Please get your fucking shot.
Please get your fucking shot. JEFF SWENSEN/GETTY IMAGES

Ohio police kill teenage girl: Yesterday afternoon, Columbus, Ohio police responded to a call from a person who said, "females were there trying to stab them and put their hands on them," according to Columbus Interim Police Chief Michael Woods. According to the police, when cops arrived, they saw a girl attempting to stab another girl. Police told her to get down. She lunged toward a different girl. An officer fired four shots at her, killing her. She was 15. The police released bodycam footage of the killing just hours after it happened.

Department of Justice opens investigation in Minneapolis police: One day after ex-Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts for the murder of George Floyd, the DOJ announced it will be investigating whether the MPD has a pattern of excessive use of force.

Meeting vax goals: The U.S. is on pace to meet President Joe Biden's goal of administering 200 million vaccines in his first 100 days of office. Today, Biden is going to discuss how he'll drive up vaccination rates even further. By the end of May, the U.S. should have enough vaccine supply for every U.S. adult to get a jab.

But not every U.S. adult wants the shot: Around 50% of adults have had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. That's great, but many adults don't want the vaccine at all. Now "state health officials, business leaders, policymakers, and politicians" must figure out how to convince the skeptical and the indifferent to take the shot. According to the New York Times, if it takes too long to reach herd immunity, then new variants could develop and the vaccine would be rendered useless. The powers that be are going to try to tackle this problem like a get-out-the-vote door-knocking effort. Will it work?

Another dry, sunny day: I must say that I am loving the sun, though I will accept the rain when it comes.

Firefighters wish for rain: An Auburn brush fire that started Saturday is still burning. While it was 75% contained as of Tuesday night, firefighters are counting on cooler, wetter weather to help beat back the blaze.

Seattle traffic is back: Long evening commute times are almost back to pre-pandemic levels. However, the Seattle Department of Transportation said downtown traffic is still down 30% from 2019 levels. That could explain why morning commutes still aren't that bad—people are still working remotely.

Some traffic this morning: Tacoma traffic is another animal all together.

No guns at the Capitol: The Washington state Legislature approved a bill that bans the open carry of weapons at the Capitol, on the Capitol's surrounding grounds, or at any public demonstration across the state. Gov. Jay Inslee still needs to sign the bill.

One person arrested in Seattle protests: According to SPD, the cops arrested one protester last night for "obstruction." A group of protesters marched downtown and a hoard of SPD bike cops trailed them. The cops used a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) to project warnings and promises that SPD was committed to preserving the First Amendment.

Here's SPD just going down neighborhood streets broadcasting these messages: "The Seattle Police Department takes seriously its responsibility and commitment to support and facilitate the exercise of these [First Amendment] rights in a fair and equitable manner without consideration as to content or political affiliation with as hospitable a footprint as possible." Somehow, the police blasting this preemptively feels um... not good? Yeah, feels bad, actually.

Trump administration spent $1.3 billion on vaccine syringes: But the syringes haven't been made. Around a year ago, Trump awarded nearly $1.3 billion in federal loans and contracts to beef up syringe supply and help the future vaccine rollout. The company that was supposed to make these syringes, ApiJect, hasn't even gotten the first approvals it needs to start the syringe-making process. The new facility the company was going to use to make the syringes hasn't even been built yet. And it's looking like nobody actually even needs these syringes, since the vaccine rollout has been functioning just fine without ApiJect.

Thank you, I guess, OJ: OJ Simpson says Derek Chauvin "deserves" to be convicted for George Floyd's death

Los Angeles must find shelter for every homeless person on Skid Row: As part of a lawsuit against homelessness in LA, a judge ordered that LA city and county must find shelter for all unhoused women and children in the Skid Row area of downtown within 90 days and shelter all other unhoused people in that area by mid-October. The judge's ruling came one day after LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said he would spend $1 billion on getting people off the streets this year.

Italy cracks down on bad gelato: The Italian Senate is considering a law that would crack down on bad ice cream. If passed, the law would fine ice-cream sellers who pump too much compressed air into their ice cream in order to make the stuff look fluffier. Sellers could be fined $15,000.


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Biden is expected to announce new climate change goals tomorrow: According to the New York Times, Biden will announce sweeping changes to the U.S.'s emission reduction goals and will aim to cut emissions by almost half by 2030.

Subaru recalls nearly 900,000 vehicles: Subaru is recalling vehicles because engines in certain cars may stall or the rear suspension may fall off. I'm no car expert, but I don't think you ever want any part of your car to fall off. Anyway, Subaru is recalling "more than 466,000 Crosstrek SUVs from 2018 and 2019 and Impreza cars from 2017 through 2019," according to NBC News.

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