cover story. She squeezed off a round because "contempt of cop".


13 they’re congregating outdoors while maintaining distance just like we’ve been doing here for most of the pandemic. Saudi arabia is an authoritarian hellscape but at least their citizens can obey simple public health protocols without feeling persecuted by them.

It’s not a great look for christians when they throw a tantrum bc they are asked to try to not kill people in the practice of their faith.


@18: "Once this pandemic is done you MUST travel. Because who knows what will happen. Find anyway you can."

This is excellent advice. Climate change is going to ruin the world as we know it. As long as international jet travel is involved, why not do the most the effective thing you can to make your own contribution toward hastening climate change?

I'm sure Greta Thunberg won't approve. But face it. She's a bit of a prude anyway.


Thanks for the advice Professor, the places you described sound amazing. I've definitely seen a fair amount in my day, but still have Africa, South America and the Middle East as open slots.

I'm not quite sure if I understand your post Cressona, so I'll just say this. I strongly believe in climate change and do my best to reduce my foot print, but the value of people traveling abroad and seeing how the rest of the world functions is more important than cutting out international flights. I have no data to back this up, but I'd be willing to bet the most conservative Americans have never left the US, and if they have, never ventured out of their all-inclusive resort (that kind of travelling does not count)!


@22 --- then perhaps they too
might Travel as Greta does:
put up a Sign at the
Marina: will work
for Transpo


@22 Individual contributions to climate change are corporate lobbyist propaganda to induce cynicism, division and guilt in consumers rather than implement institutional level changes that have real impact. In fact most of the climate crisis is caused by a handful of corporations and that is where we should focus our ire.

Individual recreational air travel is a tiny fraction of the problem. All aviation accounts for only 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. Consumer recreational air travel maybe half of that.

Right now the device you are using not only contributes (in the aggregate with server farms etc) to climate change but also to the waste of strategic minerals and near slave labor to mine and refine them. You really should stop posting in light of this.

Hell. You might as well tell him not to heat his home or use lights. Electricity & heat contribute 24.9%! Industry 14.7%.

All transportation is only 14.3%.



That's an excellent point that needs to be reiterated every time one of our resident mouth-breathers gets into a lather about "senseless property destruction" or what-not:

Property is insured and once destroyed can be repaired or replaced quite easily; a human being once destroyed can never be replaced.


@23 I've only been to North Africa - Egypt and Morocco. Both are fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about Morocco.

Otherwise Africa has only been a stop here and there. I'd hoped to get to Madagascar soon. But that's not an easy place to get to. My brother in law is organizing a trip. So we will see.

Israel is really beautiful with amazing food, but... you know... Israelis. Who are the most god damned stressful high energy people on earth to be around and there is no such thing as relaxing. It's still totally worth it. Especially if you're single. They party like crazy and those people are horny. My wife and I went there last many years ago when we still possessed a little residual youthful sex appeal and got hit on constantly. Which was very flattering for me. Her, not so much.

Jordan pretty similar though more laid back.

Syria was incredible. And it makes me sad that it's half destroyed. I had a few old friends made homeless or killed by the war.

Not spent much time in Lebanon. But it's the best food I've had anywhere in the world. I mean that. I'm definitely going back one day.

If you like a sanitized luxury theme park version of Las Vegas then the Emirates/UAE are for you. Not my thing at all. Kuwait is awful. But that might be the time and context of when I was there.

I lived in Central America briefly when I was a kid and have gone back to Costa Rica and Panama a couple times. And I'd live in Bocas Del Torro is it wasn't infested with Canadian and Floridian refugees. About the most chill place you can imagine. That and the cloud forest totally worth it even if touristy.

South America. Been to Columbia and Argentina/Patagonia. And if you like untamed almost fantasy frontier like nature and fishing then southern Argentina is for you. And Buenos Aires is really fun and old world. Like a shabby Madrid. Also incredible food and ridiculously sexy people. Like how is it all those people are so hot all the time?

Haven't been to Brazil, Bolivia, or Peru yet. But I have a plan to get to the Galapagos December of 2022 if all goes well.

It's beautiful rock we live on and everyone should try to see as much of it as they can.


@26: "Individual contributions to climate change are corporate lobbyist propaganda to induce cynicism, division and guilt in consumers rather than implement institutional level changes that have real impact."

Exactly. Whenever one of these annoying vegans tells me about the enormous impact that the individual decision to eat meat has on the planet, I just say, "Excuse me, I can't hear you. I'm too busy enjoying my steak."

And don't get me started on all the density nuts who are jealous of my sweet McMansion. Freedom!

BTW, already booked my flight to Tahiti. I'm looking forward to seeing Tahiti while there still is a Tahiti. "Hey, Tahiti, if you think my visiting you is destroying you, maybe you should institute some 'institutional changes' to stop me from visiting you." No, you say? Yeah, didn't think so.


@30 While I of all people enjoy good sarcasm and snarky online cruelty, If you're going to do it effectively you have to first establish what side of the line you are actually satirizing. And above all — have a punchline.

IOW you can't just aim a shot gun indiscriminately and not seem like another trolling "both sider-ism" prick which we have too many of here. Otherwise we just kind of scratch our heads and go "Okay. Sure."


@31, this is an excellent point. As important an issue as some may consider climate change to be (big nothing-burger in my book), it pales in comparison to the question of who's being a jerk on the Slog comment threads.

BTW, I've come to believe that my online behavior makes no difference whatsoever. If we truly want to change the tenor of the Internet, we have to look toward the actions of those few powerful corporations controlling social media. In case I'm being obtuse, very similar actually to: "In fact most of the climate crisis is caused by a handful of corporations and that is where we should focus our ire."


7 And methinks the DA ain't buying that story either:
«Police officer who killed Daunte Wright will face second-degree manslaughter charges» - WaPo


Using someone’s comment about post-pandemic travel as a springboard to air all of my grievances with humanity. This might seem a little extreme to the casual observer but trust me those vegans know what they did!


@32 Hahaha. So you admit your comments were nothing but empty concern trolling and Tu Quoque logical fallacies?

Though I applaud your honesty, then shut the fuck up. Because in that light your axe-grinding shit-posting makes even less sense. Especially this opaque pointless whatever it is.

Like, I don't mind good snark even if it's simply intended to evade and deflect a superior argument. But if you're going to do that — BE FUNNY.

"BTW, I've come to believe that my online behavior makes no difference whatsoever."

On that we certainly agree. Like, it certainly has made no impact on anyone here.

But why are you here? I get no sense of anything behind your words. Just a smug void. So I guess this is just some sort of compulsive brain diarrhea. Because as you go on you make less and less sense and stink like shit more and more.


yep, Professor you're
likely gonna self-fulfill your
Prophecy of Death to Schlog.

somehow seems a Shame, to me.


@34 Yeah. Somebody has to peel that onion for me.

I'm no world class dialectician, but that dude's comments may as well be generated by a Sean Hannity Markov text generator. "IF: YOU SAY X; THEN: I MAKE JOKE ABOUT 'EATING STEAK TO VEGAN!' HAH!"

I mean there's nouns and verbs in there but I don't have a wingnuttian enough cypher key to translate it into a point.


@33 - Actually, the DA is buying her story, hence the 2nd-Degree Manslaughter charge. If the DA thought it was intentional, it would be a straight-up Murder charge. On the bright side, the burden of proof for 2nd-Degree Manslaughter is much lower than for Murder. We should actually see a conviction.


@36 Why? You could finally use the time to publish a book of poetry or something. Your talent is sort of wasted here on SLOG.


@12/28 not all property is insured 100% and even items that are still take time to rebuild which equates to lost revenue for a business that can never be recouped. I'd love to know how smashing up property in Seattle actually saves lives as I have yet to see any impact whatsoever from these repeated actions. Saying property matters more than people only serves to try to morally justify the actions of those who are victimizing innocent people. If you need to protest injustice by committing injustice upon others then your protest is meaningless.


Morty @38 - I checked out Minnesota 609.205 and this is the lowest charge for causing a death and specifically includes things like negligently a person believing that person to be a deer or other animal, and death by negligently failing to properly contain a dog that you know is dangerous. Going "up" from there is Manslaughter 1, and Murder 3, 2, &1. If this doesn't result in conviction... wow.


"negligently shooting a person believing that person to be a deer or other animal"


BTW the actual standard for 2nd Degree Manslaughter [609.205(1)] she is charged with is "(1) by the person's culpable negligence whereby the person creates an unreasonable risk, and consciously takes chances of causing death or great bodily harm to another." Sorry to dominate the thread here...


@40: Conflating two discordant or incongruous things (@12) into a snarky quip comes across as profound and insightful to plebeians (@28), but most of us know better.


No reports of unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the cop who shot Jacob Blake has been cleared of any wrongdoing and is back to his normal duties. Could it be that the way to handle this kind of disorder is to elect a mayor and district attorney who actually have some balls?


WenWino @45, I've got to stand up for Professor_Hiztory here. Nobody should have to worry about the climate impacts of their personal behavior, and anybody who thinks otherwise is just a nagging busybody. (Insert unattractive picture of Thunberg, Greta here.)

My thinking is, you only live once. Those sweet, sweet fossil fuels can only be consumed once. And once you're dead, the charred ruins of our biosphere (or former biosphere) are somebody else's problem.


@45 Ok ok. We can go on a date. Sheesh. You wore me down. But you’re paying.

And next time you say “goodbye,” mean it.


@47 Man oh man. I feel like the Bell of the Ball. So much attention from so many boys!

I only wish they could communicate with out coming off like they’ve had a stroke or I just fucked their mom’s (hint: I did).


@49: Belle.


@50 thank you. “Belle.”

@51 Oh Princess. How many times are you running to your room and slamming the door? It sort of undercuts your petulant “Good Day, Sir! I said GOOD DAY!” When you keep coming back begging for attention.



Why not just take a page from his own book and block his comments? Here's the script he recommends using:

Prior to you becoming obsessed w/ him, I feel like your commentary was worthwhile. It's quickly become dreadfully dull and tiresome.


@23 - I've done a fair bit of travelling overseas, and you run into too many Americans all over the world. I bet I can count the number of people from red states I've met on my fingers and toes. I'm trying to remember where I was when I was asked, by one of the locals, "How did Bush get elected in America? I have never met anyone who supports him."


@54 yes, that would explain a great deal.

You know I have never ever claimed to be “normal.” And Cheesecake, if you’re looking for “normal” on SLOG you are barking up the wrong blog. And who are you to say?

But enough about that. Seriously. What is going on here? I have a feeling you get a lot of restraining orders.

Your amateur diagnostics does not explain why you are constantly and simultaneously obsessed with me and then saying your leaving... and... here you are. Jesus. If there was a sound track here it would be the sad Charlie Brown music and a cuckoo clock.

I think you better start worrying about me less and yourself a great deal more. It’s not healthy, Sunshine.

Now you’re making me depressed. So for your sake I’m a gonna plonk you. Because. Well. Come on. I’m not the only one that thinks this? Am I?


The Portland Police Union building caught fire? Heavens, what are we coming to?

It's almost like the Portland Police Union just got wise to insurance fraud....



Then what, pray tell, is the point of even attempting to train frail, easily startled humans to respond differently in a stressful situation if all they're going to do is ignore all that training and just pop a cap in some(POC)ones ass every time they do something even slightly unexpected? Shit, what's the point of having cops at all if they can't even be trained in such a manner?

I guess all that desensitizing training is just futile bullshit, amiright?


@58 I suppose you could say that about any occupational training that fails to be 100% perfect and results in a death. What happened is a tragedy and the officer was rightly charged in the death but I’d wager statistically the percentage of times LE training has resulted in a death is infinitely small but that wouldn’t be as good of a narrative would it? Much easier to paint all law enforcement with a broad brush. Looking forward to the day we apply the same standard to other groups.


Anyone want to place bets on whether Professor_Hiztory and WenWino are the same person?



I'm pretty sure murder 2 and 3 are actually the same crimes as manslaughter 2 and 3. It's just that some states call it murder and some call it manslaughter. So a state that has 2nd degree manslaughter won't have 2nd degree murder.

All 1st degree murder is called that in every state though.

Pretty sure that's correct but I am not a lawyer either.


@62: I doubt it, that would be really creative writing/sockpuppetry.



"Saying property matters more than people only serves to try to morally justify the actions of those who are victimizing innocent people."

I think you have this backwards, as I presume you meant "saying property matters LESS than people..." otherwise your "argument" is self-contradictory and makes no sense.

And in any case it's really irrelevant and frankly just deflection. The point being that things CAN be replaced; people CAN'T. If you showed as much outrage for the innocent people being brutalized and murdered on a daily basis by rogue authoritarianists as you do for business owners occasionally suffering a comparatively far lesser degree of property damage, maybe you'd get that, but clearly you don't.



Because LEO's have the literal power of life and death, and yet they are almost never held to account when they commit either errors or deliberate actions that result in fatalities.

In every example you cite either the individual or the vehicle they're operating is insured against such eventualities, and in situations where they are found at-fault they can held civilly or criminally liable for the loss of life. Cops in most instances literally have blanket immunity from such prosecution, as this current example shows: charges weren't brought against the officer until AFTER she resigned her position and was no longer protected by the Qualified Immunity doctrine. Had she remained on the force, it's entirely likely - as established by long practice - that she would never have been charged, in part at least for the very reasons you maintain. This is particularly germane given how many use-of-force reviews are conducted internally by the police themselves; or if an external civilian board exists, are entirely dependent on information provided by the very entity they are supposed to be reviewing - the equivalent of foxes watching the proverbial hen house. And we all know how resistant cops are to civilian oversight of their actions.

Now, if you want to debate the relative merits of requiring LEA's to insure their line officers in a similar fashion as a surgeon or airline pilot or driver that would be fine, but given the number of well-documented fuck ups committed by cops on an almost daily basis, doing so would hugely escalate police department budgets, and of course some citizens would be up-in-arms over shouldering those additional costs. OTOH, doing so might entail redirecting funding away from the decades long move towards arming cops as if they're about to resist some third-world uprising (which I imagine is exactly how many of them perceive it), so that would just be an added side benefit.