Jess Stein

"Being Queer Doesn't Give You a Free Pass to Be Racist"
You cant scratch it out!
You can't scratch it out! JK
Many queer people need to hear this!!! There have been a lot of variations on this sticker around my neighborhood, and it remains true!

Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Halloween party returns to Seattle Center October 29 –31!
A weekend of art, performance, readings, & more! Festival ends at Seattle's sexiest Halloween party.
"We've Beat 'Em Before"
Nothing was beaten.
Nothing was beaten. JK
Sure, Trump is out of office, but his supporters are still bumping around across the country, staffing our local police stations and considering runs for office. Racism, ableism, xenophobia, misogyny, and homophobia are all fundamentally rooted in American identity and politics. Liberals have not triumphed over any of these fucks—they are still there!

"No Pebble Mine"
This is dumb of me, but I thought this had to do with a Mario game lol.
This is dumb of me, but I thought this had to do with a Mario game lol. JK
These stickers are part of a campaign composed of Alaska Natives, environmentalists, and the fishing industry to stop the construction of Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. They say if built the mine "would poison Bristol Bay, weaken Alaska’s economy, and threaten our way of life." Back in November, the developer was denied a key permit, which undermined the project, but the government has granted the developer an appeal to the decision this month. Fingers crossed those fuckers get denied.

Hot. JK
How I'm trying to be post-pandemmy.

"...I Give Up"
Sorry for the blur.
Sorry for the blur. JK
Thanks Inspirational Grindo.

"Sexy Wolf"
Look at this sexy wolf!
Look at this sexy wolf! JK
This is a safe space for suggestive stickers.

"If I Can't Hear Your Heartbeat..."
Why did weird posts from family acquaintance on Facebook pop up in my brain.
This seems like it should be on Facebook.. JK
It's been a long time since I've seen a Pon & Zi comic.

"Fuck Seattle Police"
An old one.
An old one. JK
Seemed relevant today.

"Subliminal Message Brought to You By..."
Stickers are subliminal.
Stickers are subliminal. JK
Thank you to the prolific Ryan Henry Ward for this one.

"Herman Hesse"
I think this is from Narcissus and Goldmund.
I think this is from Narcissus and Goldmund. JK
Wanted to end some place soft this week.

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