It's probably worth noting that the Court struck down the law not because they thought it would a "cool" think to do but because it was flat out unconstitutional as written in that it criminalized unwitting conduct. The Legislature didn't need to see this as a "gift" to change drug laws; they don't need anyone's permission but their own.

Having said that, it's certainly worth looking at decriminalizing personal use so long as we can keep drug users' actions from becoming more of a problem for others than they already are. And I seriously doubt that anyone is going to do any real time for drug possession cases in the district courts, whether or not they have a theoretical sentence of a year. The judges there will surely give them the time as suspended jail time & order them into treatment as they do now with alcohol violators (DUI etc.).


No wonder Seattle, and pretty much the rest of Washington, is falling apart. Yet another clear sign of poor government caused by incompetent and/or corrupt people in it for the money.


@2 - how was poor drafting of a bill caused by people "in it for the money?" I suppose our Legislators must be making all their decisions while thinking of that handsome $56,000 salary. Not to mention the campaign contributions from drug users.

Or maybe your complaint is that our Court actually made a decision based on what is Constitutional?

In any event, your prediction (along with so many others) of Seattle's demise is unwarranted. As to the rest of Washington, we certainly do have areas that are doing their best to trash society. You might want to google "votes for Culp."

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