Jess Stein

"Catch Me in the Zoom Call..."
Very me.
Very me. JK
Thanks Cat Frazier! Are there services that allow you to pay for someone to stand in for you during a Zoom call?

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I've been thinking a lot about this piece of video art that Rich Smith captured early on in the pandemic—this would definitely keep my attention:

"The World Will Disappear..."
We stan Sailor Moon on this blog.
We stan Sailor Moon on this blog. JK
I need to know who made this sparkly piece of art!

"Death to Capitalist Witchcraft"
Doesnt this look like its glowing?
Doesn't this look like it's glowing? JK
Stop trying to flip a buck on something that's beyond our conception of money.

"The Person Above Me Eats Ass"
If this is meant as an insult, its not!
Useful! JK
If this is meant as an insult, it's not. If it's meant as a compliment, well, right on.

"Sugar Puppy Llama Unicorn Piñata???"
I squealed!
I squealed! JK
Ok, is this a puppy, llama, unicorn, or a piñata??? Email me.

UPDATE: It's a lamb, right? This is the second time I've confused a lamb with a dog in this sticker column.

UPDATE: No, it's an alpaca? Which is basically a llama?

"Defending Capitalism on the Internet?"
That could not be me.
That could not be me. JK
I'm sure some Republican blowhards disagree. I should also note that this is a reference to a David Allan Coe song that drops the n-word and part of a whole era of Coe's music that's racist as fuck. Is that country?

Good to know! JK
I take issue with the latter part of the definition, but boop is fun to say. I'm quite sure this is from Boop Seattle, a dog walking service.

"Smoke This! Not That!"
Hmmmm JK

"Green Person"
Nice. JK
This looks like a painting! Who did it?

"Smile! Jesus Loves You."
Does he though.
Does he though. JK
I keep seeing this sticker around Capitol Hill. Spotted this one on a dog poop trash can :)

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at