Slog AM: We're Close to Going Back to Phase 2, Closing Arguments in the Chauvin Trial, and SPD Keeps Getting Into Trouble



RE: Chauvin murder trial:

"defense attorneys said Floyd’s drug use and exhaust from the police car killed him"

Even if true, that's still manslaughter.


The recent changes to the homelessness charter amendment actually make it more oriented towards housing the homeless. You might not think that's compassionate, but I do, and so do the nine not-for-profits that advised on the amendment. I look forward to substantive analysis of the amendment from the Stranger, but please don't off-handedly diss it just because the business community is behind it.

Here's what the not-for-profits said (as quoted in the Seattle Times):

“'As a result … we are optimistic that this effort recognizes the scope and scale of what must be done to make real progress toward ending homelessness,' said the statement from the Chief Seattle Club, Downtown Emergency Service Center, Evergreen Treatment Services, FareStart, Housing Development Consortium, Plymouth Housing, Public Defender Association, Uplift Northwest and United Way of King County.

"The revised measure 'moves away from removing encampments in favor of providing what people experiencing chronic homelessness need to be stably housed,' the nonprofits said."


Looks like that EventBrite registration site for the police dinner at the Hyatt is wide open- around 200 slots are open each night! Sure would be a shame if hundreds of people registered who had no intention of showing up...


3 - Even better if those 200 invitees gave their tickets to the Bellevue Homeless shelter.


You can plant radish in succussion all summer,<3 and snap peas too!


@2 you're in the wrong place if you want substantive analysis of a divisive issue. I'd look more for moral indignation centered around several common logical fallacies (my favorites are the strawman and the false dichotomy) peppered with a healthy dose of snark and derision for those promoting the initiative. None the less it should be an interesting campaign and I look forward to watching it play out.


I don't really see how "My client just held the deceased head near the tailpipe of a car for 9 minutes until the carbon monoxide killed him" is really a defense.


5 - We got peas and tomatoes in as of yesterday.
6 - Yes! But I do think he homeless will be more likely to show up. They are hungry.


And George Floyd got whacked by natural causes.


I'm sure there's a good answer to this, but: why can't the governor, in lieu of shutting down businesses, simply require that people provide proof of vaccination as a condition of entry?


12 - Fake vaccination cards are already circulating...



Not to mention that even if you have a legit card you can just write in a second dose with a fake batch number - I had to write in my own info after receiving my 1st jab at North Seattle College last week. And it's not like most establishments are going to be able to cross-check to verify accuracy.



And these are mostly the same people who scream like a cookie-deprived toddler at anyone who they think is "getting something for nothing". Meanwhile, they'd cheat their own grandparents out of their life savings if they thought they could get away with it.


@11: I trust that's a sarcastic exercise.


Looks like Inslee dumped his bike.


I got my first jab yesterday... and the nurse, bless her heart, misspelled my first name on my vax certificate. A first name that's been in the top 20 most common baby names for many consecutive decades. Ah well, probably doesn't matter.


Pretty sure the Charter Amendment by Initiative for the Homeless group is violating the Washington State Constitution.

It's not a single issue charter amendment.

Try stupid tricks, join Eyman in Chair Jail.


Rainmist ... But it's so much more fun criticizing than being thankful Chicago considered the housing addition in the first place! As a bonus, they made a smart economical decision to keep at 5 stories or less. Chicago has it's issues, but calling out those libraries is not one of them.


21, Florida has been lying about their rates since day 1. The governor sent armed goons to threaten one of the data scientists for speaking out. It's been a whole thing.


@26: An unfortunate proclivity the NY governor shares with the FL governor.


Funny you should mention beaches (tho it was Alki). I went by Golden Gardens Saturday and there were enough maskless idiots standing 2" apart to put us back into Phase 2 with no help from anyone else.


inslee lost a ton of credibility when he allowed indoor dining to return at all. at this point he looks ridiculous saying "take it outside!" over and over without even remotely touching on the disconnect btw that and indoor dining.

obviously $$ is ruling all of these decisions, not worker/consumer safety.


@4 Yeshua and @6 Professor_Hiztory: Good ideas! Agreed and seconded.

@16 & @17 COMTE: BINGO--nailed it.

@21 rainmist it again, folks! You really should stop hanging out with Elmer. Ron De Santis is a grossly incompetent Trumpist MAGA-rube. See comments @25 Professor_Hiztory and @26 Brent Gumbo, provided you're not illiterate.

@30 dvs99: Woefully sad, but true. Then those same maskless idiots standing 2" apart at Golden Gardens will be the first ones whining when they suddenly can't go to their favorite bars and restaurants for indoor service.

@31 guesty: Note that the majority of counties (i.e., Cowlitz, Pierce, and Whitman) and communities (like Everett, Oak Harbor, and Lynden) in Washington State having to return to Phase 2 are largely populated by stubbornly "I have the right not to mask or get vaccinated" RepubliKKKan voters. And Governor Jay Inslee is rightfully calling these counties and communities out on it.


Poor Morty. He must be shaking his head over all the police corruption and scandal nationwide.

Derek Chauvin MUST rot in prison and then in hell. If that racist POS murderer gets off, then the judge and jury did not do their job.